I am curious about what it is You, as the Dominants, on the other side of the screen would like to see written. I understand and have been told to just be me, do what feels natural, just be honest. I get these and understand each one of their meanings but I still have to wonder if what I write is too much, too little, not focused in the right areas...

I mean, when writing sexy talk? Do You want more focus on the actions, on the way that I am feeling, on how Your words are affecting me physically? Do You want to know that with every spank you deliver that I deliver to myself? Do You want to know which toy I use as you write Your words? Do You want me to focus more on the pleasure? On the pain? on feelings?

I wonder these things because if you bring them all together what you get is details from many different angles which takes time to actually type out. And sometimes I have to wonder if in that time as I am writing my response if the slower response is in fact lessening the desire You feel because too much time is being taken with the more detailed response.

So do i shorten my response? Do I split it up so that there is a quicker response but more of them? Or do i focus more on specific areas and leave out others so that my response is simply shorter?

for an example? would You rather read this when delivering a spank to her pussy:

"Oh yes, please.. Please?" her pussy is burning, needing and aching for more.


"Oh yes" feels the burn of Your hand on her pussy, "Please..." she is burning.. pussy clenching, dripping with need down her ass as she watches You and waits to see what You will do next, needing so much more, needing to see the need in You awaken as You take from her what You desire *Please?"


Feels the burn begin to rise, her heart stops at the sound of the sharp slap, her clit awakens from the intensity of the stinging burn, she inhales a soft sharp breath as the sting starts to cuts deep in her pussy, her pussy clenches... weeping as her need to feel grows... "Oh yes." she is breathless, her body starts to shake, her heart hammering against her chest... more, her mind and body are screaming silently for more as she watches You closely "Please..." the only word that makes sense in the moment as she yearns for more pain, for more heat, for more of what You will give her... her pussy is quaking, clenching... empty filled with need. silently she pleas with You with her eyes as tears start to begin to pool... Please Master, please... her mind begins to dim as her focus zeroes in on Your eyes, Your body, Your movements... she watches You... waiting... her soul is crying for more with words she cannot find... more silent pleas... Please Master... she is breathless as the plea slips from her lips when the burn starts to cool "Please?"

I realize that last one is more like an erotic novel, and just think? I even dialed it down a bit. *smiles innocently* but it does make me wonder just how much You are wanting to see when You are sitting on the other side of the screen.

Do You want it dialed down to more direct focus of pain and pleasure? Like this:

<SLAP> sharp inhale as her pussy begins to burn, the pain excites her *Oh Yes* pussy clenches, she needs more. *please* she begs with her eyes as her pussy starts to weep, her clit is throbbing, her nipples hardening, she is nearly breathless as she softly pleas *Please?*

I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to describe this moment as there are hundreds of different views and preferences as to what another wishes to read. But I am curious as to what Other's preferences are and whether or not the slower reaction times does in fact affect the heat of the moment or if the longer responses become a bit frustrating to read at times?