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    2 Hours Ago
    Thanks for the links to those stories...I will definitely check them out.
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    6 Hours Ago
    When I first joined this site, it was because of the stories. I still read them every once in a while, but I still can't review them. And I don't even bother sending them any stories. What's the use?
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    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    I don't know how long I'd been in that cage, but the two Mistresses tugged me out by a leash attached to my collar. It was Mistress Laura who was now leading me into the dungeon. It was a bit exciting being Dommed by my coworker who was hired the same time I was, and who practically raped me that day in the kitchen. Apparently, Mistress Rita has had a positive affect on her. "What to whip him again or do you want to do something else? Maybe a little cock and ball torture? That's always fun." Laura was grinning like a kid in a candy store. The new Domme ambled over to the pegboard. She took down some metal clamps that looked absolutely ominous. "Good choice." Laura looked daggers at me and then pointed to the upright wheel. "Let's use that." The two ladies spread me out face outward, while tying my hands and feet to sides of the wooden implement. Laura played with my nipples getting them hard, then attaching two metal clamps. I flinched and cried out. "Oh come on slave, I know you can take a little tit torture," Laura taunted. "We haven't even got to his balls yet," Rita chided. They didn't keep me waiting long. They each took turns hanging two metal clamps each from my scrotum. In addition, they hung 5 pound weights from each of the nipple and ball clamps, which really had me suffering. "I'm proud of you baby," Rita cooed at Laura. "You're learning fast. My pussy's wet again. Do me right here, let's let slave peter watch."
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    5 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    The next week went by the usual way with one change. I noticed Rita was much more loving and complimentary; apparently the company was running smoothly. I also noticed the boss lady was particularly more chummy toward her assistant Laura. On Friday Rita sent me a text to be at her house not her apartment this evening after work. Driving through the gated driveway, I knocked on the heavy door-knocker, and was admitted by a smiling caucasian lady in her forties who was wearing a maid's outfit. She led me through the living room and down some stairs to a large room with bdsm equipment all over the room. Once there, the maid turned to me, "Strip to your panties, get on your knees and wait here." She pointed to a spot on the carpeted floor, then blindfolded me. I waited and waited, getting fidgety. I knew this routine with other Mistress's, making the submissive want it more. After what seemed like an hour, I heard two sets of footsteps descending the stairs. Nervously waiting my fate, I sensed being surrounded. Then I felt a finger lifting my face up. Not seeing, I could tell Rita's voice...But who was with her? "Pete, you're a good slave. So far you have followed my instructions to the letter."....."Thank you Mistress."...."Now I have a surprise for you." I felt her fingers on my blindfold, and when she pushed it up, I saw Laura! I couldn't believe my eyes. She was dressed in black leather from her ample breasts to her waist. On her feet was a set of shiny black boots that rose up her bare legs to her thighs. She looked hot! Was this the same young lady from a conservative background who was appalled by what she was forced to do by Rita? Mistress allowed the shock to settle into my brain. "Slave Peter, meet Mistress Laura." I swallowed hard. "I have been training her to be my assistant, not only at work, but as a Domme." Amused by my sudden reaction, Rita continued. "Show some respect and kiss her boots!" I did so greedily. "Looks like slave peter wants to be your slave, Mistress, but I think we should give him something to wipe that smile off his face!"....Laura grinned. "Stand up slave!" It was Laura who gave the order. "Stand under those chains!" she pointed toward the two hanging chains that were three feet apart. When I obeyed, both Dommes hooked my wrists to the chains. Rita then placed a spreader bar between my ankles, forcing my legs just as wide. Rita showed the implement she was Laura to use on me. It was a long whip with ten tails on it, with metal balls at the end of each length. Then she made to pronouncement,,,, "Whip him!" The first thwap hit me mid back. I absorbed it without crying out. "He's a pain slut, whip him harder!" The next one landed an inch from the initial one. Same reaction. But then she marched the thwaps evening down my back and by the time she reached ten I was more forceful with my replies. She screamed it across my ass, then to my thighs, which had me howling. Finally, she brought the lashes up into my balls and I sagged, having been whipped into submission. "Good girl, I'm proud of you, let's take him down and lead him to his cell. We can play with slave pete later....All this has made my pussy wet. You may put your tongue to good use."
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    5 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I was used to sucking Mistress Misty's pussy every morning and every night, and getting a spanking or a whipping for my thank you. But it was strange seeing Amber in the slave cell; quite a come down from the sadistic bitch who had lots of fun stepping on my balls when I was the hotel doormat. Also, once in a while my Mistress would be leading me by a leash when we'd cross paths with Master Mike leading slave 1 the same way. I was sure to keep all the computers running with the latest software, and I made sure the wifi was working all over the hotel. One day I was behind the front desk when the new girl got a call from one of the guests on the eleventh floor, from a man who said his wifi wasn't working. When I knocked on his door, a voice told me to enter. When I did, I recognized them, and smiled. It was the same couple who I met a few months ago. "How are you two; may I help you with your wifi problem?....They both looked down between my legs and gazed at my hard-on tenting my red panties. "We remember you too," the red headed babe cooed. "I don't have a wifi problem. When I saw you down at the desk, I wanted you to bring the wonderful piece of male meat up here, so I could cuck my sorry ass husband. He likes to watch me get fucked by another man. But you know what else he likes? He likes to watch me use my strap-on on another man." She looked at her red-faced hubby. "Isn't that right, limp dick!" Then she looked at me. "I think I'd like to be the fucker and you the fuckee." When she pointed toward the floor, I knew what to do. Pulling my panties down and kneeling I bent all the way over so that my forehead touched the floor. I sighed when the lady felt my cock and balls between my legs. Then she spoke to her hubby. "Get on your back, slide between his legs and take his cock in your mouth while I'm fucking him!" It was one fucking orgy when her lubed cock slid in my ass, while her cuckhold hubby was sucking me. The lady exclaimed loudly as I was about to cum, and when I exploded, she collapsed in total satisfaction. In the end they both thanked me for my hospitality, and I assured them that serving them was my pleasure.
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    1 Week Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Partner in Crime in Role Play
    It was a Thursday afternoon and I got the okay from my boss lady to take the afternoon off, so I headed out to the golf course. Being an average golfer, I usually shot in the high eighties or low nineties. I usually played once a week during the summer, and it sure beat the hell out of working. It was not too crowded, which is why I like playing during the week, so I was put in a foursome. There was Jerry, Mike and Mark. All four of us shot about the same score, and observed golfing politeness. At the end of the round, Mark invited us all to the lounge for a drink. Mike and Jerry thanked him, but they had to get home. I, on the other hand, didn't need to leave just yet, since there was nobody at home to report to. Mark had a great personality and was fun to talk to. Naturally we talked about golf, football and baseball. I also mentioned working for a small accounting firm as a mid-manager. He told me he knew of the company. In addition, I told him I was single having been divorced for over a year now, and in my mid-thirties. I was really getting tired of the bar scene. "Well Sid, I might be able to help you. Why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow night? Here's my address. You have a GPS, don't you?"
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