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    2 Days Ago
    Today was subs last day with marge so I called Toronto to see how things are going. Candy told me Marge was wanted by the police I asked what for she aid rape and I lol she siad yes and she went into graphic details about what he did well I told her her he was here. Did I just fin me an other sissy sub to work the docks at my Toronto hotel. I would have to sleep on it. I wewnt to my office and saw sub ther she was bruised and batter I told her looked like hell and asked her if she had fun Marge and Misty.she said good sir. Just then my phone rang it was paul looking for Misty I told him she was here and she didn't want to talk to him I told him file for a stright devorce which means whats yours is yours and hers is hers I get sissy as payment he said he would do me one better he always waanted his wife to be treated like a sub and broken so he said he would only if MIsty agreed to do that I told him give me till Friday today is Monday. I called Misty into my office and told her I spoke to Paul and told her what was said how I got him to agree to a straight divorce on the condtions of her being mine anad sissy also being mine her as a slave he always wanted you as a sub and to be broken I also told her that as soon as the divoce was over so was her time being a sub but she had to do it for the mean time and she had untill Friday to think about it. Next I got a hold of Marge and told her I talked to Candy in Toronto and found something interestng out and todl him hew as a wanted person an d I knew the police capt. in Toronto he was at my last auction I also told him that I would help keep him outa jail all he had to was go work the docks and stay in Toronto no travel just do his ob he would have a place over his head and what not he asked if he still wants to finish using sub I told him no and sent him to pack to go back to Toronto. I told him to chceck in with chris. I gave im a train ticket and had my limo driver bring him there. I looked at sub glad to have you back pulled her back onto my lap and ran my hand up her skirt and teased her clit and pussy thats a preview of whats to come tonight after my shower
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    6 Days Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I led cruella naked on the leach from the dungeon. She was a tough bitch. She would scratch and claw at my little cock. I had to whip her ass a few times just to get her to masters office. Once I dropped her off I continued on to the docks. Until it was time to go to the hotel. When I got to the lobby. Marge already had subs in the center of the lobby. Instead of torturing her in the dungeon she done it in a place for all to see. When she sees me marge asked would you be so kind to bring me those nipple clamps on the table. Picking them up could see they were nasty ones with sharp spikes for teeth. Marge went to take them from me and said I heard about what she did to you. Her eyes rolled to my nutless cock. Why don't you do the honors. With a soft voice and a cruel smile. I told her yes mam. I rubbed both nipples until they were hard enough to dial a phone with. Opening one of the clamps holding it to subs face. I clamped it on her left tit and she screamed out. When I did the same to her right nipple she screamed even louder if that is possible guess her right one is more sensitive. Before I finished I yanked hard on the clamps to make sure they were good and secure. Marge had to pull me away and said I think you enjoyed that too much look at that you made her piss on the floor. You will have to clean that up. I got on my knees to lick up subs pee. Marge tells her will punish you for that. I finished my day as the hotel doormat. Every now and then could hear subs cry out in pain.
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    6 Days Ago
    well you came to the right place to lean new things pop I popped your wall cherry lol MM
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    6 Days Ago
    I reminded Marge of the rules and told her I would be inspecting sub avery morning after she was done and if I found any thing worng hte deal was off she told me she would be as gentel as she can told me she wasn't Cruella I started to lol I let them get more aquainted and I left for my office where I was getting ready to deal with Cruella. Sissy 1 lead her to my office on her leash and I sent him away. Ah Cruella dear sister my half sister from an other mother we shared the same father but not the same mother.I tol you Iwould get my justice and I got it now here is s contract I wnat you to sign andd if you refuse I call the cops right now and you go to jail. what choiche do I have MIke slapped her face its MasterMike now I am going to read it to you so even you can unserstand it I know your a little slwo if you hanve any questions stop and ask so you are clear as I would hate to loose you especial since you would be going to jail lol I crulla give all my power to MasterMike as he is my dom and I have no say in what happens to me when I enter his massion I must be here every Friday night by 6 pm. I may not touch any of the slaves including Misty and sissy 2 every day I am to find Master at breakfast and he will tell me where to work weather on the docks as a piss pot or as a bell hop for the hotel or a gardner and so on I am also to be used as furniture and a pony girl as needed. I will give rusty tromebrones at all auctions to who ever signs up If Master is displeased he can punish me or even sell me. I handed it to her sign it I'll give you 7 days to decide what choice do I have you always have a choice you can sing it or not if you sign it next week end you start the process of the humiliation and hwat not and with that she left on her leash on all fours while I lead her out the service enterence to her car I again handdedhe rthe papper you can fax it to me if you sign it I'll see you on Friday sis or should I say slave 1 your lucky I am letting you stay in your house I should make you live here maybe that could be motovation for you to sign the papers caseu if you go to jail whos going to look after the house that mom and dad gave to you I think it should stay in the family dont you sis I undid her color and she started crying and before she did she signed the papers there happy she said and walked away I slapped her accrossed her face now I am remember I am the boss now slut don't cross me I said she glared and I glared back knowing I had her she had no choice but to sign those papers
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  1. Thank you. I love having my cherry popped. In and out over and over again. I say, i aint been fisted right until my cunt bleeds.
  2. I was a inasent little girl who is walking home after work. And some guys from a vab kidnapped me and sell me to a nam call MasterrMike
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