I call my realator and see if they have any secluded houses on a hill or in a private area .
She replies "yes we do would you like to see it"
No I would like to buy it if I may
You may he replied
Very well will meet you there on Tuesday

Tuesday I meet her at this house. The house is on 15 acres of land it has a iron clad gate that can only be opens with a code * that I chose* or from the control panel on the inside of the front door. As I drive up the mile long driveway on the right hand side I see a fenced in portion of the yard that has a swimming pool. On the left is a garden and a green house. Now I arrive at the front door. The realator is allready there waiting she asks if I like it
I reply yes
She then opens the door and the inside is beautiful it has the double stair case in the foyer then it has a living room off to the rift and office to the left I walk between the stair cases and go the the kitchen where I see all new applyences fridge stove sink . It has a center island to do all the prep work on and what not. We go back to the foyer and walk up stairs where there is 10 bedrooms and an other stair case that goes I a second floor. The realtor said this was a 5 story hotel back in the day each floor had 10 rooms.

I handed the realator a check for the place and told her thank you. I then called and placed an add in the local paper looking for maids butlers and people to help m run this place *my goal was to fill it with people who love bdsm and have a community so to speak*

As I started to unpack in the master bedroom I saw that he bedroom over looked the pool and I decded to go for a swim. The next morning I got up called the cable company and the electric plus the phone company I come and install all those services as each room would have a tv in it I noticed that it also had a basement with rooms portioned off maybe I'll keep the staff down here * I thought to myself*

I went for a walk around the grounds while I waited I each of the service to show up and my realator came back to see how I liked it and I told her I lived it she handed me the deed and I called town hall to find out when my tax bill would be coming
The lady that answered told me the previous onwer paid for 5 yrs and I had 4 of them left I thanked her and went about my day
The fist to show was the electric company. They turned the power on in about 20 minuets or so. After that it was the cable I had my 48 inch tv in the office and a 24" in te bedroom I had them set it up so hat each room could get cable if they wanted it all 5 floors. Last was the phone company I had them install phone jacks in every too * again all 5 floors

I paid each for there services and went about my day.