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  1. Thank you for visiting my page. I enjoyed your 'about me'. *smles* Welcome.
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About m.mitchell

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About m.mitchell
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I love exploring the balance between pain and pleasure, pushing personal boundaries and most importantly, pleasing my partner.
A Bit About Yourself:
I'm a fit, curvy sub with nice pert tits (C-cup) and a juicy pussy, kept bare, so you can see my protruding lips.

I'm a well-bought up Catholic girl, but somehow, like so many Catholic girls, I have many secrets. From a very young age I fantasised about being kidnapped and having to perform sexual acts. And then from there I obsessed about men in authority having power over me. The thought of being called into the principal's office (at my Catholic School), and then ordered to kneel down in front of him, unzip his trousers and open my mouth, gets my panties soaking wet even now.

I was once instructed to go to church with a remote-controlled bullet, butt-plug and no panties. Sometimes, I will do that now of my own free will.

I am married, but my husband is vanilla, and, even though I've tried to explain, he does not understand what I crave. He is my husband, so I give him my submission, and I will not meet anyone else for real, but I cannot resist the lure of online kink. He is away months at a time on work, so I have more than enough opportunity to indulge myself.
I know it's wrong, and, like a good Catholic girl, I feel guilty about playing on here and not telling him about it. I cringe to think what he might say, if he knew the sort of things that I am looking at. Perversely, the more guilty I feel, the wetter my pink pussy gets, and then, before I know it, my legs are spread and I am frantically pushing my pink vibrator in and out of my cunt.

I know what my school principal would say. Just one word: "slut". And I'd know, simply by the look in his eye, that I would be in for some special attention.
"Yes, sir," I'd say, hanging my head in shame.
"What do you think I should do with you, slut?" He'd pause, waiting for an answer, and when none comes, says, "Do you think I should tell your husband? Don't you think he is entitled to know what you've been up to while he's away?"
"Oh, God, oh no, Sir."
"So?" he says.
"You can spank me, Sir," I say, in a very small voice. He is still looking at me. "On my bare bottom, Sir," I add.
"And then what?" he says, in a voice as calm as you please, "what should I do to you after that?" His eyes roam freely over my my tits bulging out of my too-small top, my slutty, little short skirt coming to just below my pussy
"Sir?" I say, acting stupid, playing for time, although my husband is away for another two months, so time is not on my side.
He walks up to me, grabs me by my hair, tilting my head, so I cannot avoid his gaze. "Don't be coy, now," he says, "If I'm going to spank your bare little bottom, you and I both know your cunt is going to be dripping wet by the time I've finished, isn't it?"
"Yes, sir," I say, knowing he's right, because my cunt is dripping wet already.
"And, since your husband isn't going to know anything about this...." He doesn't need to finish the sentence, his meaning is crystal clear.
"You can use me, Sir," I say, "spank me hard, and then use me."
"Use you where? Use you how?" he demands.
"My-my mouth, Sir."
"Just your mouth?" he asks, raising his eyebrows, "surely, that won't satisfy your cravings, you dirty little slut. Where else?"
"My-my cunt, Sir," I stammer. "Please fuck me up my cunt, Sir"
He smiles at me. "Are you sure?"
He's playing with me. He wants me to beg. "Yes, Sir," I reply. "Please fuck my tight, juicy cunt, nice and hard, Sir" I want him now, I'm desperate for him. "And, when you've finished, Sir, you can use my asshole, Sir. My husband doesn't use me there, Sir, I'll be all yours, Sir."
He likes that, I can tell. "That's more like it," he says. "Now bend over, and show me your bare bottom, girl, we've got a good spanking to start off with."

There, now you see what a Catholic education will do for you.
All the pictures on here are of me: my favourite one is my profile picture. I like the little smirk as I wait for a cock to fuck my mouth. I love that I am kneeling, it makes me feel so submissive.

I would like to chat with interesting people on here and, maybe, if I can overcome my guilt, play online.


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