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    6 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Two weeks ater, as a trustee and myself came out of the chowhall after lunch, I noticed Cruella sitting in the veranda. Aw, she's probably with Laura, I thought. Then I looked closer. It was a female alright, but Laura doesn't have red hair. Focusing my eyes, I could see it was Valerie, the same person whom Cruella had viciously whipped and tortured. Valerie wasn't cursing; in fact she was smiling. So was the Head Mistress. Looking closer I could see Pat was caressing the other woman's face, then down to her breasts. That was with her right hand. Her left hand was feeling between Valerie's legs. The redhead had her eyes closed, drinking in the erotic pleasure. We were standing too far to hear what they were saying, but actions speak louder than words, as it were. My cock reacted in normal fashion watching this, but the fucking chastity tube frustrated me. I really didn't see Laura at all. What was happening here? The trustee nudged me. "Looks like the Mstress has a new play toy."
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    I had just awakened in my stall when I heard roosters crowing and cows mooing. Two men entered the barn. "Get up cunt!" "NOOOO!" The slave girl protested. Just like at the auction, she didn't have any respect for authority,and she cursed and swore while they dragged Valerie out. A short time later, I heard the crack of a whip and a scream. I didn't need to look. Afterall, I had received the same type of welcoming to the horse farm. At Cruella's direction, this place would tame the bitch, or else. Mistress Cruella stood close by as one man would wield the flogger, then the other one took over. Valerie was shrieking, but it wasn't from the pain. She was hollering for the two men to go fuck themselves. It was like she was possessed, as she yanked on her bonds. Cruella then told the two men to stop. The Head Mistress approached the rebellious red head. "My advice to you cunt is to cooperate, because I will fucking break you!" Valerie's face seemed to turn to the same color as her hair. "Fuck you bitch!" Then she spat in Cruella's face. Wiping the expectorant off, Cruella exclaimed to the two men. "Turn her upside down!" Valerie's shrieks could be heard all over the farm, as Mistress C brought the flogger down hard, concentrating on the tits and pussy. The whipping continued until until the screaming shrew passed out. That's when I noticed Laura watching. She looked like she was mezmorized by the whole thing.
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Monday morning came and Pete was on the job. He met Phil, the man who drove him home the other night, in the kitchen. As Pete poured a cup of coffee, the brown-haired man snickered and in a low tone said, "Have a good weekend, cock sucker?" Pete's face turned crimson as he realized Phil was at the party. The payroll accountant then grabbed a handful of the Expense Account Manager's ass through his trousers. "You like sucking cock, don't you boy?"....Pete turned to look at the other man's face. "Bet your dick's hard isn't it boy?" Technially Pete is Phil's boss, but right this moment, Phil was in charge as he slipped his hand in Pete's pocket to fondle his cock. Pete gulped, then whispered, Yes sir." Phil began to squeeze. "When we leave the kitchen, follow me to my office. If you don't I've got pics of you on your knees sucking cocks. "Yes sir."
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    2 Days Ago
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    3 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Laura was fucking the hell out of me, while her precious Pat was egging her on. At first I was screaming everytime she plunged in; but then she entered my inner space, the pain turned to pleasure. I was actually pushing back. When my friend pulled out, she and her girlfriend went up to their bedroom, while I laid on my side moaning. Two days later a new slave girl was led into the barn and given Laura's old stall. When she spoke I recognized her from the auction. She was the one cursing and swearing at them, saying they'd never sell her. Well, somebody did buy her, and apparently they had enough of her mouth and sent her here. From what I heard this was the last stop before the Island. She's lucky she hadn't been sent there already.
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tired of being alone and getting into trouble with no repercusions. i enjoy reading, writing, music, playing guitar, art, computer gaming and long walks for thinking.
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