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    10 Hours Ago
    She identified herself as Nadia , ,I'v been instructed to help you understand what your owner wants from you ,She had an evil grin on her face ,by whatever means necessary . I was horror stricken , a video being shown throughout the galaxy ,I would find out later it was all part of my step mothers scheme to show my father that I was nothing but a slut ,that I had volunteered She pinched my nipples harder ,drawing a squeal of pain from me .One hand went to my pubic hair ,she was bit puzzled by it as woman where now with out .However it had become fashionable in recent years to grow it back ,expertly trimmed by a droid . I shutterd as her fingers played with vagina ,on trying to insert a finger . Nadia ,the voice sounded like a warning ,she shrieked ,fell back clawing at her loincloth ,exposing her to be the half man half woman that I expected ,I shrank back ,as she tried to remove several rings attached to her penis . I had seen images of men's penis's ,in fact i had seen one of my brothers ,it was then that I was moved to a cloistered school but in o way was I prepared for this woman's penis ,it was humongous .ti hung down to her knee .Her scrotum hung as well ,not unlike a bull I seen images off .At the moment I understood that she had crossed a line ,she had tried to penetrate me wit her finger ,she was now paying the price for what was disobedience on her part , Slowly gaining her senses ,looking at a lens ,offering her apologies to the unseen who was obviously in control . She produced a penis shaped object from her shoulder bag ,roughly 20 cm or 8 inches in old world measurement attached to what appeard to be replica tetsicles ,Your going to learn how to give oral pleasure .I was stunned ,give oral ,what was she talking about . Before anything else happened .a object was held to my arm ,a jolt sent me to my knees Nadia quickly fastend a collar around my neck , sealing it closed . If you do not obey ,the jolt like you just received only believe me a hundred times worse will be applied .Now get back on your knees . The rubber penis was positioned to my lips , the mere thought of taking it in my mouth was so disgusting I couldn't do it .People just didn't do such vile things ,perhaps centuries earlier but certainly not in this day and age . Sex of any kind was although not technically against the councils orders was certainly frowned upon .Even intercourse ,no longer needed to procreate was from everything I been taught a disgusting act only performed by the lower classes ,now this man/woman wanted to pretend i was giving oral sex ,A harder jolt changed my mind ,I did as she commanded ,letting the horrible thing into my mouth . Now suck it ,she instructed me in the finer points as she put it of sucking a cock
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    16 Hours Ago
    I knew I was being watched .The schooling though years ago had stayed with me , the supreme sense had not left me completely . Unlike male members of the royal family ,females were only given a very minor introduction .The boys on the other hand received training not unlike the Jedi's .Still it was enough . I needed to use a disposal unit ,I had to pee and move my bowels ,nothing in the cell except the cot and one sheet . Please I begged to an unknown person ,creature or what ever or whomever my capturer was ,I need to rid myself of waste . Again the low chuckle ,drop the sheet Jessita ,when you learn to obey you will find I am not unreasonable . I had wondered why I had been stripped naked but given a sheet ,now it became clear ,I was being humiliated ,by disrobing completely ,who ever it was watching wanted to bend to its will .I was resolute ,in no way was I going to use a disposal unit while being viewed .That is until I could no longer hold it . I stood ,with trembling hands ,a sob escaping my throat ,please I pleaded once more . Drop the sheet Jessita ,the voice cold . I had noticed earlier a camera lens ,now as I looked around I could see a multitude of them ,the whole room was in fact a huge camera ,absolutely no where to escape to Sobbing ,I let the sheet go ,covering my breasts and crotch with my arm and hand . Lock your arms behind your head .Please I cried out ,but was cut off ,obey Jessita . One more I did as ordered ,standing naked ,my hands clasped behind my head . The small door was opened at the bottom of the bigger door ,a container of sorts was slide in , the sort I had only seen in pictures ,no need for them anymore ,this was different though ,complexly clear as if made from glass ,on one side a roll of paper ,of the kind used a few millennium ago ,even in my state I had to wonder how people so long ago had managed to cleanse them selves with paper .With modern appliances there was no need . To add to my horror the voice commanded ,use the pail to defecate and urinate into . My blood ran cold ,I had no way out ,the most basic of needs human nature would be observed . I held as long as I could then sat on the pail ,crying the whole time ,did my business ,taking the paper ,using it to wipe myself I grabbed the sheet covering my self again ,lying on the cot sobbing hearing the chuckle . The door opened ,saved I thought having no idea from what . An attractive woman entered accompanied by a droid ,get rid of it she ordered ,close the door behind you . It was then I noticed ,yes she looked like a woman but from having been shown images of the dangerous breed of what where called " trannys" . I recoiled .The trannys had been integrated into society ,still slaves but with special talents ,they appeared to look like women but retained male penis and testicles ,In their genes had been bred a savage desire to sadistically use by any means they felt appropriate bend others to their masters will .They was used as in very old films to do wet work . Well well she began so the high and mighty princess isn't so high and mighty any longer she laughed. Shit and piss in a bucket in front of the whole planet ,I imagine your family will ove to see it on the interplanetary system when it shown . With that she jerked away the sheet ,licking her lips ,yes you are a beauty her hand ran down my breasts ,pinching the nipples ,its to bad I cant avail my self ,she then stopped ,oh well and unfurled a whip
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    3 Days Ago
    I had known that the possibility existed that I would be married off to form a new alliance ,The House of Mecette even though still a power to be reckoned with was in fact growing weaker . Prince Durwood ,my father had been joined with Helena ,he had hoped to strengthen Mecette with the addition of the forces at her family's command . Unfortunately it hadn't quite worked out that way ,it seems Helena's family had pulled a fast one ,they wanted to rid themselves of the narcissistic egomaniac that became my step mother . Prince Durthwood was no match for the quiniving bitch ,he fell head over heels in love with her or at least with her love making . We despised each other ,I managed to stay out of her way for the most part , I had no idea the plans she managed to talk father into With the bitch in the back ground ,the Prince informed me that I was to be sent to The House of Canadatta ,a some what powerful house in their own right .There I was to be joined to Jason one of Prince's sons . It stank of Helena's hand ,with no assurance of any alliance father had been talked into sending me , I wept, pleaded did everything I could to prevent my being sent ,he stood firm ,even to the point of taking Helena's advice on how many bodyguards to accompany me . It was all over Helena's nephew who had tried to seduce me ,my not letting him had infuriated his aunt ,she being a sadistic bitch had no doubt wanted to see me humiliated at the lose of my virginity . We set out the very next day ,me wearing the ridiculous gown that had become fastional again ,the way women dressed a few millennials ago ,showing mass amounts of cleavage all in all very uncomfortable . Father had been warned to send a heavily armed force but poo pooed it off ,She'll be fine ,we'll follow in a couple of days for the ceremony . The falling of tow of the body guards ,then a third ,the sudden sting in my arm ,waking up in a dungeon like cell ,suddenly aware I was completely naked ,no one other than the doctor at the infirmary since about teh age of eight had ever seen me with out clothes ,I reached for sheet that lay beside the cot ,pulling it over me ,a low chuckle sounded from somewhere .
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    6 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    The silly fool ,he thought I was going to help him clean ,the only thing I was going to clean was Mikes dick after he had it inside of me .Sissy had no idea what lay ahead for him ,I still had it in for the little fuck ,remembering how he had treated me when for a short period Mike had given me to him ,by mistake of course ,that fucking sissy had set me up ,payback's a bitch and sissy was going to be paid back in spades
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    6 Days Ago
    I am interested ,tell me more .
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    Im interested in online slavery
  2. I'm only want..... submissives , couples ,females....who are interested in bdsm,rape,incest,spanking,slavery any kink fettish roleplay.would like to abuse sub male sissy transgender or cross dresser for the first time.
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Wanted;No boundaries roleplay!!!!!!

by SlaveSubslutspank1 on 12-17-2016 at 04:32 AM
Roleplay:absolutely any fettish, kink,taboo.submissive female and couples,transgender and sissy cross dressers needed to abuse!
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