Had an interesting happenstance the other day at work and wanted to share to help me work through it. I recently took on a leadership role at work and have been enrolled in a leadership development program. Part of the program involves a personality profile assessment. The assessment was quite accurate and most of what came up I expected except for a suggestion that my dominance and compliance were abnormally equal and could lead to indecision. I can understand that for the vast majority of people either a dominant or submissive nature would prevail, but as a switch I naturally go back and forth. I normally make decisions rather easily and quickly and do not feel this causes a problem at work. The issue is it's hard to communicate that my balance of aggression and geniality is normal for me, as telling my HR manager that I engage in BDSM as a switch isn't really appropriate.

My question is have any other switches encountered these types of problems and what you did to overcome them? I am hoping discussing this with others like myself would help me find solace.