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    16 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Partner in Crime in Role Play
    My begging only inflamed them ,I realized they where both getting off on my pleading for mercy ,I had taken enough psychology courses to recognize they where sadists ,.The pain in my nipple was terrible ,sobbing I did as they ordered ,kneeling between her spread legs ,her crotch was soaking wet ,her hips bucked ,thighs pressing against my face as I touched my mouth to her .Her moans ,her instructions ,eat it bitch make me cum ,get your tongue into me ,suck my clit and so on . The guy had his camera on us the whole time ,running his hand over me ,oh baby hurry it up ,I want her asshole ,oh fuck yeah she's gonna love getting my cock in side her .The woman started to orgasm as he urged me on ,her legs trembled ,tightened ,grabbing my hair pulling me into her .Ok my turn he shouted ,as he pulled me back ,She lay spent ,slowly getting to her feet .Handing her the camera ,he stood back taking in my naked body .oh yeah ,you are a looker ,he dropped his pants ,ripped off his shirt ,his penis was huge ,pointing straight up ,the tip past his belly button .He stroked it giving me and evil grin . I really hope your a virgin ,cause im going to fuck the cherry right out of you .he held up the knitting needle ,or so you need more convincing .Beg me to fuck you he snarled or you'll get this again .Amber in an excited voice ,do her again make the bitch scream .Please dont I begged as held the needle to my other nipple . Beg bitch ,bitch to be fucked .Please fuck me I stammered ,please dont hurt me .You heard ha shouted with obvious glee ,she wants me to fuck her .Amber her hand between he thighs ,make to bitch scream , hurt teh fucking whore ,He bent me over the arm of the couch ,reaching for a tube of what was lubrication ,no Amber protested fuck he dry . Just a little he replied after all I want my cock to be in good shape ,if I fuck her dry it'll hurt me as well as her ,Later I promise I'll ass fuck her dry .I felt the his finger applying some thing cold ,then inside me . he got behind me ,I could feel the tip of his penis probing for my anal opening .I could have imagined any thing hurting so much as rammed his baseball sized cock into my my virgin ass My screams echoed across the lake as Amber urged him on ,yeah that's it ,make the fucking cunt scream
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    4 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    I couldnt surpress my grin ,Peter's back was to me ,Rita was right a real pain slut ,the welts became more livid ,would be dark in a few moments ,I had lots more to do to him but Rita decided he needed a rest .She had taught me well ,I was still her sub but now I also Had gotten to enjoy whipping him .Rita wrapped her arm around my waist ,kissing me ,time for you to use your tongue
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    4 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Partner in Crime in Role Play
    I had been warned on numerous occasions not to run by myself .especially through the wooded area ,of course I being me had poopooed all the warnings .I was after all a star on the running team ,had taken self defense courses ,nah I was ok .The damn ear plug to the music was acting up again ,I didn't pay any attention to the car sitting in the cutoff ,not unusual for birders ,nature lovers to be enjoying the great outdoors . It happened so fast ,I was caught completely off guard ,the swat to mt head sent me sprawling ,being lifted into a trunk ,the foul smelling rag held to my face . All my training had been for naught ,I came to in a cabin ,securely tied ,tape around my mouth lying on the floor .A man talking excitedly ,yes yes I have her ,get your ass here quirk bring your toy bag ,were going to have fun with this one .he stood over me an evil grin on his face ,oh yeah baby were going to have lots of fun with you ,he reached down cupped a breast ,Im going to fuck you six ways to Sunday .He slide his hand under my bra pinching my nipple .It was then that it dawned on me what was actually happening . I began to kick ,rolling over the floor ,my yells and screams stifled by the tape .I fought ,remembering what I had learned ,of course none of it had covered being trussed up like a turkey ,none the less I carried on .he laughed watching ,your not going anywhere sweet heart ,but go ahead wear your self out ,it'll make you that much easier to handle . I had no idea how much time had elapsed ,the sound of a car ,the door slamming shut , a female entering ,highly excited ,oh my god you out did your self this time Mark ,she's beautiful .the woman knelt ,running her hands over my body ,I tried to roll away ,tried kicking again .No no she spoke like she was a little deranged ,slapping me hard ,your going to have to play nice or amber will get really pissed ,referring to her self in the third person The slap stopped me ,I knew then I could expect no sympathy for her .She followed the guys action ,her hand going under my bra ,nice titties Mark ,when are you going to fuck her i thought I would wait for you ,I know how you get off on seeing a cock go up an ass ,but first I want her to eat you ,your ready ,he laughed ,and from what I'v seen on her phone she likes to muff dive .They had it all wrong of course ,what he had seen was a night when one of my so called sorority sisters had slipped some kind of pill into my drink ,it for all intense and purposes paralyzing me .I had never felt so humiliated so disgusted ,so degraded as when I was shown to video .Why I had kept it on my phone I couldn't explain unless subconsciously it was to remind me not to trust any one I was untied ,the tape unwrapped except around my ankles ,more tape was wrapped around my knees ,my wrists moved and re taped behind me .The woman stood ,took off her shorts and underwear .her blouse was thrown aside ,lying back on the bed legs splayed ,he dragged me to her pushed my to my knees ,now I know your not going to want to do this ,or maybe you do ,he held up a device that looked like a knitting needle ,if you refuse one of these will go through each tit ,your nipples to be exact ,these little wires attached carry electricity ,the higher I turn the control the hotter it get until you nipples will be fried ,and we sincerely don't want that to happen ,on the other hand if your good girl and follow orders nothing will happen .A little later I'll fuck you . I screamed i'll never do what your perverts want ,I'll die first .I had been saving my self for a husband ,it had been difficult but I had persevered now I want going to cooperate and let them use me in their perverted way .He shrugged so be it ,the woman stroked my cheek you had better obey ,the pain your going to feel will be beyond anything you can imagine .I sobbed no .She was right the metal punched through my nipples the wave of pain shit through me ,this is just the beginning ,bitch I'll fucking torture you until pass out then I'll star again . I had no choice ,please take it out I begged ,I'll be good , The pain subsided as he removed the metal ,I dipped my head between her thighs ,tasting her pussy .Lick it bitch get your tongue into her cunt ,he was standing to one side filming the whole thing as used my tongue ,
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    5 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Partner in Crime in Role Play
    Mark understood me needs ,we had gone down this road often ,after he abused me ,bringing me to a heart stopping orgasm I would be ready to torture this bitch ,my face buried in her pussy ,I bite down hard on her clit ,bringing the scream I needed ,fucking whore i shouted biting her again the vibes from her screaming went straight to my clit ,I wanted her to to hurt to suffer to beg me to stop ,the fucking slut was going suffer big time .
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  1. I'm only want..... submissives , couples ,females....who are interested in bdsm,rape,incest,spanking,slavery any kink fettish roleplay.would like to abuse sub male sissy transgender or cross dresser for the first time.
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Wanted;No boundaries roleplay!!!!!!

by SlaveSubslutspank1 on 12-17-2016 at 04:32 AM
Roleplay:absolutely any fettish, kink,taboo.submissive female and couples,transgender and sissy cross dressers needed to abuse!
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