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    2 Days Ago
    Thank You for the advice, Sir and thank you for taking the time to answer *smiles* I didn't think you were being a snub at all. I do agree that there is a time and place for creativity verses more seriousness, it does very much so depend upon the situation and type of writing that is being expected. As with punishments? This is not an area that would evoke creativity should it be a response to explain understanding or reason for correction. Creativity in these areas, in my opinion, would be just as, if not more, disrespectful then what ever it was that I may have done to earn a punishment. So yes, i very much agree that there is a time and place depending upon the situation. However, it still brings up questions, and not just by myself, as to what others do prefer to read when sitting there conversing with another... be it in play, beginning negotiations, or role play. I have spoken with many over the last few months that have worries that run on both sides of the idea of 'Am I giving enough' or 'Am I giving too much' in the form of descriptions and words. There are those out there that worry that because they do not give enough descriptions that this may make them seem lacking and those that worry that they say too much and may come across as boring or in some cases more of a chore to connect with due to the time it takes them to type out their responses. I have told them, like so many have told me, just be you and don't worry about trying to be someone else, but like so many others? We hear these words of beautiful wisdom and advice but our insecurities have a tendency to dim the affect of that beautiful advice. So it is my hope, that by asking this question, is to gain a better variety of opinions so that those out there asking themselves the same question or worrying over the same insecurity will see that there are in fact a variety of opinions on what others would like to read and that it is in fact 'Okay' to be who we are. I hope that makes sense. Again? Thank You very much for you beautiful advice and Your time for answering.
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    2 Days Ago
    Phenyx posted a visitor message on Solis's profile
    Awwww? You had me at the 'heavy stuff'... lost me at the 'corn syrup'... then excited at the 'Pour warm over...' *sighs and thinks of guilty pleasures as she dips her finger into her warm chocolate syrup and starts to finger paint a picture on 'whatever would benefit from a hot, sweet...* There are many things that I do not do, mumble being one of them, *smiles* More like rambling acutally. as to murmuring? Oh yes, I do murmur as I also purr, and gasp, and moan and... Oh look! strawberries!!
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    Yes, I asked a very bad question yesterday. I am still here so far, unsure of what will come next
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    Thanks, i was a little worried about the impression i was sending. I understand the worry about oversharing and obsession. it's easy to make connections here talking back and forth, or at least feeling like you have them. For me? there is no friend so this is all I have, this forumn and those willing to put up with my nuttiness and even a little getting carried away. I really haven't been a member all that long but in the short time that i have? I really have gotten some great advice, feed back and even made friends. but not really having anyone else? i can see where worry over over-connecting would be a concern. Sort of like getting that first real deep breath and releasing it in relief because FINALLY you have someone that will speak without judgment or make you feel like you are an outcast because you like what you like and Hey? They actually know something.
    So ya, i get what your saying. It's been extremely rattling and unnerving for me to take the first step here but i'm really glad i did. i may still be all balled up and crazy with emotions but a few of the bigger concerns are at least starting to chip away at that nasty iceberg size emotional clusterfuck. Trust is really hard sometimes when you are still questioning yourself, that part really sucks.
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    I'm glad you have enjoyed the questions as i enjoyed hearing your answers.
    Your wife is a very lucky woman, too many people in todays world don't take commitment seriously anymore, it's actually kind of sad to see just how many people out there take for granted something as sacred as marriage. And I'm not judging multiple partners for those that prefer that kind of relationship nor denying the level of commitment between multiples? But to be honest? That really isn't an area of interest for me.
    I do appologize if my flirtatious nature has some how made you feel as if i were interested in more then some friendly word banter, after years of customer service? it's a hard habit to break. but in the future? i will try to be more respectful with presentation, it really is just friendly word play and nothing more.
    And your wife can keep all the quarters, i promise. i won't toss any.
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