So I've been walking this path for a few months now, discovering and reading, making friends along the way and meeting lots of new people *smiles* and through many different conversations and lots of questions asked i have discovered a few different things.

One of these things being that the attitudes of newer members to this world not having all the right information or being too full of themselves to want to put their minds to the task of actually learning what they need to learn to maintain that safe, sane, and consentual side of a relationship. And no, i am not grouping or saying that all newer Dominants are this way, i happen to know a few newbie Dominants that are in fact taking the time to learn as much as they can before jumping into a relationship. *smiles*

Another thing is that us newbies? we don't really know what the heck we are doing so coming up against one of these confident Dominants, or as other's like to refer to them as Dumbinants, often more times then not? Us Newbies will fall into having faith in this person without realizing what is going on is actually 'Not' how things are suppose to be. And no, I am absolutely not claiming that all newbies are fools nor that they cannot see the hidden red flags that may from time to time show themselves or that as a newbie we will not see something wrong and walk away. It's just that from my experiences so far, and from a few of the others i have spoken too? that confidence can be very deceiving in a hope to learn kind of way.

Another thing that i have learned is this brick wall affliction of being the all knowing with nothing left to learn is not something that just affects the newbie members and can infact affect older members too. Now that is an interesting thought, isn't it. but that is the way of life, we are all human and none of us are perfect *smiles*

So, i seen this question asked and am curious as to what others would answer so I'm going to ask it here *smiles*
Please first take into consideration that this question is not directed at your Dom, Domme, and/or Master directly but more of an by your experience kind of way. Also, please do not use this as a way to Dominant bash anyone specifically.

Also, it is my hope that should one of these newer Dominants read the answers then perhaps it will give them some incentive to step back and learn ways to avoid the things that piss off the submissives *smiles*

so for my question:

What pisses you off about Dominants you meet online?