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    16 Hours Ago
    F is for flogging, which is used mainly on the back or buttocks during a session. It depends on what the sub's limits are (if there are any) as to how much flogging a sub can take.
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    20 Hours Ago
    You sound like a true masochist to me, and that is commendable. Some submissives don't know what the fuck they want. But you must have experienced some measure of pain and has decided you need it to be grounded. And it sounds like you need a sadist to keep it that way.
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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Another thing, don't forget about the Saturday evening soiree at the judge's place, and make sure you're wearing those red panties. If you embarrass me Pete, I will personally take it out on your cock and balls! My driver will pick you up at 8, don't fucking be late!
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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    The helicopter took us to Mark and Merrill's private plane, the same one that transported me to Switzerland for the auction. On the way toward Greece, Merrill was talking real sweet to Laura while the older woman had here hand inside the younger woman's panties. Laura was not resisting at all. I knew Merrill would make her forget all about Pat. For his part, Mark moved his hand to my crotch, unzipping me. It was a good thing Laura found key to my chastity belt, and I found some clothes that were left by a slave who had been sent to the island. The man fondled my cock, making me gasp. "Strip slave!" When I did, he told me to take his cock out. It had been a while but I recall what a whopper he has. When we were both naked, we got in a sixty-nine position. It had been so long since I had my cock sucked, and since I had been allowed to cum, that it only took a few strokes before I emptied my load in his mouth. It took a bit longer for Mark to cum, but I felt his cock shudder, so I was ready to swallow. Meanwhile the ladies were engaged in a sixty-nine of their own, which meant the whole private plane was filled with shrieks of unadulterated pleasure. When all four of us had resumed normal breathing, Merrill told us that they still had a house in Virginia as well as the one on a Greek island. The one in Virginia was the one I remembered well. Laura would love it there.
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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Peter was somewhat perplexed about how Laura seems to think he is an out-and-out fag. He has sucked so many cocks lately that he could see how she could perceive that impression. For sure, he prefers pussies to cocks, but going to a gay-friendly place like S.F. , it could be more difficult to present that image. Not only that, Laura seems to prefer pussies. This would be an interesting trip indeed. The rest of the week went normally. Phil seems to be avoiding me. It was my turn to snicker. There was one day when Rita called Linda, one of the Project Managers, into her office. Nobody in the phone room liked her including the managers. The skinny blonde bitch was always coming into the phone room to verbally harangue one of the phone screeners because of some minor detail. In fact Roger, the phone room supervisor, had a serious discussion with Rita about it. So when whacks and shrieks were heard over the office speaker system, everyone in the phone room walked around high-fiving each other. "The bitch had it coming!" On Friday Rita sent me a text; make sure you bring fresh pairs of panties for every day next week.
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Visably upset, Laura ran inside the barn. I wondered if this was another set-up to get me brutally whipped and tortured again. But that was not the case. She rushed into my arms and I hugged her tight. "Pete, we must get out of here! I saw Pat with Valerie." I told her I'd seen that too. "I also heard Pat talking on the phone. She left the speaker on, and they plan on sending you and me to the island. There is another younger male stud at the auction where we were." Laura sobbed. "He will be sent here to take your place." Laura clung to me tighter. She continued in between sniffels, as she laid her head on my chest. "Pat no longer needs me as well!" I held her by her shoulders told her we can't just walk out. They would sic the bloodhounds on us and shoot us. They confiscated our cell phones, but maybe one of the trustees I have befriended will allow me to use hers. Then Laura told me they are having another party, with us as main attractions. Saturday evening rolled around and sure enough Laura and I were used and abused by all the people from the Cartel, who came from far away places. Cocks and pussies were continuosly shoved into our faces. Strap-ons were liberally used; Laura was fucked repeatedly, vaginally and anally. Often, a cock was in my mouth while either a cock or a strap-on was in my ass. I was on my knees while deep throating a big cock, when I heard what sounded like helicopters overhead. People were screaming and running as the whirlybirds landed. I laid face down on the ground. I heard voices. ..."Stop where you are!".....Then I heard gunshots. In what seemed like five minutes all was quiet. I lelt a hand lift my head up. I focused my eyes. It was Mark my old owner. I grinned. "We got your message, it's all over. We'll take you back." When I got to my feet, I also saw Merrill. She rushed over to me and hugged me. "We're sorry Pete, we had no idea this shit was happening here. There is no way we would allow you to be sent to any fucking isand to be tortured to death." I looked around and all of the people from the Cartel had been arrested; Cruella, or Pat to some people, was lying on the ground with blood oozing from her body. I had a hard time feeling sorry for her. Then I saw Laura and I introduced her to Mark and Merrill. They remembered her from the auction and agreed to take her back home too.
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    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Later that day Rita called Peter and Laura into her office. Usually that meant some sort of punishment. However, she offered them both seats in her leather chairs, while she sat on a sofa. The boss smiled pleasantly. "The real reason I'm going to Frisco is for a street festival next weekend. For sure, there will be some boring fucking meetings during the week, but like I said, the festial is for bdsm types to walk around in various forms of dress and undress, performing erotic acts that vanilla people consider vulgar or weird. A two block area will be roped off to traffic, and the cops mostly look the other way. Laura looked at Peter and blushed, like she had a premonition as to what would happen to him. Rita saw that look and confirmed it. The only garment he'd be allowed to wear would be the red panties. She also confirmed the fact that his asshole and mouth would receive plenty of attention. Then she smiled at Laura. "Don't worry baby, I will look after you." The assistant grinned. "Now phone the San Fran. Hilton and confirm my reservation for the penthouse....."Yes ma'am."
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    4 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    When I left Phil's office, I could hear snickers from my coworkers, like they knew what had happened. Maybe some of them had exerienced the same thing. The rest of that day dragged on like a typical Monday. Tuesday, however is the day of the usual staff meeting. Of course, Rita sat at the head of the conference table. Most of the discussion was about the various projects that were being worked on. The boss lady actually smiled when things were running smoothly, and under budget. She was pleased with the work Peter had done since being hired to straighten out the mess left by his predicessor. She was also pleased with the work Laura has done as her assistant. She also announced that she would be going to San Francisco next week for a conference; she would return the following Monday. While she was gone, Rick the Vice-President would be in charge, His word was her word. He would keep her abreast of everything. Everybody knew about Rick; he could be just as draconian as Rita; some cases even worse. Normally he was in charge of the project managers,making sure each project was on time and under budget. If there was any slip-ups, he would crack the whip, mostly figuratively, but in some cases literally. Before adjourning, she looked at Laura and announced that she and Peter would accompany her to San Francisco. Then she frowned at Phil. "Get your fucking ass in my office!" He gulped, "Yes ma'am."
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    Passing through on the vernal equinox... hope you are happy (in life, not just about me passing through).
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    Always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm doing.... Well I'm working on doing well. Had a difficult start to the new year so spring is welcome as was a message from a very lovely you!! Thank you. I hope you are well, happy and healthy. Much love xxxxx
  3. Happy spring to you too.
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    hope you and chip are doing well, thinking of you both
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    Because, well, it's been over two years since I've left you a visitor message. It was time.
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    I...nearly fainted when I showed up for a visit and there were blog posts of yours to read! I hope you are well, Solis - always.
  7. thank you Sir, just not sure who i am anymore, or if i still fit the part, it has been so long. But nice to see you are still here. Things are ok, getting by, although having major issues around remembering things. My noggin tried to take garden hose from 14 ft above it on.,. and didn't win... ~smirks~
    Sorry i like to try and laugh about it , as there is no use in crying over spilled milk. i hope all is well with you as well. i have thought of you quite often.

    Thank you for the welcome back. Hopefully in time i will feel more comfortable about coming back and maybe into chat..

  8. LOL, love that quote! I have to wonder what Rodney would say about hockey moms if he sat in the bleachers with us??? Possibly the same thing...
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    Thank you for the kind message on my wall *smiles* people like you mean i make the effort to come on. The doubt is lifting. Needed to re-group and remind myself of the real me! Didnt want to do that publicly nor did i want sympathy or drama. Thank you for your kindness (as always).

  10. Hmmmm maybe!! lol thank you for the welcome Solis
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"I caress the scar gently"

by Solis on 04-24-2016 at 05:30 PM
Yes, I know: you've been wounded, and wounded again. The urge to hide is so strong that the simple act of stepping out the door, greeting another day, taking another risk, reflects heroic effort.

Welcome, wounded friend, to the company of the shattered.

The internet is rife with recitation of a line from the 13th century Sufi poet and lawyer, commonly called Rumi. "The wound is the place with the light enters." Translation is treacherous, translation from

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Delusional or dissembling? You get to vote!

by Solis on 01-25-2015 at 09:26 PM
I was at the grocery today, picking up a few things to help finish off dinner with friends tonight. (My 14-year-old is cooking. Breaths everywhere are bated.) My cashier was a woman in her 30s, of average build, dark burgundy hair and effusive manner. She was wearing two things that stood out: a man's shirt (old, soft, oxford) and a collar. A Turian-style collar: a finely woven brown leather cord formed into a choker. It rode just above her collarbone, close upon her throat. From the front descending

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You know that you make psychologists crazy, right?

by Solis on 10-19-2014 at 05:28 PM
Researchers often start with the conceit “my prejudices brilliantly describe reality” and design research projects to celebrate their insights. The best of them, when confronted by evidence that they’re wrong, publicly announce the fact. The rest of them hide the confounding evidence away in a locked file cabinet.

And so it is with studies of the BDSM community. There’s a near universal prejudice among academics that members of this community are defective: the products of broken

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should you believe your Dom/me?

by Solis on 03-25-2011 at 10:32 AM
Question: Do you believe your Master?

Question: Should you?

Answer: No.

At least "no, not if s/he's doing it right."

We are hostages of a long-ago philosophical debate than many don't even know occurred. The setting for the debate was the 18th century, and the scene was western Europe. For centuries, our universe was filled with the Unknowable. Things we had no way of understanding:

where do spices comes from? The border

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Updated 03-25-2011 at 11:45 AM by Solis (typo!)


your responsibilities as a submissive

by Solis on 03-18-2011 at 01:58 PM
I'm a great admirer of the singer/songwriter Christine Lavin. She manages to alternate laughable slice-of-life songs with ones that offer powerful reflection on parts of life we experience but don't know how to name. In particular, I was thinking of subs and listening to Lavin's "Damaged Goods." The middle lyrics:

She had her first man when she was 23,
Years after all her girlfriends gave away their virginity.
And now at last she thought her life had begun,

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