It defiantly is a taste you have to get used to .The first time I went down on my Domme it wasn't because she wanted me to to taste her piss ,we got caught up in the moment ,it tasted horrible ,the only reason I continued was because she was very much enjoying my tongue .It progressed to one night I asked her if I could lick her after she peed ,she replied no way "yuck" she had second thoughts a few weeks later ,after a bottle of wine or two she reminded me of my asking her ,telling me that she wanted me to clean her after her pissing .
The taste was about the same ,it was the fact that she wanted me to do it was the turn on .She giggled as I was on my knees licking her which quickly became a huge turn on for her ,The next night she ramped it up telling me to get on my knees to give me good look at her pissing ,this time she saved some ,not emptying her bladder until I had my mouth firmly pressed to her pussy .The very act of her ordering me to ingest her piss was great for both of us ,
Now we on a regular bases get in the shower ,she stands over me legs apart ,hands on hips .Her line is ok bitch drink my piss ,I do so eagerly ,not again not because it tastes good but because me being her sub love being ordered to do so .