I hurried away as sissy bent to whisper in Mikes ear ,he looked around ,seeing my back as I fled ,shit more burning ,he would seem he wasn't satisfied with the marks I already had Cruella that bitch would be only to happy to oblige by doing the actual branding . I rounded the corner trying to figure out what the hell to do when I was clothes lined ,knocking me flat on my ass .
Going some where sweetie ,Cruella stood over me ,legs apart encased in knee high boots with 6 inch spike heels ,she drove one of the heels in to my tit as I tried to get up ,by now Mike and sissy had joined us . Do what you want with the whore ,I'm tired of the bullshit .
She grabbed my hair and literally dragging me into the office ,holding up the remote ,you want this bitch ? Just the sight of the object that if used right could kill me turned me in to a blubbering mess ,please Cruella I beg you don't .
Are you ready to do what ever I want ? What choice did I have ,yes I murmured the shock hit me like a ton of bricks ,I screamed in agony ,flopping around like a fish out of water ,sissy was positively frothing ,do her again ,make the cunt pay .
Cruella waited until I was some what back to normal ,here she pointed to a spot in front of her ,I knelt as ordered ,take my cock out ,her 10 inches came into view ,suck it bitch if I feel your teeth your going to get another jolt only I'm upping the power to the next level ,I'm thinking I'll have the Doc ,with your permission of course she asked Mike to move the receiver to your clit ,you'll enjoy it so much more ,her cackle sent chills up my spine ,
her dick hung down over her balls ,lick my nuts first ,I did as she commanded ,suck them ,once more I obeyed taking each of her balls into my mouth ,sucking while giving her a hand job ,ok now kiss my dick .My humiliation was a delight to sissy ,yeah make the bitch pay he muttered over and over He was now on knees ,licking his lips ,as Cruella ordered ,suck my cock bitch
I managed to get the enormous head of her penis into my mouth being very careful not to touch it with my teeth ,with out warning she rammed it down my throat ,gagging and choking it must have pissed her off ,ok enough of this shit ,I'm gonna assf uck you then when I'm ready to cum you can finish me with your mouth