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    15 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Mike was off being shown around the estate by the manager ,Viney had begged off ,I got a mountain of paperwork to do ,but you go ahead ,I'll see you in a few hours ,why dont you leave subs here ,she can probably help me sort through some of your country's rules and regs with import laws . Mike looked dark ,he suspected Viney was going to try some thing with me or at least I thought I knew him well enough to read his mind ,but then with the fucking thoroughly uncomfortable metal thing between my legs he figured it was safe enough .Mike agreed ten suggested that Vineys wife accompany him ,no I need her here was his reply ,you go ahead ,Tony the manager was summoned and given directions ,make sure you give Mike trhe full complete tour ,you can stop in the village for lunch at my cafe. No sooner had they left than Viney came behind me ,lifted my light dress ,well well I figured that fucking mike might try some thing like this,he never did like to share ,Babe .go get the bolt cutters ,ask Vito for them in the shop ,we'll have this off in no time . Lorreta returned in a few minutes ,I was rather worried on seeing the cutters ,shit dont cut me I begged ,I like pain but not what that can do .Viney laughed ,dont you worry sweety I want to fuck it and eat it ,not cut it .He had the lock off in a few seconds ,I laughed with relief ,it felt so good to have the damn thing off .Lorreta massaged me while Viney sat back enjoying the action
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    1 Day Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    My my what a lovely little family Othello smirked .Father and brother where both still naked from the waist down ,I tried not to look at their flacid penis's but couldnt help glancing ,so this is what I felt when Meno and I had experimented with intimacy ,As strange as it was ,I had not looked at it when Othello had forced me to take it in my mouth It hung down perhaps 7 inches I thought but hard to judge .Father on the other hand was truely the King ,his penis was of tremendouse girth and lengh ,I had to wonder how he had ever gotten it inside mother . Othello now only kept 2 other solders with ,the rest where told to remain in the great room .Its a shame she began that Queen Ann is not here to whiteness your total defeat Leo ,you and your ,she scornfullt said boy and your daughter really arent complet .Yes I know you sent your wife out through the secret tunnel .And do you want to know how I know ? She lauged loudly ,clapped her hands , The door was flung open ,two guards escorted mother in .Was caught her just before she was to make her escape ,now isnt that nice of me to bring the family together . Father gave a ragged cry ,you black heart ,have you no decencey iis your soul so depraved that you are with out mercy .The evil smile played at the corners of her mouth ,she stepped in front of the still bound king ,reached for his penis ,lifting it ,pitting in his face ,so say you King Leo ,you have not even begun to whiteness my cruelty .Queen Ann was roughly brought further into the room .I gave orders that when your precious wife was captured that no harm was to be done . No one has placed a hand on her other than to restrain her .No my dear Leo ,I wanted you to see the full extent of her you are going to see how we treat captured Royalty .You will whitness your wife quit willingly fuck and suck more cocks than she thought possible ,isnt that right queeny . Othello started to undo the stays on mothers gown ,who replied yes my lady I'll do what ever you want .It struck me that the conquering queen had some how coerced Mother into obeying her ,what threats had she been told .Othello stepped back ,strip she ordered ,Queen Ann chocked back a sob but gegan to undress ,A roar from Father sounded like a distressed bull .You inhuman bitch if its the last thing I do I'll kill you Othello smiled ,walking to the ligt fire place she pulled out a red hot poker ,nooded to one of the gusrds ,you hold his cock out .She laid the poker along the lengh of fathers cock ,the acrid smell of burning flesh filled the room as father screamed in pain while Meno I and mother screamed along with him . Father sank to his knees moaning in agony ,Othello pulled his head up his hair ,fell like making any more threats she asked with a laugh .Mother now naked tried to cover her self with her hands ,at you sides ,the order was barked ,you horny son wants to see what he's going to fuck .She lifted fathers head again and your going to watch you son fuck your wife ,He managed to reply ,I'll die first .Oh no she replied you see if you refuse to watch I will shove the red hot poker up you wife's ass and then Prince Meno will still fuck her ,or I should say former Prince Meno So whats it going to be . Father had little choice but to obey .Get them ready she ordered ,mother dear you'll suck your sons cock until its hard then he will lie on his back and you mount him ,understand? Mother nodded miserably sank to her knees took Meno's cock into her mouth ,I shuttered with misery wondering if she had ever done this to father ,it was strangely exciting as Meno's cock got hard . Othello in the meantime had stripped to her chemise and was in the process of fastening a wooden phallus to her self by means of a leather harness ,she came behind me cupping my breasts ,the wooden cock pressing ,is it getting you hot ,seeing your mother suck your brothers cock .As soon as he fucks her I'm going to relieve you of that cheery .
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    6 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    I was humiliated as Othello ran her hands over my body ,it was to show her power over us all .After warning my father and brother ,she rose ,follow me she ordered ,two what could only be called hand maidens and a few select guards we went into what where the private quarters of the former king .The guards who appeared to be well versed in what was to happen ,turned their backs .Othello bad me to come to her ,,she stretched out on a couch .her gown flowing over her legs .Proceed ,the two women started to remove my clothes , I begged her please show some compassion , not in front of father and brother ,she smiled ,but that is the precise purpose of these proceedings my dear .My breast where exposed ,father looked away ,I wont warn you again she barked ,you will watch as I take your daughters innocence or so help I will carry out my threat , I could see Meno was clearly excited ,even though we had on plenty of occasions explored each others body's ,he had never seen me naked .as the top of my gown dropped to my waist ,she cupped my breasts pinching my nipples just hard enough for them to stiffen .Even the former king was paying close attention as the gown was let fall to the floor ,only a under garment now stood in the way of my nakedness. Othello was apparently no satisfied in humiliating me ,she wanted subject us to complete degradation . She crooked her finger ,come closer I don't t want you to miss any of this ,Father refused ,I can not he exclaimed its to much ,Guard she barked do his eyes .Please ,i shouted don't ,I'll do what ever you want please don't do it .An evil smile came over her face ,of course you'll do anything I want ,but to show me that your serious go and kneel in front of your father ,guards secure his arms ,now open his trousers take his cock out and kiss it . I almost fainted on hearing the order ,or he will lose his eyelids ,I did as she commanded ,and to add to the misery ,keep your eyes open .Father tried to back away ,the guards held him , I knelt ,doing as she ordered ,undoing his flys taking his member out ,pull his fore skin back ,once more I obeyed ,the purple head of his cock exposed ,I held it lightly in my hand repulsed but some how also excited Kiss it slut ,she barked ,as I did so I heard a sob like noise was it father or brother ,I could not tell . Now go to your brother and do the same ,you leave your cock out ,lets see if you get excited by what you see .I once more knelt ,taking Menos cock out ,he was already getting hard ,when I peeled his fore skin back his cock grew getting hard ,I bent forward my lips touching him .A loud laugh from the queen made me glance to my side ,to utter horror ,father was now getting hard ,I knew it your nothing but a bunch of incestuous bastards .Take his cock in your mouth slut .
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  1. I'm only want..... submissives , couples ,females....who are interested in bdsm,rape,incest,spanking,slavery any kink fettish roleplay.would like to abuse sub male sissy transgender or cross dresser for the first time.
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by SlaveSubslutspank1 on 12-17-2016 at 04:32 AM
Roleplay:absolutely any fettish, kink,taboo.submissive female and couples,transgender and sissy cross dressers needed to abuse!
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