Have you ever triggered the anger of your Dominant, or the Dominant you are playing with while you were dropping?
By triggered, i mean have you ever done something bad to hurt and/or anger the Dominant before you enough that They react to that anger and/or hurt while you are dropping from an intense scene you had with this Dominant the day before that drop?

I understood that the anger was my consequence, that I had brought it on through my own actions but... during a drop? that anger and hurt is intensified to the point where every direct point comes at you like a red hot blade that slices straight through you...

So my question is this?
How do you explain or say that you need time to deal with the drop before you can handle the anger and hurt you caused? Is that even a thing? or is it more that I did this and deserve the hits I take because it was by my actions that this pain and hurt came?

It is not that I was trying to pass off the blame, or even shelve it until I was ready to face it... I have issues with handling emotions through the use of pain, issues that the Dominant knew about and when that anger and hurt hit during a drop... it put me in a place where punishing myself for what I had done rose up... It was not a good place to be...

I had asked the Dominant for some time, just a few hours to try to pull myself together and that ended up making the Dominant more angry because I was dismissing what I had done... I also tried to explain why, told the Dominant that I was dropping and that I just needed some time to try to settle my emotions and find my footing again so that I could face this anger.