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    In the castle it was against the law for a commoner and someone of royalty to have a relationship. Which made life difficult for Iian and Shae. Shae is a niece of the queen. Iian the son of a peasent. Is a little rough around the edges but has the heart of a lion. Iian and Shae had fallen in love. Iian first saw her he knew would do what it takes to be with her. Started by sneaking fresh flowers to her room and doing things to make her life easiee. She couldnt help but fall in love with him as well. When they wanted to be with each other they had to sneak out of the castle and would go into the woods to make out. One afternoon they were deep in the woods by a stream making love for the first time. Until today both were virgins. Iian wouldnt have been if the other ladies knew how well hung he was.His cock is at least 8 to 9 inches when soft. They were both in a missionary position and when Shea let out a loud painfully but pleasurable moan. Just about about to cum when we both hear loud noises coming from towards the castle. It broke Iians rythem and he slowly grinded deep into Shea when they heard some loud screams. At first Iian thought it was shae but they stopped and their was more screams. Then they heard something in the woods. Iian pulled out and they both put their clothes back on. The noise got closer so they ducked down behind some brush. The only weapon Iian had was a machette. As the noise got closer he could see some soldiers through a clearing but didnt reconize the armor. Iian tried to be a soldier in the kings army..He was a good fighter but when his father died had to help his mother. He wispered to shea to stay down but get ready to run. One soldier got kind of close and talked back to the others mentioning he saw them somewhere around here. Iian was able to sneak around that one and cut his throat. Giving the signal to shea to run as two more soldiers Headed there way. Iian jumped out of the bushes and was able to take those two out as Shea ran the oppoiste way. Their was three more soldiers and Iian took off in the opposite direction..Only issue is one of them was on a horse. Iian ran in a zigzag in and out of the trees. But the one on the horse had the higher ground and he sat there with a bow and arrow waiting for a clear shot." Agggggh!" An arrow hit me in the back of the thigh the point of the arrow going through to the otherside. I hit the ground. I get up as quickly as possible because of the other soldiers on foot. But just was able to hobble I turn around and was able to knock one of them smooth out but the second one pushed me to the ground an had.a foot on my neck getting to take me out before the soldier on the horse stopped him. the guy on the horse got down and wiggled the arrow sticking out of my thigh. I scream out and he says damn thats got to hurt. He rips the arrow out of my leg. I scream out again put start to pass out when i see the blood come out the front ofnmy thigh..He has the other soldier wrapp cause didnt want me to bleed out. I start to come to and find my wrists are secured with some rope. And the rope has lead and the guy on the horse is the one holding it. And i hear a ha and am drug by my wrists back to the castle. By the time I get there the whole front have of my body is scracthed up, clothes ripped and both shoulders are dislocated. I am brought to the queen. She asks the soldier that brought me who is this. He tells her not sure we found this one in the woods and that he took out three of his men and severely injured another. He did the queen says. she kicks me in the side when she asks what i was doing out there but was too week all I did was moan. The soldier said I think he was having sex but the woman he was with got a way but have my men looking for her. I did smile a little when i heard that. The queennspoke but I would just grunt until she dug her heal into the wound on my thigh causing me to screeam out. Get up on your feet scum. Digging her heel innfurther. I try to move but neither arm will move. The soldier says i dont think he can both shoulders are dislocated. she orders two guards to pick me up. I am able to look around and gasp when i see the royal family in the shape they are in. Soldier says want to kill him right now. she says no this scum has to suffer for what he did. But have to wait for him to have the strength to feel it. The queen reaches down and grabs my croch and squeezes as hard as she can causing me to scream out. She was like what have we here. Ripping off my pants and revealing my large package. The queen says wow so does alot of the room. Pulls on my cock squeezing it this my look good in my trophy case. Instructing the gaurds to take to the cell. And will deal with me tomorrow. As i am drug away can hear the royal family scream out.
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  1. Thank you. I love having my cherry popped. In and out over and over again. I say, i aint been fisted right until my cunt bleeds.
  2. I was a inasent little girl who is walking home after work. And some guys from a vab kidnapped me and sell me to a nam call MasterrMike
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