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    8 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    To my relieve Peter had returned ,I suppose because we had traveled been together since we had both been abducted I felt closer to him than most of the others and was happy he was back with his manhood intact I had even put in a good word for him as much as I could ,Cruella had cautioned me .careful sweety don't over step your bounds ,Mr C will put up with a lot especially since I have you under my wing but he has his limits I bit my tongue ,certainly not wanting to lose the privileges that had been granted me ,but Mr C had grudgingly agreed that Peter was one of the better male slaves . Cruella had mentioned teh new girl ,saying she had an attitude ,was quit insolent ,a good thrashing as she put it might just be the ticket to help her change .As she was tied to the post ,the whole staff was ordered to attend as was the norm ,when some one was to be punished ,that is to be whipped it was thought and rightly so that if done in front of the staff it instilled a sense of them doing their duties a little better The new one was a regular wild cat , kicking and screaming ,biting, spitting it took 3 attendants to fasten her to the post I reached for the single tail as I had been taught ,for the first whipping the single tail or the cane where used ,Cruella shook her head ,not that one ,she reached for the 12 foot bull whip ,handing it to me ,cut her she ordered ,I'm tired of listening to her , I stood back shaking out the whip as I had been taught ,drawing the leather back behind me bringing it forward ,the welt appeared instantaneously on her buttocks ,a hideous scream followed as I drew back again again and again I lashed her ,the sexual excitement building up in me as it had before ,the blood ran freely from the poor girls ass ,upper thighs ,and back .She collapsed hanging by her wrists sobbing begging me to stop .Cruella finally grasped my arm ,we don't want you to kill her she smiled sensing my excitement .Ok let her down you know the routine ,this was some thing new to me as all the male slaves gathered around her supine body ,been to piss all over her bloody back ,it brought fresh howls of pain as it was explained to me the salt in the urine caused extreme pain . She dragged into the barn ,thrown into the stall still weeping begging for mercy ,she wouldn't want to go through this again I thought as Cruella took my hand ,lets you and I go up to my room ,we both need a shower I new It would be more than just getting clean ,smiling at her ,I was still so fucking horny I couldn't wait .walking past Peters stall ,I looked in ,he gave a small smile ,I returned it .
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    20 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    It was midweek ,things had quieted down ,a lot of the clients had left ,the female slaves went about their duties ,cleaning ,laundry ,getting every thing in shape for the next group ,looking out of Cruella's second story window it all looked so idealistic ,white painted fences ,horses grazing ,further off herds of cows the river meandered through the property ,barns and stables painted . To the eye of those who weren't familiar with the hell that existed it would almost seem like paradise .Cruella moaned softly ,she had just last night told me to call her by her given name ,Pat, it was strange I handet given it any thought that she anything but Cruella ,only in private was I to use her name ,in public she was still Mistress Cruella . My wandered back over the short time since I had been kidnapped and all that has happened .The Stockholm Syndrome that I had not thought possible was definitely setting in ,I had been growing accustomed to to the lifestyle here at the ranch ,having been seduced by Pat into the lesbian life style and I admitted it hadn't taken much ,I was gaining in power ,just yesterday MR C had admired my work ,I was now solely the property of Mistress Cruella ,it would be only with her permission that I would have sex with anyone else . Mr C to my surprise that I would be allowed to dress in the standard ranch attire ,the same as Cruella pretty much blue jeans and shirt ,proper boots ,under wear the whole nine yards ,except for on occasions when there was the grand ball which happned every month or so than it would be a reveling outfit of Cruella's choosing ,after all she smiled I want every one to see what my beautiful girl looks like and there wont be a man or woman who wont give their eye teeth to get you in bed ,but my dear your all mine How this place kept going I had no idea ,after all most of the slaves had been kidnapped ,then a thoguht struck me ,or had they ,why hadnt some try to escape ,Oh I knew it was a fair distance to the nearest town ,and surely there would be help ,no it seemed as if they all wanted to remain here ,recalling the whipping I had administered to what I thought was a poor unfortunate slave ,only to be told by Cruella that she loved the pain ,it made sense that if she truly enjoyed it that she wouldn't run .perhaps when Peter and I had been taken it was a one time to get a couple of fresh faces ,we now had both now fit into the lifestyle ,he was away servicing a couple in Maui ,I was safe in a beautiful house with a Mistress who for all intents adored me ,I had no doubt if one of us screwed up the punishment would be swift and severe , Pat got up padded naked to me ,putting her arms around me kissing my neck .What is my darling girl so deep in thought about .I turned ,my naked breasts pressing into hers ,just admiring the scenery I replied kissing her full on the lips ,her hands slipping to my ass pulling me closer ,uum we better not start or the whole day will be lost ,with a slap to my ass ,go take a shower and we'll go for breakfast . I couldn't help but wonder how Peter was doing ,hoping he was able to fulfill his duties .
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    1 Day Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    I couldnt get over how quickly I adapted to my new role ,the white smock reminded me of films I had seen Roman wearing about the same thing ,short but covered my tits ,I had to giggle ,calling my breasts tits just a short time ago I would have been mortified ,but no different than calling a penis a cock ,or a woman's private parts a cunt ,things had indeed changed in a hurry Dont worry about hurting her ,Cruella explained she is a pain slut and loves it ,lay it on her ,we'll go to the bullwhip in a bit ,it takes a little more practice , The welts stood out as I drew my arm back behind me ,the satisfying SMACK was music to m years ,I was getting wet again ,Cruella called a halt ,rest for a bit then the bullwhip ,her arm came over my shoulder he hand cupping my tit ,is my little slut getting excited ,my nipples told the tale erect pushing against the fabric
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    2 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Cruella laid it all out for me ,I know your very inexperienced when it comes to sex ,let alone BDSM ,your a quick learner as you proved by whipping the slut boy ,you where even turned on ,its not going to take long for your training to become a full fledged Domme ,her lips touched mine ,and of course I will train you myself ,your friend ,the one you whipped is off to cuck the boss ,well he;s boss in name only ,the one draw back and he hasn't been told is that every time this happens the slave he screws the boss's wife gets his nuts cut off ,unless she decides to change the routine the slave will be neutered when he returns . I thought about Peter tied to a table or post ,legs apart ,his ball sack tied off ,a very sharp knife poised ,I began to get wet thinking about ,Crulla noticed right off ,uumm time for my bitch get her rocks off we ended up on the bed her fingers busy ,her tongue tracing to my nipples ,then down to my tummy and thighs ,she swung around into the classic 69 position ,her pussy on my mouth ,mine on hers , The orgasm was mind blowing ,I kept replaying the whipping and in my minds eye I could see him turned into a eunuch .I locked my thighs around Cruella's neck driving my tongue into her equally soaked cunt ,we came at the same time ,gasping moaning ,grinding her pussy into my face ,
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    4 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    the thought of Peter ,bleeding .moaning in agony ,I could see it in my minds eye ,Cruella caressing me ,kissing my neck as her hands flowed over my body ,oh fuck what had I turned into ,but at that moment I didnt care ,her hands where magic ,gently tracing down my belly ,my thighs ,I groaned moving ,trying to get her fingers to caress my pussy . She gave a throaty laugh ,oh my little bitch ,with a little more training your going to make a fine domm ,the whipping you gave that insolent slave was perfect ,I taught you well ,and you learned so fast ,we where going to use him for breeding but I think he needs to be brought under control .I'll speak to Mr E about having him castrated ,that'll take the starch out of his sails . Her finger slide into me as i digested what she had said ,I was far to hot to give it a lot of thought ,I would speak to her later perhaps saving Peter ,she murmured ,ok baby time to use your tongue . lying back on the bed ,she had wiggled out of her dress ,now naked ,legs apart drawing me in ,my mouth found her pussy ,I reached down to play with myself ,only to be rebuked ,not now baby pay attention to me
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