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Petplay is interesting because it can focus on aspects that arouse people. it can be

Love - the deep affection and closeness we show to some pets, like the stroking and sweet words "good girl"
Loyalty - the close bond between pet and owner.
Obedience - the pet is trained to do as its told without question. Sit! Beg!
Sounds - The pet does not have to think about what to say or how to say it. It just does and by means of a few simple sounds converys its mood.
Display - pets are displayed and admired by others. They are discussed in front of the animal.
Authority - the authority of the owner is clear as is the position of superior and subordinate.
Restraint - pets invariably have some restraint. Cages, muzzles (gag) collars and leashes make it almost natural for bdsm sub to be treated like a pet.
Accessories - many pet accessories lend themselves well to bdsm. Making the pet pretty or making it get dirty in the mud.
Submission - The animal may need to be tamed and trained.

The key element with pet play is what animal. The choice of animal puts focus on the bdsm aspects that are made possible. And the tamenesss of the animal. Is it wild that needs to be tamed through the whip and cage or the loving dog that sits at its owner feet.

Its not about the animal, its about how we regard and treat the animal. Is it a dirty pig or is it mans best friend.

Thanks for further educating me on Pet Play! :

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I like Pet Play but there is no way my boyfriend accepts to be treated as a pet lol )

I will gladly be your side pet!