I started talkng to Master on another site, Master sent me a friends request and that is how we started talking and get to know each other.

Master was living in Perth Western Australia in a little town called Koorda i was living in a little town called Worhing this is in the UK.

Master and i chatted on the other site and spoke to each other by either using skype or yahoo messenger.

We spoke for more then 2 years before Master decided to come and visit His family and friends back in Belfast Northern Ireland

Before Master left to come to England He had booked a private dungeon in Hastings for the last 3 days of his holiday.

when i met Master from Heathrow Airport i could not control myself and ran to Master and gave Him a big kiss and a cuddle in which
Master gave me one back.

We were walking through the airport when all of a sudden Master told me to kneel in which i did automatically and put His
collar around my neck. At the time this was happening the airport was full of people who looked but never said anything.

When we arrived at the dungeon in Hastings we started our first day of fun session Master used almost of the toys that there was on me.

When Master had to leave to return to Australia i was sad and emotionally but was happy as He left His mark all over my body with the toys that He used on me
in the dungeon.

When Master got back to Australia we started talking again for another 2 years then all of a sudden Master said that He wanted me to
come over to Australia for a years holiday in which i did and He paid for the flight, Passport and Visa.

When i arrived in Australia i had my luggage searched and a body search i was told at the end of the strip search that they pick people out of the lines whether that is true or not i don't know
Whilst this was happening Master was waiting for me in the arrival room and He was the only one there and thought that i had fallen asleep in Kuala Lumpa and missed my flight.

Whilst i was waiting to be allowed to go and meet Master they called His Mobile number up and asked Master was He waiting for somebody and Masters reply was a yes and was the so called person was me and He replied yes and did you know that i had hardly any money with me and would Master be my sponsor whilst i was here and Masters reply back was yes but!!!! if you took the time in reading the visa you would find all of those questions that you have asked me i have already said on the visa. Also i have got a 2 hour drive back to Koorda so could you please send me out in which they did.

When we arrived at Koorda i was suffering with jet lag as it was a 24 hours flight so Master sent me straight to bed.

Whilst i was there Master took me to see many places to see and had many fun sessions.

When it was the dreaded day for me to return home to ENGLAND i had tears coming from my eyes and so did Master as i thought that i would never see Master again,

We started talking again when i arrived back in the UK for roughly a year then all of a sudden Master came out that i want you over here and be my 24/7 slave and wife. I was taken a back a bit as i was not expecting that to happen.

After i got over the shock i responded that it would be a honour for me to become Your 24/7 slave and wife Master But!!! Master said that i must always be a slave first and a wife second and i agreed to that.

So Master paid for the flight and visa to get me back to Australia and we got married on the 5th of June 2011