*i posted this somewhere before(not on this site), and now i saw this subforum, so i decided to repost it.

Attention: minor pet play

Tools needed: a plate, a collar, a butt plug* (optional)

1) insert your buttplug in your ass
2) get on all fours, naked, wear only your collar.
3) place the plate under your cock.

now, you will be using your one hand to stroke your cock. arch your ass up while you are doing it. Imagine that you are being milked by your Master or Mistress in the doggy position.

when you reach the edge of cumming, stop! and shake your ass like wagging the dog's tail while sticking out your tongue and pant like a dog for 3 minuits. Then continue.

Edge for three times, then shoot your load on the plate.

Last i dare you to lick off all your cum from the plate like a dog.

Tools: butt plug, dildo, collar.

The same rules apply:
1: insert the butt plug in your ass
2: get naked, you will kneel on the floor and rest your head on the floor. (or pillow to be more comfortable. arch your ass up.
3: use two hands to rub your pussy, and when you are about to cum, STOP! ( you may use a dildo in your pussy as an alternative)
4: put your hands straight over your head, turn your head to face facing down, and start 'wagging' your butt like a happy dog for 3 mins, then continue.

Repeat the steps until you edge for three times, then cum.

After cumming, crawl around your room for 5 mins, wriggling your ass like a proud doggy.

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Post a reply here or pvt me if you have dont this task with a detailed report of your feelings. I would like to know if this appeals to sub taskees.

Master K