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    9 Hours Ago
    Victoria entered the bedroom ,she had obviously been up for a while .Well you asked about Jimmy ,he failed a test this morning .I had convinced Damon to let him continue in his role as a lawyer ,unfortunately at least for him he tried to alert the authorities ,of course not knowing that the private security force answer to the owners of property in our gated community and he is now paying the price for his indiscretion I felt a twinge of sympathy for him but it was fleeting .Vicky dropped her robe on her way to the shower ,it took my breath away ,the thoughts of Jimmy vanished as she motioned me to join her .Jimmy could fend for himself as my soapy hand Slide over her body
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    2 Days Ago
    Look around you Mistress Victoria ,this will hopefully be the last time you will see this place .She opened the cell door ,beckoning to me to follow her ,the same routine that had been done for the past month. I meekly ascended the stairs ,not able to keep my eyes off her beautiful ass . In her bedroom ,which I had only been allowed to see in on other occasion ,she bade me to sit .Keenly aware of my nakedness ,crossing my arms over my breasts ,causing her to smile .She stood beside me stroking my hair .Even after me seeing you nude every day for the last month your still embarrassed . Striding to a closet ,she with drew a shift ,here put this on .Now she began ,I have been training you for the last month for a reason ,I needed to be very sure that would will it the bill so to speak .You will be my private maid /secretary .travelling companion /lover .I know from observing that you have the qualifications .its now up to you to accept my invitation .Alas the alternative is not so pleasant as you have witnessed in the cellars. You will have noticed that a large number of people came through ,you see we run a human trafficking ring ,the law firm cannot even begin to generate the amount of money that we require to sustain our life style and when Damon inherited the firm it came with a huge dept load .So now I need to confirmation from you that you will accept the offer . I had fallen in love with her as she had no doubt planned from the start and even though her story has shocked me to a degree I had already suspected some thing like it had been going on . So what say you ,come to me ,I dropped to my knees as she had taught me and went to her .Yes I accept ,thank you mistress ,I was so happy I sobbed .She put her hand under my chin bent down to kiss me get up my pet ,you will no longer be required to crawl ,for all intents you are my secretary ,I rose with large degree of uncertainly fully expecting to be punished Again she laughed ,its all good my dear ,she held her hand out .I sat across from her ,gazing into her eyes ,a couple of things .You will still be required to serve Master Damon when wants you ,I have no say over anything he wants ,in effect he is also my Master but when he tires of you and that wont take long as new girls are what holds his interest ,also on occasion when we have important clients stay over and they take an interest in you male or female you will have to service them . Yes Miss ,I was ready to do what ever she wanted .Come ,she led the way to another room off hers ,this is your room most nights you will be in my bed ,when for what ever reason I am other wise busy you will stay here .A new wardrobe is on its way .Now any questions ? Thank you Miss ,I would have never dreamed I would be in such a situation I lowered my eyes ,I love you so much . She drew me close ,I know you do darling and I love you as well What is going to happen to Jimmy I asked .even though I felt nothing but contempt for him ,has was after all still my husband . Ah yes Jimmy ,he has been groomed as you where to be a house boy ,we will keep up appearances for the sake of your family's ,he is so taken with being used as a fuck boy for Damon that from time to time your paths will cross and he in time will work again at the firm ,for now you not to worry about him . She kissed me passionately her hand covering my breast ,umm she murmured let see how well you remember your lessons leading em to her bed .
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    6 Days Ago
    .Damons phone rang ,yup ok I'll there in a bit .Gotta go babe ,take these two back to the house if you will . He'll be the replacement for Brian ,I dont imagine we'll hear from him again ,he is ruined professionally the cops are looking for him after seeing the video's we sent them . Ok you heard him ,get ready to move ,this place will be cleaned emptied ready for the next pair I think little slut Jimmy is kind of getting into being our slave ,he gets off on having his nuts squeezed some thing would have horrified miss goody two shoes here . We left in the limo as a cab pulled up for Damon .I sat miserable .so confused ,my mind was in a fog .I hurt from the clamps and the whipping but still felt a lust for Victoria .AS for Jimmy I felt nothing but contemt for him ,how could a trained lawyer be sucked in so completely .Seeing him sitting on the floor or the vehicle ,to embarrassed to look at me. Victoria seized his face ,did you like seeing your wife get fucked by another man ,she laughed ,yeah you loved you fucking wimp she added sneer fully,Well be assured you'll never get into her again ,she is now strictly for me and Damon to use .you dont have a problem with that do ya ,he shook his head ,no Ma-am
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    1 Week Ago
    The nightmare continued .he was right ,Victoria laughed as I turned to her ,my eyes pleading for her intervention .She needs to be taught where her place is Damon .Why don't you show her My leg was tingling it was going to sleep .The clamp bit into my tender nipple ,the scream deadened by the gag ,I writhed on the sofa .the other clamp was just as bad .To make matters worse he pulled them off after a couple of minutes . The pain shot through me as the blood entered the clamped flesh At least they where off ,he took one nipple pulled it out ,put the clamp back on as close the end a possible ,my screams could be heard even having the gag in .The other one followed ,the pain was horrible .I thought it couldn't get an worse until he fastened weights to them letting the weights drop ,I was at the point of passing out . Victoria held a vial of smelling salts under my nose .No you don't whore your not going to pass out and miss all the fun .She had Jimmy following her ,a collar around his neck with a leash , see bitch you can blame all your misfortune on you husband .I sat on the sofa while they laughed , I can hardly wait until you fuck her asshole ,just the thought is getting me horny .
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  1. I'm only want..... submissives , couples ,females....who are interested in bdsm,rape,incest,spanking,slavery any kink fettish roleplay.would like to abuse sub male sissy transgender or cross dresser for the first time.
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