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    2 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    I hated to do it but had little choice ,I was safe enough I felt ,Othello had taken a liking to me ,in her twisted way she looked on me as her future lover ,it was the others in my family that I was concerned about .Even father and brother were sort of under the protection of the old treaty between familys ,mother on the other hand had no such protection I knew Othello would turn her over to the troops ,then when they were done with her she would have her taken to a whore house . I approached father ,on his knees ,his nuts hanging down ,his cock laying over them .I mouthed sorry then kicked him ,very hard ,thinking if I didnot give him all I had ,Othello would make me repeat .Father swayed ,he groaned in agony ,gulping to keep from puking . Well done ,now lay on the day bed ,your mother is going to show us how well her tongue works .I could only hope the agent father had sent to the kingdom to the north would return soon .Erick the king I knew would come to fathers aid ,hehad wanted to wife me for a while or at least bed me ,father had always refused his permission ,know how Erick treated women ,he had a very sadistic streak ,if he came to our aid ,father would have to give me to him ,I shuttered at the thought as mother knelt ,stark naked between my out streghed thighs ,her tongue touching my slit ,then to my complete surprise took my clit into her mouth ,sucking on it .In spite of myself I was getting wet
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    5 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    If anything Rita's domination of me increased ,I was so madly in love with her ,I had no choice in obeying or trying to obey her every whim .The beatings grew to almost daily ,she revealed in making me cry ,begging her to stop the torture ,her answer was always ,you can leave anytime you desire ,which of course i couldn't do .every day I grew more dependent on her . After the episode with Pete ,the horrible pain ,her promise that there was more to come . It began Friday evening .Go to the umbrella stand she ordered ,there's a new toy ,bring it to me .I had no trouble determining the new toy .A fiberglass rod about 3 feet long ,a handle at one one end .I turned .on your fucking hands and knees ,put the cane in your mouth crawl to me . Trembling with anticipation as well as fear I did as she commanded , The beating began ,the effect of the fiberglass was that the whip picked up speed as it was swung ,like a golf club The agony was unbearable ,I tried to crawl under the coffee table ,she dragged me back ,now more infuriated than ever . You fucking cock sucking whore ,she spat out the words ,you like to fuck so much ,your going to get more fucking than you thought could happen .The door bell rang ,the same 6 women
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    5 Days Ago
    Long time ,I have sure missed our conversations ,just reading a couple of your posts ," I have to pee" sets my parts to tingling
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    6 Days Ago
    I prefer being sub as I am in real life but am also happy domming ,would love to Role play with you
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    6 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    It all seemed like a bad dream ,the pain between legs was real enough though .Othello had indeed been the first to put a "cock" inside me .The horrible instrument,covered in my blood that caused my loss of innocence bobbed up and down as she paraded in front of my family .I have changed my mind she announced ,you will not be castrated ,she stopped in front of father ,grasping his penis ,an evil smile played over her face ,of course she had changed her mind after her fathers emissary had warned her . She pumped his cock a few times ,to my amazement he grew hard ,she laughed ,moved on to brother and repeated her torture ,the to mother ,dear sweet mother ,who had remained quiet for all those years as her husband had fucked half the female staff ,so pure .Othello's finger entered her ,drawing a gasp .Mother knew full well what happens to a conquered people ,she I'm sure given the opportunity would have taken her own life rather than be subjected to the degradation Othello was subjecting her to . Well well dear cousin Ann it would seem that because your royalty I cant even let the common troops have you ,she looked at her fathers messenger but the captains and higher rank can .Isn't that right John .He looked truly miserable as he nodded ,yes if you want to humiliate her further . Of course I do she laughed ,its what I live for .And isn't it also true that she can be made to do her daughter and visa versa ,her daughter doing her ? One he again he nodded ,yes its allowed ,She took one of Ann's nipples ,jerked hard causing her to cry out.Father roared ,trying to charge to her .A hard blow to his crotch brought him to his knees holding himself ,moaning .You have a choice mommy you can preform oral sex on your daughter or fuck the 50 or so men that are eligible ,your choice ,oh and she will then go down on you .The realization of having no choice showed in her face ,She mumbled miserably I will do it Not satisfied Othello yelled ,i and hear you speak up whore .Mother in a clear voice obeyed ,I will do as you want . What do i want a still seething Othello barked ,tell me bitch or so help me your going to the men . I will preform oral sex on Misscella ,her voice breaking tears running down her face . And Othello snarled ,And I will let Misscella give me oral . Othella sat back smiling ,on with the show
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  1. I'm only want..... submissives , couples ,females....who are interested in bdsm,rape,incest,spanking,slavery any kink fettish roleplay.would like to abuse sub male sissy transgender or cross dresser for the first time.
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Interests.... bdsm,rape,slvery,schoolgirl,teacher,watersport,beastality plus any kink fantasy roleplay.Would be interested in domination of submissive males or transgender,cross dressers never tried it or used a male sexually.


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Wanted;No boundaries roleplay!!!!!!

by SlaveSubslutspank1 on 12-17-2016 at 04:32 AM
Roleplay:absolutely any fettish, kink,taboo.submissive female and couples,transgender and sissy cross dressers needed to abuse!
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