I am a sub who has watched on the sidelines for years at what this world offers and now ready to jump in and experience it for myself.

I am looking for an experience Dom, prefer older man, who knows how to immediately show a new sub her place in this world. I am hoping to find a very strict Master who expects nothing more than perfection and will not let even the tiniest mistake or failure go without a humiliating or painful punishment.

I am searching for a Master that will see me as no more than his pet and enjoys watching a new sub sink further into submission through demeaning, humiliating and dehumanizing tasks and behavior set by Master.

I would like a Master that can show me what it is to have all rights striped away, even the most basic of rights that a free woman takes for granted is now only granted by having to go through the humiliation of asking for permission. From going to the bathroom to having a snack, the more strict of Master's hold the better (within reason as I will not risk my job, family or finances)

I hope to find a Master that enjoys watching his sub experience the pain of being gagged 24/7, force to suffer the frustration of having to crawl on all fours, always restricted in some way that even an easy task is nearly impossible, the humiliation of having to eat out of dog dishes, the pain and discomfort of wearing a plug at all times and probably so much more that I have yet to learn and experience.

if you think you're the right Master to teach this new and nervous sub please send me a message.