Let me start this off by thanking you for taking the time to read this little plea of mine.

I'm unsure of where to start so I apologize profusely if it reads all over the place and/or is sometimes random.

I am an entirely clean slate interested in finding that Master to mold me into His perfect piece of property.
My name is unimportant currently but please allow me to tell you my background and such. I just recently turned 27 years old. I live in the Mitten State of the USA in a small, but homey apartment that is mine and mine alone. I work for a retail company but also freelance write when given the chance. I currently own no pets but would eventually love to have one(probably more).
I am a very quiet person, much more the observer than participant. I consider myself very laid back and down to earth. I am a live and let live person, most would consider me liberal and I am to most extents. I have an issue with social awkwardness and social anxiety so I keep a very small group of close friends. I proudly consider myself weird, morbid, and quite a nerd. I love video games and Sci-Fi movies. The Horror genre in general has been an obsession of mine since I was a very small child. Zombies are my favorite monsters. I sing and/or listen to music daily.
I was introduced to the lifestyle at a young age and have been entirely fascinated with it ever since.
I have always been submissive in any relationship (friends, family, past romantic partners) but have never been owned before and I'm ready to pursue something. If I had to name what most attracts me to being a slave I'd have to say its the amount of trust you'd both have and give. I've never let anyone get past my defenses, at least not entirely and its equally scary yet incredibly arousing to think about. In my eyes a M/s relationship is almost the truest form of...nevermind.
I've done much reading on the lifestyle and the different kinks involved and I have some formed ideas of my soft/hard limits.
I guess I'm just hoping someone decides to get to know me, let me get to know them, and maybe be willing to take me as theirs to do with as they see fit. I know as I am I am unworthy, but I'm willing and eager to be trained as seen fit.
Allow me to end this by stating that I am not looking to enter into a M/s relationship immediately. These things take time and I want to get to know someone as they get to know me.
I truly look forward to possibly meeting my future Master and if nothing else new friends and advisors.