improve your submissive mindset

This is a simple task, and there is a variety of doing it. good for guys and girls.

first of all, i want you to edge yourself twice before starting your dare (get your hormnones running)

The Task
i want you to think of submissive positions that you want to be fucked in, and i want you to pose and move your body accordingly like you are fucking a cock or dildo in your imagination. you will moan or say slutty words like "fuck me" "let this slave pleasure your cock" etc out loud while you are doing it.

Tips: you have to think how and in what position that can pleasure your partner the most. *its not about your pleasue.

example: if you want to be fuck like a doggy, you will get on all fours, move your ass up and down or front n back like you are fucking the cock.
imagine the guy with the cock (or gal with a dildo) is sitting on a chair, then you are to pose n move like you are fucking an "imaginary cock"

do at least five postions and movements to get permission to cum once. each position you must do it continously for five mins.

now choose between two options

(option 1) to spice up the dare, you are to place a camera and video tape yourself the whole scene. if you choose this, you are to watch the replay while kneeling on the floor n playing with yourself. (no fast foward) after that, you may cum according to how many times you earn. *you may post the video somewhere for extra humiliation.

(Option 2) take pictures on each position you did, and post it somewhere on the web. write down a caption on why are you doing this and what is this position called and what can this position do.
wait for at least 5 comments left by other user, then you may cum. if less then 5 comments left after 24 hours. you may still cum. but you must cum kneeling down and eyes looking on your picture.

write to me about how you feel after doing this or leave a comment here.

p:s: i am not asking for links to your photo, so dont worry about exposing yourself if you dont want to, it will be your annynonimus secret, and please..... play safe, i am not responsible if you endanger your identity by posting the video or pics, real kinksters will know how to play safe.

till then. enjoy