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    15 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Mistress Misty and I heard the screams. It was a female, but it was really none of our business, so I finished sucking Mistress's pussy, then put on my red panties, ready to head over to hotel to check on the computers. There were supposed to be two new desk clerks; the other two were fired for failing to suck a hotel guest's cock upon demand. The blonde and brunette laughed out loud when they saw me in my panties. I explained to Suzy and Jodie that this was my normal attire, that has been ordered by my Mistress and approved by Master Michael. "Oh yeah, he's the one who hired us, and I saw that he explained about their required attire, see-through blouse and no bra. Their nipples were quite visible. I also let them know they could text me anytime they experienced any trouble with the computers. My number is printed on paper at the front desk. That's vitally important because guests reserve their reservations on line along with a photo of him or herself, so when they check-in, we know exactly what they look like. They both paid attention to what I was saying. I also explained about the strict policy on satisfying guest's requests. If a man or woman wants you to go down on them, you do it without hesitation. Even sissy one or I must do it without making them wait. This might be different from where you worked before. Suzy said she worked at Marriott and Jodie for Hyatt. So they were each experienced, but they were not experienced as far as orally satisfying a guest. You better get used to it, I assured. Suzy's face reddened. "We both had to suck Mike's cock to get the job." I wasn't surprised. Furthermore I told them that all the suites had BDSM equipment furnished, which is why the it's so expensive to stay here. Both sissy one and myself have been called up to various rooms to satisfy the needs of the guests. Another thing, I'm sure you will meet sissy one; he's always dressed in complete female attire. So get used to that, because he helps out at the front desk when it really gets busy. One more, I'm sure at some point you will meet subs. She's Master Michael's wife, but she also likes women. Both of their faces turned crimson. You don't want to get on the wrong side of her. So there you are ladies. Good luck on your first day. I need to see if sissy one needs help at the loading dock. I saw Jodie looking at my pantied butt as I was walking away.
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    20 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    While I was on my knees in front of the hideous looking Gertrude, I could hear the sound of the whips coming from the royal bedroom, and the painful shrieks as well. "Sounds like your new Queen is having some fun with the two whores." I scowled at this evil bitch, thinking if we ever get out of this horror, my wrath will reign down hard on these two savages. "Let's go outside, slave, I know I saw a whipping post out there inside the walls. How many unfortunate souls met their unfortunate suffering by you, you vile tyrant! And you have the unmitigated gall to protest about what is happening to your fucking family. It seems to me you all have had this coming for a long time. Your wife, the queen was just demanding as you. And the Prince and Princess always got their way, two spoiled fucking brats!" I had no choice but to follow her with the tight rope around my balls. Some of the soldiers were out beyond the walls patrolling the area in case of a sudden invasion from the north. I grimaced when she yanked on the rope and led me to the whipping post. She was right, many a man and some women had tasted the sting of my whip on this post. She pushed me so my chest was flush against the wooden upright apparatus. She tied both of my wrists together above my head so that both arms were raised. She kicked my legs apart and tied my ankles three feet wide and anchored them to the ground. Then I heard her. "Too bad his daughter can't see her father, the demoted king get a thorough whipping. However, from this position I could look up to the window where I knew the royal bedroom is. She was watching. "I want to hear your screams, slave. Ophelia doesn't want me to kill you, but I can come close!" The first strike of the whip landed in the middle of my back. I cringed, but didn't let out a peep. Another one an inch below produced the identical result. Then another and another and another. Then she yanked my head back by my hair. "Tough man, huh slave. Let's see how tough. The next thwap landed in the middle of my right buttock; then another on my left one. Then over and over, right cheek then left. "Your getting some wicked looking stripes on your ass, slave!" But I still hadn't voiced a protest yet. That changed when the next blow landed on the back of my right thigh. "Now we're getting somewhere." A matching swat on my left thigh produced a slight yelp. More thwaps on my thighs had me yelping louder. My legs were spread wide enough for her to manage of few swipes on the inside of both thighs, which had me howling. "Not loud enough slave!" She waited a few counts then flicked the strands of the whip, upward into my nuts. I am sure my screams could be heard all over the castle. Then another one and another one in quick succession had me yanking on my bonds and shrieking to high heaven. I was whipped into total submission much to the delight I am sure, of the onlookers. Gertrude then ordered one of the guards to turn me around, and to keep the bucket of water handy. "I'm not done with him yet." This way I could see her holding multi-tailed flogger. "You're doing well king-slave, most men would've passed out by now." Then she brought the horsehide tails screaming across my chest, with no obvious reaction. Then again and again. She sneered. "I love whipping tough men and turning them into wimps!" She lowered her aim, thwap, across my abdomen, inching down. The front of my thighs were next; and again on the insides of both thighs and I was howling. "Found your weakness, king-slave." She said with a sarcastic laugh. "But you know what's coming next, don't king-slave." This bitch was enjoying the verbal degradation as well as the brutal whipping. Hell yes I knew what was coming, but there was nothing I could do about it.....When all thirteen tails of the flogger hit the top of my cock, a shock wave shot through me and I lost consciousness. A bucket of water in my face awoke me. "You're not getting out of it that easily king-slave!" ...Another downward strike and blacked out again. Another splash of water. "One more, then drag him to the dungeon." Another vicious thwap and I was out.
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