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    2 Days Ago
    Thank You for the advice, Sir and thank you for taking the time to answer *smiles* I didn't think you were being a snub at all. I do agree that there is a time and place for creativity verses more seriousness, it does very much so depend upon the situation and type of writing that is being expected. As with punishments? This is not an area that would evoke creativity should it be a response to explain understanding or reason for correction. Creativity in these areas, in my opinion, would be just as, if not more, disrespectful then what ever it was that I may have done to earn a punishment. So yes, i very much agree that there is a time and place depending upon the situation. However, it still brings up questions, and not just by myself, as to what others do prefer to read when sitting there conversing with another... be it in play, beginning negotiations, or role play. I have spoken with many over the last few months that have worries that run on both sides of the idea of 'Am I giving enough' or 'Am I giving too much' in the form of descriptions and words. There are those out there that worry that because they do not give enough descriptions that this may make them seem lacking and those that worry that they say too much and may come across as boring or in some cases more of a chore to connect with due to the time it takes them to type out their responses. I have told them, like so many have told me, just be you and don't worry about trying to be someone else, but like so many others? We hear these words of beautiful wisdom and advice but our insecurities have a tendency to dim the affect of that beautiful advice. So it is my hope, that by asking this question, is to gain a better variety of opinions so that those out there asking themselves the same question or worrying over the same insecurity will see that there are in fact a variety of opinions on what others would like to read and that it is in fact 'Okay' to be who we are. I hope that makes sense. Again? Thank You very much for you beautiful advice and Your time for answering.
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    2 Days Ago
    Phenyx posted a visitor message on Solis's profile
    Awwww? You had me at the 'heavy stuff'... lost me at the 'corn syrup'... then excited at the 'Pour warm over...' *sighs and thinks of guilty pleasures as she dips her finger into her warm chocolate syrup and starts to finger paint a picture on 'whatever would benefit from a hot, sweet...* There are many things that I do not do, mumble being one of them, *smiles* More like rambling acutally. as to murmuring? Oh yes, I do murmur as I also purr, and gasp, and moan and... Oh look! strawberries!!
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    6 Days Ago
    Miss_Red posted a visitor message on rosebud's profile
    Thank you for your birthday wish, rosebud. Much appreciated. And yes, the day that WE joined, was a fabulous one for both us, and the Library! :glee:
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    "I do not howl." you also do not "mumble." A fascinating content analysis of thousands of works of fiction show that only men "mumble," while women "murmur."
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    I go for the heavy stuff: equal amounts of heavy cream and shredded bittersweet chocolate. Heat the cream (with a bit of corn syrup, butter and salt) just to a boil. Take it off the heat. Add the chocolate bit by bit, whipping with a whisk as you go. Pour warm over ... well, whatever would benefit from a hot, sweet ...
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    "chocolate syrup"? Umm ... ingredients one, two and three are high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and water. A homemade hot fudge sauce, on the other hand, is worth contemplating.
  4. I like your questions too,especially what pisses me off about Dom's...Its very,Very simple....Dom's just piss me off with their false promises and their lies...Apart from that they piss me off because they are,Dom's....The only Good Dom phenyx is...Well...Me... just ask misty
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    All your posts are gone!
    Can you still write to me here?
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    Nope, you didn't come across as wanting anything more than word banter.
    And that's what I'm looking for here as well. Frankly what I'm looking for is to discuss the "insides" of BDSM and maybe make some nice connections with some nice people. This means sharing and discussing some pretty intimate stuff. And that's actually dangerous business because it is way too easy to get carried away with sharing intimate stuff and obsessed (get carried away) with the person with whom you are sharing and discussing that intimate stuff. (Been there, done that). In high school I knew a girl who eventually turned into a leatherdyke and spokesqueer. She had a regular BDSM column in a publication. I looked her up back in the summer and she said she's happy to discuss. She is probably the only "real life" person that I feel safe to discuss BDSM with. Safe: 1 because she knows kink and 2 because we wouldn't be sexually attracted to each other. (I know she's a dyke. Her words) I contacted her again recently and she has no time. So I came here to this forum to get a chance to discuss matters of this personal nature (hopefully without getting carried away)

    I found your presentation completely respectful. No worries.
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    Hi Phenyx
    I've enjoyed your questions too! You're a good writer.
    I'm married and committed to my wife. I'm not looking for an affair. I'm looking to discuss philosophy and psychology in, but not limited to, BDSM. In general, BDSM is not my wife's favorite topic. I'm very willing and wanting to go deep and talk about that innermost stuff. You seem very good at expressing that innermost stuff.
    You've said in your profile you're not looking for Mr Right and not looking for cybersex. Suits me fine. But even if you decide you're looking for a dom, I'm not your guy.
  8. Thank you just_ine I too hope more will answer and i'm glad you enjoyed them. And no worries I have LOTS more where those came from.
  9. Hi!

    I enjoyed your questions on the forum. I hope more people will answer and that you will keep asking!

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