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Review This Story || Author: J. Morris

Chastity Belt Terror

Part 3

   The phone had rung several times but Lisa was in no condition to answer it. She had no idea how long the non stop orgasms went on,  Lisa guessed it had been hours  At the moment, the program was on pause.  

   "The current program will continue in 3 minutes" Pussy announced.

   "OH!.....PLEASE!...NO!" Lisa sobbed.

    "NO MORE!......I can't take any more!"

    Again the phone rang and it was Pussy who instructed her to answer it.

   "Well, hows my little cum slut?" the voice chuckled.

   "According to your device...Pussy is it?.....monitoring system, you've only had 49 orgasms....thats surely a record...shall we continue?"

   "NO!.....PLEASE!....NO!....I'll do...anything...PLEASE!...NO MORE!"

    "WHO.....who are you?" Lisa cried.

   "Since were going to be working together" the lady said.

   "You can call me  MOTHER!"

    "'re died years ago" Lisa said rather angrily.

   "I...can't call"

   Suddenly the device clicked and the dildo started moving inside Lisas pussy again.   She grunted and fell to the floor as the vibrations started as well.

   "OK....OK....MOTHER!....what do you want? more!"

    "YOU"  she giggled.

   "I want to see you in the front yard on your hands and knees  If you're not naked, you better be.....I want to see you eating grass, I have a perfect satellite image of your house so don't  fuck with have one minute"

    Lisa looked outside and then at the clock.  It was was broad daylight on a Saturday....people would be home.

   "OH..PLEASE...I have neighbors" Lisa whinned.

   "You have 45 seconds or I resume your orgasm program"  Mother said, and the phone went dead. 

   Lisa was in tears now.  She opened the front door and stared outside.  A quick glance up and down the street showed no one else outdoors.  She had never been outdoors in public...naked.....other than sunbathing in the private back yard, this was different.   Her naked feet on the front steps was so strange, she tiptoed a few feet and fell to her hands  and  knees on the cold wet grass.

    "Current program will resume in 29 seconds" Pussy announced.

    "PLEASE Pussy, SSHHHHH!" Lisa whispered.

   A guy across the street backed out of his garage and drove away but he didn't see her.  Lisa crawled to the center of the lawn and dropped her head.  The sun was already hot, it felt so strange on her naked body.  Down the street a dog was barking...surely someone would look outside to investigate.  Down the street a garbage truck was working its way to her house.   She could hear voices next door, she didn't even know her neighbors, they seemed to be in the back yard and at least where they couldn't see her.

    "PLEASE...look.....see me.....look!"  Lisa prayed.

    "Current program will resume in 11 seconds"  Pussy said.

   "NO!....I'm here...please!.....look...I'm here!" Lisa said aloud.

    Pussy began a countdown then......

   "Current program will resume in  8,7,6,5,4,3.......program terminated"

   Inside the house the phone was ringing again.  Lisa stood up and glanced around....especially across the street.   There was two girls there, probably 15 or 16.....staring at her!  Lisa froze for a second, standing naked in her front yard wearing nothing but a silver chastity belt around her crotch.  The girls were in as much shock as Lisa was.....they just stared then one whispered something to the other and both girls giggled.

   Lisa raced inside and double locked the door, then grabbed the phone.  It was mother of course.

   "That was very rude of you" she said

   "Not to say good morning to your neighbors across the street"

   "PLEASE...what do you want?" Lisa begged.

   "To begin you have a cell phone?"

   Lisa raced to get it, and as Mother instructed, she removed the battery and the tiny sim card inside.  Mother directed her to a tiny slot on the right side of the belt and told her to insert  the phones sim card...and wait.

    "Thats better" Mother then said. 

     Lisa was shocked to discover that Mothers voice was now coming from her chastity belt!

   "Isn't that better?" Mother joked.

   "From now on, you'll have ME right here with you....feel me?....inside your pussy?   I'm that devilish dildo inside you, you did add the tickler insert didn't you?  I designed it mysef but  went practically crazy after wearing it for only an hour!  Lucky you, you're going to feel it inside your pussy for the rest of your life.   Certainly that plug in your ass has become quite annoying by too"

   Mother activated the vibrator for about 30 seconds, but turned it off again just to remind Lisa that she had total control 24/7.   Lisa collapsed on the couch and wiped her tears away.  Her whole lower body was covered with dried pussy juice and her own pee....and there was still a huge wet spot on the carpet from last night.  She tugged again on the belt she was wearing  but it would never pass her hips.  She tugged on it, then angrily pounded on it. 

   Lisa screamed as sharp electric shocks then hit her everywhere around her waist.   The pain was excruciatting....and she screamed over and over!

   "Thats just a reminder" Mothers voice said.

   "Any attempt to remove the belt, or damage it, tampering with the locks or electronic components will activate the security systems...this will result in the shocks you just felt...all those little silver contacts inside the waistband are not only sensors to monitor your bodys condition, its also an electric shock system"

   "PLEASE....I want to take it off!.....this thing in my pussy is driving me crazy, it feels like something is crawling around inside me, it feels like its alive!  You can't really expect  to  keep me plugged...forever!"

   "I'm afraid I do"  Mother explained.

    "After all, you put it on voluntarily, isn't this really what you wanted?"

   "You're part of the Secure-All family now.  I've increased your allowed orgasms to 5 a day, I expect you to initiate them yourself, until you work off the rest of the 100 you owe me.   If you don't, I'll take then from you 10 or 12 at a time.  Be home tomorrow morning,  Have a nice day"

    The next morning Lisa recieved another special delivery.   She wasn't really surprised when it was not only the same courrier company but the same driver that had delivered her chastity device.  She was dressed of course when she answered the door but the driver seemed  to know what she was wearing under her dress.  He smiled at her and even asked if her last delivery was recieved on good condition.  The look on Lisas face was priceless, and before he left, the driver winked at her, welcomed her to the family, and even promised she would see her again...soon.

    Inside the delivery packet was a book of sorts.  It was actually a welcome packet from Secure-All and about a dozen faceless photos of other women wearing the same device she was in.  What really surprised her was that some of these women were in their 10th or 12th year!!  Lastly Lisa found the membership  benefits packet and sat back to read it.

    "Secure-All Corporation is a multi million dollar orginization devoted exclusively to the chastity lifestyle and those who live by it."

   "While the majority of our wearers are women" it continued.

   "We do have over 20 young men, some voluntarily, some not,  currently in chastity and serving our exclusive clients worldwide.  The information within this attached file is confidential, as is yours as well.  Please be advised that any sort of sharing of this information can and will result in the release of your personal data as well and extensive measures have been taken to protect our clients and wearers."

    Lisa opened another packet and her eyes just stared at the files within it.  While there were no photos, there was a list, of over a hundred men and women, names, adresses, even contact numbers all within about 30 miles of her home. An attached information sheet explained the true details of the Secure-All clients.

    "The attached files" it began

   "Are not of  device wearers, they are in fact, contact information for our very exclusive financial sponsors.  Every major corporation has investors, who recieve dividends based on the companys performance, dividends and benefits based on the investors financial  contribution to the success of our company."

    " You are a non financial investment in our company and one of the exclusive benefits offered to our true investors is the personal service you will be required to provide these individuals.   Included is a list of investors within your area.  Your responsibility is to make periodical visits to these persons and provide them with what Secure-All likes to call divident benefits."

    Lisa dropped the letter like it was on fire!  Her mind was exploding with the mere thought  of what she just read.  There was over a hundred names on the list, men and women.  The words Mother said to her raced through her mind.

    "I want YOU" she remembered mother saying.

    "I want be my SLAVE"

   "THIS IS INSANE!" Lisa screamed to an empty house.

   "She expects be a sex slave.....her corporate fucking whore?!"

   Suddenly the vibrator inside her started and seconds later it stopped.

   "Good morning my pet" Mother voice said.

   "Did you get my delivery?"

    "Are you fucking kidding me?" Lisa screamed.

   She was rewarded with several seconds of horrible electric shocks deep with in her pussy.   Lisa howled and fell to the floor curled into a ball.

   "You are not to take that tone with me sweetie"  Mother said....

   "And you will not speak to me with profanity!"

    "FUCK YOU!" Lisa screamed.

   Again the electric shocks hit her and she screamed again.   This time the shocks lasted about 15 seconds and stopped.  Five seconds later they started again.  Lisa couldn't even speak, she buried her face into a pillow and rode out the pain.  The cycle repeated itself over and  over  and over.   The vibrations began and stopped.  The dildo enlarged and fucked in and out, then stopped.  The electric shocks hit her at various intervals. Thirty minutes later, Lisa was  beyond sore from her toes to her throbbing head.  She peed all over the carpet, and was now no more than a convulsing sweat covered body writhing on the floor.

    "Do we have an understanding young lady?" Mother asked.

   "I can leave this program on for another 30 minutes..... I can activate it at night when you're asleep,  I can leave it and make you walk naked around the block or just leave it on indefinately but it might actually kill you, slowly  and quite painfully"

   "NO!.....PLEASE!....OK!.....PLEASE!......I'm more!" Lisa begged.

   "So you've read the files, your name and information has been forwarded to everyone on the list, everyone is very anxious to meet a fresh young member of our team"

   "What?....what do I have to do?"  Lisa moaned, still quivering from the shocks.

   "It's quite simple" Mother explained.

   "Our members have invested a substantial amount into our company in order to research and develop such devices as you are wearing right now. You're a very lucky girl to have been fitted with such an incredibly advanced design, it took years to perfect the 6000 series and it should last for years and years without and maintenance or repairs"

   "I don't feel lucky" Lisa groaned.

   "If you look at the list again" Mother said,

   "Every member has a code number next to his or her name. Every morning  you will  be contacted and given you the code numbers of the individuals you are to visit. The names are ficticious of course, and the secretaries, receptionists or screeners, even security will recognize you by the name you give them and know why you are there."

    "Everyone is going to know why I'm there?!" Lisa growled....

   "But how am I supposed to have sex with these people if I'm locked in this thing for the next 30 or 40 years?!"

    "We have different individuals wearing different devices...designed for different activities" Mother explained.

   "Your particular device , well, you really only have one option."

   "NO!....PLEASE OH!...NO! expect me to travel all over blow jobs?!"

    "I'm afraid that term will be unacceptable to our clients" Mother said...

   "You'll be required to use ORAL INTERVIEWS"

    "But there are women on the list......what am I supposed to do for women?"

   "I do have a file on you somewhere here" Mother said.

     " Apparently you have a history...of lesbian tendencies.....I'm sure you'll know what to do with a nice pussy shoved into your face!!"

    "It's's just can't make me your traveling sex can't really expect me to go around sucking cock for people I don't even know..I can't...I won't!!


    "Tell me" mother asked...

   "Which did you like more?.....two days of teasing and denial or 49 non stop orgasms?  By the way, you still owe me 51 more"

    The vibrator in Lisas pussy fired up then and she grabbed at her already sore crotch.

   "Remote program initiated" Pussys voice said.

    "Stimulation sequence set at 15 minutes, level 5, intense,orgasm denied"

   "We'll talk again in a couple of hours" Mother said.....and she hung up!

   After the first four cycles, Lisa was ready to tear her hair out.  She was pacing around when she could stand up.... between dropping to the floor and screaming every time a fresh orgasm was denied....after hour two when Mothers voice greeted her again...Lisa was defeated.

    "OK!....YES!..I'll do it...PLEASE!....anything you want!.....PLEASE!.....let me cum!!"

   "Well, you do still owe me 51.....I'll give you one......every hour......until  say...midnite....thats 12 hours from now.  I'll expect you to be ready for your first day by 10AM.....the list wil be delivered to you  in the morning.   Have a nice day my pet!"

   Pussys voice then startled her.

   "Remote programm initiated"

   "Orgasm allowed"

   "First cycle to begin in 58 minutes"

   "Please stand by"

   "OH SHUT UP!" Lisa growled.

    She dropped back onto the couch and wiped the tears from her eyes.  As she studied the list she was given, something haunting bugged her.  Why, how, was she selected for the chastity program?   Why hadn't she heard from Steven in 2 days?  How did she know he wasn't with her right there, right now?   How did Mother know that she loved sucking cock more than anything in the world, and that she had a history of sex with women?

   Lisa jumped up with a start. It was him, it was Steven The chastity device WAS the package he sent and he told her to put it on Everything he did he used a password on, so he used another name and she recalled the stocks investment he made months ago!

   "This investment will bring me dividends for life"  he said.

   "ME?...not US!...HIM....dividends for life!!"

   Lisa didn't know wether to be heartbroken or furious.  She felt so betrayed, so used, how could he do this to her, she was his wife, he said he loved her, he knew everything about her and used it against her.  Later that afternoon, after her second orgasm and half a bottle of tequilla, she recieved a telegram.  She was drunk and opened the door completely naked.

   "I suppose you want a fucking blowjob too!" she growled at the delivery guy.

   Lisa signed for the telegram and left the young guy standing there withhis mouth hanging open.  She ripped the telegram open expecting to find her first assignments the next day, instead it was from her husband.

    "Welcome to the family.  Living in London now.  Your house, expenses and allowance  paid for for life.   Enjoy the SA6000 it's the best.  Say hello to Mother.   Love you.       Steven." 




Review This Story || Author: J. Morris
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