Regrets for the long-delayed response, child. I was not intended as a snub.

The answer depends, in part, on the exchange is synchronous (something like chat) or asynchronous (for example, a written report). If you've been directed, for example, to attach clips (binder, alligator, or wooden clothes pins) to your lips (whichever), it's probably a sign that someone thinks you need either a pointed reminder of your place or an adjustment in your thinking. To achieve that, we need to collapse your entire universe down to a single point; a singularity of misbehavior, pain and the hope for redemption. Period. Until you're reached the point where everything but those three elements has been seared away, you're just playing.

If, in the midst of that correction, you're capable of writing complete sentences, much less composing evocative erotica, the sensation was not nearly intense enough. If, by the end of that experience, you're even able to spell your name correctly, the sensation was not nearly intense enough. And so we'd double it.

As for an asynchronous after-the-action report, the question remains: why were you in this position? The answer to that question ("Master was angry that i had been disrespectful") largely dictates the content and style of your report and reflection.

That doesn't dismiss the possibility of creative writing exercises shared with your dom; it merely reminds that the best style is the one that fits the occasion.

As ever,