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    13 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    The butcher was eating dinner with master with me under the table with her cock in my mouth. When master talked about the community. She told master that she would be in. The butcher tells master that I would make a good pet when she moved in. By the time dinner was over I had a mouth full of the butchers cum. Master sent me away so the two could iron out the details.
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    13 Hours Ago
    Tied down on a bed a woman is straddling my face while getting fucked by another man and then forced to clean them both off when finished.
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    13 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    I could hear the king in the next room getting tortured by the guards. Even though my balls were swollen attached to these weights I found my cock still getting hard. Hearing foot steps trying to hide my erection by turning my legs. In comes in Ophelia and she has the princess with a rope tied around her neck forcing her to follow. She sees me and immediately notices my hard cock. Gertrude she screams. What is that getrude got red faced I am sorry miss. She whips my cock with a leather strap before attaching another steel ball that was heavier then the other. When she let go it felt like it was going to rip my balls right off. Ophelia had Gertrude release my arms and legs and I immediately fell to the floor trying to help ease the tension on my balls. Moaning Ophelia took a rope and put it around my neck and yanking on it until I tried to stand up. That is when I noticed their wasn't enough slack in this heavier weight attached to my balls. I went back to the floor trying to hold my crotch on all fours she yanked on the rope and tells me I better keep up. My balls ached has Ophelia led me and the princess down the stairs too the dungeon. When we got there the king was changed to the wall. Ophelia ordered the princess to take her fathers cock in her mouth and work it until it was hard. She hesitated and Gertrude whipped her ass and pussy until their were whelps. The princess screamed bloody murder before putting the kings cock in her mouth. She sucked him off the king red faced tried to hold back but didn't take to make long before his cock was rock hard. That is when Ophelia forced me on all fours with my ass to the king. She told him now is your chance this worthless commoner fucked and stretched your daughters ass. You can get even and fuck his. The king shook his head no then Gertrude took the princess and force her on all fours next to me and told him it is your choice. Either fuck his or your daughters ass. He pleaded please no but with no hesitation a whip cracked the princesses ass. It took a second strike before the king said ok just stop. I could feel the head of his cock probing my ass. Ugggggg! An intense pain came over me as the head of his cock entered my ass. It felt like an eternity when the king shot his warm load into my ass. After he went soft and pulled out Ophelia tells the princess be a good girl and clean your daddy off. When she took his cock in her mouth. Gertrude took me and forced me to stand against the wall and chaining me there the steel weights still tugging on my balls that have turned a deep purple. Stroking my cock she laughs as I moan in pain my cock straining to get hard. Humm wonder how much more these can take and thumps my throbbing nuts. She and Ophelia left along with the princess and King in tow. With the kings cum running out of my ass. I am left chained there on the tips of my toes that way would keep the weights moving. Ophelia yells back to me get some rest tomorrows the day I get my trophy. Getrude laughs out.
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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Pirated in Role Play
    I felt the air-conditioning in the building where the doc was I gathered. "High Gail," Coretta said with a wide grin. "Cora baby," how've you been!" The two ladies, one Asian and one Caucasian embraced and kissed. "Ive been okay, you been back to the States lately?" "Yeah, went to Chicago to see my relatives, glad to be back to the warm weather, though," The doctor looked me up and down. "Got a couple of new slaves in, where's the cunt? Nice dick on this one." "Laura's being tended to by my sis." "Oh I know she likes pussy, I do myself on occasion." "Don't I know that," Coretta raised her eyebrows. Then Gail reached out and fingered my cock. "Well let's examine him, never know what the fuck he might have contracted." My manhood grew in an instant. "Up on the table, let's have a look. and lie back." Obeying I saw the leather stirrups over my head, one's used for a pussy exam. Raising each of my legs, the auburn haired doc, placed each of my ankles in the loops. She also moved both of my arms behind my head and clamped them down. "Now we won't have any interference while I'm examining you, Pete." Very gently she moved her fingers from my naked chest to my crotch. "Look at that cock rise,Cora!"..."A great piece of maledom indeed!" The doctor, who was dressed in a see-through white sleeveless blouse and tight white shorts, held my dick up with her left hand. Then she squeezed the head of my cock, opening the pee hole. She took a thin metal probe and gently pushed it into the opening. I cringed. "We must make sure you haven't anything hiding in here." I yelped as she pushed it in deeper. Then suddenly she pulled it out. I was relieved. "He's okay, Cora." "So we can use his cock at the party tomorrow evening?" "Yep! But let me have a look at his ass, I'm sure he had some cocks shoved up there on the ship." "That he did, Loretta's cock was the first of fifteen." Gail spread my butt cheeks, and asked the Asian woman if she would hold me open, so she could check me out. Of course Coretta agreed. Then switching on a flashlight, the doc looked up my anus. "Oh Cory, his walls are torn, I can tell he's been fucked." "Can we use him at the party? "Leave his ass alone today, but he should be fine tomorrow." Cora grinned. Gail removed her rubber gloves and put her arms around the Asian woman. Their lips met as each of their hands found the others' tits and ass. While I was bound to the leather table, the sound of pussy lapping abounded as the ladies fell to the floor. My dick got hard listening to this. It must have gone on for a while, before I heard one. "Fuck me baby!" It was the doc who strapped on the harness with the dildo attached. "YES YES!" Cora shrieked. "Come to the party tomorrow and we both fuck him and his lady." Gail was now breathing heavily. "Only if your little sister allows it," She said with a roll of her eyes. "Where is Loretta anyway? "She probably has that cunt tied to her bed." They both laughed. I thought they were both probably right.
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    1 Day Ago
    A submissive man like me, being stripped naked and thoroughly dominated by a group of Femdoms.
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    5 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Walking around the mansion and the hotel I heard some talk about a gated community where people into BDSM would be free to do their thing without any outside interference. I was so thrilled to hear that I told Mistress Misty. She was elated, and since Marcus wouldn't be coming back, I could be used by her or any other Dom or Domme whenever. I would still be required to keep up with the computers at the mansion and at the hotel. Of course, I'd only be allowed to wear red panties, service any hotel guest and help unloading trucks at the dock. Since Misty controls all the money, which is considerable when she took all of my stock options when I was fired from the I.T company because of failure to show up at all. Misty said she'd talk to Master Michael about moving into one of the houses. Misty was so happy, she even allowed me to fuck her.
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  2. I was a inasent little girl who is walking home after work. And some guys from a vab kidnapped me and sell me to a nam call MasterrMike
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