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A switch is not confused any more than a bisexual is confused about his or her sexual orientation. A switch merely appreciates and finds meaningful both sides of the power exchange dynamic. They may have a decided preference for one side or the other but genuinely satisfy needs from both exercising and giving up control depending on the circumstances and the specific person they are interacting with.

There are people however that are confused, who think themselves a switch when they are not. I had a submissive who insists she is a switch and I gave her the freedom to explore the dominant role with others but it was clear when we discussed it that she found no real meaning or gratification from exercising dominance over other submissive males or females. In fact it was quite evident that she had difficulty in respecting those she topped simply because they yielded to her.

She has a very forceful and assertive personality and is truly a dominant force in her everyday life. I think she simply confuses that with her lifestyle role which is in my estimation purely submissive. Submissive women quite frequently are dominant in their everyday lives but definitely find meaning and satisfaction of their deepest needs from submitting to someone more dominant within the context of power exchange relationships.

Thank you very much for your help on the Switch issue!