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  • The Jaded Dominant { koral }'s Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    NO!!!! it is not normal for him not to show his face. What if any reason has he given you for this. Most so called doms who do this are HIDING something the fact that they are married,Older than they have told you or simply could be too fat to fit on the camera. A BDSM relationship is a relationship. Do not be willing to take your clothes off for some dom until TRUST has been established. ANY so called dominant that demands,cajoles or threatens to get you to do what should be freely given is NOT a Dominant at all. he/she it are simply bullies, pervs,predators and mostly cowards. Like cockroaches once light is shined on them by your questions they will as a rule run for the dark places they spawned from. A Good DOMINANT will Listen,Evaluate and discuss your needs,wants and desires. He will make judgments that are in your best interest. He will push you to the edge of your fears,your capabilities and your ability to serve. He will care for you. He will learn you and know you better than you know yourself. He will honor and cherish you. What he will NOT do is hide,lie or deceive you. Perhaps just perhaps lil one this fella is not for you. I will not call someone who hides yet demands you show and tell all a dominant and sure as all hell will not call he/she/it a master. they obviously have no idea on the life nor do they show any sign of wishing to learn. If you wish to discuss this further find Me in Chat or drop Me a PM J D
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