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    8 Hours Ago
    I called the doc and his wife to come and get sub. after her did I threw misty into postion and told jan she was net I was sick of the woman trying to run the place so I striped them all and made them slave just like sissy 1 and sissy 2 I now have to hire new people to help run the hotel. As I was thinking of all this I whiped the hell outa Misty I stopped and put jan next to her and did 2 for the price of one after I was done I both sissy's help hte doc escort the two to his office I went back to the doc and talked to the driver I told him if this happend again I would ancel my contract with his boss and call I was going to call him tomarrow as today was a holiday * memorial day* When both sissy's returned I had them unload the truck and sent the drivers off with no payment I walked back to my office and called my friend at the paper and had them run an ad for me I also called my hotel In canada to see see if I could get any help from Candi if she had any regular people working for her she said no all she had was people in the lifestyle. She said her mom might have friends who would want to work but they would have to get there visas I told her to check with her. I went to check on all three doc said they were going to heal mnicely and I asked him to let me know when sub was awake I wanted to talk to her. thinking about Turk maybe selling sub back to that pimp who used her for snuff films or back to turk for 7 months tthats how pisswed I was but I knew that if I talked to her and told her that all she had to was eniicate sex to me to get me hard my violent strick would come out so next t ime thats all she had to do.
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    16 Hours Ago
    When I came too. Was still in the security guard house. I was laying on my back on a coffee table. My legs spread wide and were bent back and tied down to the front legs of the table. The original guard was standing over my face. He says about time you wake up. Your master and you better get used to calling Damon your master. He said that we can have our way with you until he picks you up. The guard unzips his pants and pulls out his simi erect cock. Slapping it on my face he tells me to open wide. When I hesitated he says it's your ass not mine. He moves behind me removing the butt plug. I could then feel the head of his cock probing around the entrance of my ass. I start crying and begging him. Please don't let me go and won't tell anyone. Damon and Victoria are who I would report. The guard was like shutup Fag and shoved the butt plug in my mouth and then proceeded to pound my ass as hard as he could until he came in my ass. That is when another guard walked in. He said nice and removed the plug from my mouth resting his balls on my lips. The musty smell made me gag. The guy was said to kiss them you know you want to. I didn't at first but eventually gave in. Started sucking on his balls taking each one in my mouth while he jerked his cock until he came on my chest. When he walked away two more stepped up one fucked my mouth while the other fucked my ass. I blushed when out the corner of my eye I see Damon he laughed with the other guards as both my holes were plugged. When they both finished Damon attached the leash to my cock cage and practically drugged to the dungeon. Before throwing me in the cage he hogtied me bending my arms and legs tight behind my back. Before closing the cage he put the butt plug back in my ass. And turned out the lights. Not having any since of time what seemed like hours. The lights are turned back on and I jump a bit when Damon kicks the cage I tell him please don't hurt Amanda. He kicks the cage again telling me to shut up. He then starts talking about killing Victoria. I gasp at first but think it serves the bitch right. Damon before leaving for the night says wow you tore your stockings. He laughed you can have Victoria's clothes she won't be needing them. They may not fit good now but with your new cum only diet they will fit in no time. After he leaves I try and talk to Amanda and she says it's all your fault you are dead to me. I could hear she is upset about Victoria. I tell her I am sorry but it is and didn't think Damon would actually do it and he is just fucking with us. She says shut up cocksucker. I lay there with no way to pee in the bucket and just let it out forced to lay in my pee the whole night.
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    5 Days Ago
    When I woke the lights were on. My vision a little foggy. Looking around both Amanda and Samantha were gone. Unsure how long I had been out or if I had been drugged again hard to believe I wouldn't have heard someone come in the dungeon and remove the two ladies. One differnce is my arms were cuffed in front the vibrator was turned on and somehow felt a little bigger. My panties had been removed but still had the garter and stockings on. I call out to see if any one was there. Nothing but silence. I wait a few minutes and call out again. Still nothing. Calling out one last time with no response. I lean up against the cage door and somehow it comes open. Look around and still know one. I crawl out the cage and find there are two doors. Since we were hooded when we came down. Didn't see which door we went through. Choosing the one on the left. It opens and there is what appears a long hallway. It was cold and musty smelling. It was dark and unable to see where it goes. That isn't the way we came. So tried the other door but it was locked from the outside. Maybe Amanda and Samantha escaped and left me there since I wasn't awake. I went through the dark hallway. Feeling the walls as I walked came upon a empty space. As I felt there was three different ways to go. I went straight and eventually stopped at another door. It was unlocked so opened it and went into another dungeon like place but was empty. I found another door that wasn't locked and there was set of stairs. Shaking I slowly went up them. It appears this house is vacant. I did try a phone but wasn't turned on. I open the front door to the house. I could see our house across the street. Knowing my way now. I head towards the end of the subdivision. Along the way I see this golf cart coming my direction. It was the security guard. I was in a panic as I told him to call for help. He asks for me to calm down and explain what happened. The whole time he had a smirk on his face but didn't pay it any attention at the time. The guard gave me a planket and said to hop on. We drove to the security office and said he would call the police but as he called he kept looking back. I got a since something was wrong and asked to use the bathroom. He said sure and I walked towards once in the hall I made my way to the door. Just when I got to the door I felt a sting in my back and seconds later hit the floor.
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  1. Thank you. I love having my cherry popped. In and out over and over again. I say, i aint been fisted right until my cunt bleeds.
  2. I was a inasent little girl who is walking home after work. And some guys from a vab kidnapped me and sell me to a nam call MasterrMike
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