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The devil from Roetteln Castle

Part 1

After long absence from writing I managed to finish one of my stories. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave comment (good and bad things).
Of course it´s a fictional story even if places or persons could be found in real life.

The devil from Rötteln Castle


The legend says that 500 years ago the farmers killed the Earl of Rötteln Castle. Rötteln Castle is on the beginning of the Black Forest in southern Germany.

The Lord who lived in the Castle was called the Devil from Rötteln Castle, because he forced each year the farmers to send him a virgin to be the mother of his next child. 

But 500 years ago the farmers decided to stop his lordship because this year they had no change to fulfill the request for a virgin. There was no virgin young woman in the whole area left. The past years only young men were born and therefore the people had to do something. They decided to speak with the Earl but as they reached the castle on the hill above the village, they could see a lot of creatures on the crenellate of the castle and a big one on top of the main tower. These “things” had long white hair all over their body, two horns on her head and a sharp nose. The eyes of these creatures had different colors, one was red, the other was green and they were gleaming. The faces were not visible. All the farmers could see was more or less a wooden mask. The creatures were flooding out of the main door and started fighting the farmers. But it was not an equal battle. The farmers had their field tools, like forks or big knives as weapons and the little devils only their claws.

It was a long fight, but at the end the devils were dead and the most parts of the castle destroyed by fire. Only the main tower was not harmed and the big devil could not be found. The worst the farmers found was the dungeon of the castle, where a lot woman in all states of pregnancy, bound to the walls, hanging from the ceiling or bound on tables were left dead. The big devil must have killed them before he flew through a hidden door, the farmers could not find.

And today, 500 years later, this victory over the devils from Rötteln Castle was celebrated with a parade through the streets of the little village on foot of the hill. On the parade the people wear the old farmer costumes and showed the old tools and some people ran around in white hairy costumes playing the devils. On a truck trailer they had built a miniature of the castle, smoke coming from the inside and with lights they simulated fire.  From this trailer sometimes a devil came down to run through the spectators on both sides of the streets. And from time to time they grabbed a woman, young and old, to force her inside the castle. So they could be seen through the little windows and shooting holes. After a few meters you could see the one or other woman was lead back to the streets.

Susie a 45 year old Caucasian naturally blond was one woman they dragged into the castle during the parade. The 1.76 m tall mother of a six year old son had a chubby figure and a wonderful set of DD boobs, she had over weight, but still what I would call a M.I.L.F (Mother I´d like to fuck). 

But after the parade Susie did not come back to her family, all searching and asking ended in nowhere and at the end of the day it was clear that ten women from age of 18 to 50 years, were missing. The police and the relatives started the biggest search the area had seen, but no trace of the women could be found. The only common point was that the last time they were seen was on the trailer stepping inside the miniature castle. The police concentrated on the area near or inside the Ruin of Rötteln.  They only found the trailer with the rests of the miniature castle which was burned down at the end of the parade but no traces of humans which might be victim of the fire.

Ten month later five women were found by a Hunter, ten kilometers away of Rötteln castle in the neighbor woods. The women were on life, naked and bound to trees, their bodies showed marks of different humiliation.  After an intensive medical examination the doctors where sure that all found women had given birth to at least one child not long ago. No one of them could remember what happened and how they came to this place. The only they knew was that they were forced to step through the door of the miniature castle during the parade.

One of the five survivors was Susie and her relatives and husband forced her to go to a psychiatrist trying to remember under hypnosis. And it works, Susie told under hypnosis the full story of the last ten month.

Chap. 1

After Susie was forced into the castle she was grabbed and held by two well build devils, a third one checked her teeth, looked into her eyes (obviously hypnotized her), felt her breast, kneaded each boob with his claws and finally stuck one of his hands into her trousers and panties and forced his middle claw into her pussy. With the words “in heat” she was forced down and pushed into something like a box in the bottom of the trailer. The only she could remember was that she was not alone and from time to time another woman was pushed in. All the caged women screamed for help as loud as they could but obviously nobody outside could hear them. 

After a time which Susie thought it was a whole day, the box opened and the women were forced out by hands grabbing their hair and pulling them on their feet. Each one was immediately bound with rope, and they got a leather collar round their neck with a hook and a leash on the front. Their bound hands were tight to the hook on the collar and then they were forced down a long wet hallway by the leash. The hallway was only lightened by some fires on the wall and Susie could see that the walls were from dirt and stone, they must be inside a tunnel under the surface. After a longer walk they entered a cave where they could see a lot peoples in devil costumes. But on a closer look Susie saw that this was not a costume, the creatures were real and looked like from different age and constitution. The devils did not speak at all, it seems the communicated through telepathy. 

The women were separated from one another and lead by a crowd of devils to a smaller cave. Here the devils ripped with their claws the clothes of the women down until they were naked. Susie had no change to fight the devils and in her shocked state she was only able to count her raptors. She counted eight and estimated that they were from different age. After the devils ripped her cloth off, they started to finger the woman with her claws. Susie was forced to bend over what seemed to be a wooden bar. Her hands were freed from the collar, only to be spread and bound tight to metal rings which were placed on the ground. Her legs were spread and her ankles bound to another set of rings. After a hard slap on her exposed ass, the devils surrounded her and from behind one started to fuck her pussy. Susie was used to have a good piece of meat in her pussy but this prick was huge and seemed to be two foot long. With the first thrust the devil hit her cervix and Susie gasped in pain. In this moment one little devil standing in front of her pushed his member into her open mouth and started to mouth fuck her. Some of the other devils kneaded her now hanging tits and sucked on her hard nipples. It was not long and the devil who fucked her pussy came into her womb, he placed his seed into Susie. The poor woman could feel that it was a big load of hot stuff which made her belly burning from inside. The pain was intense but the devils let her no time to recover. The next she could feel was something big was entering her ass hole, the devils on her back had changed and the second one had decided to fuck her ass. Susie never had an ass fuck before and this thing which was shoved now between her cheeks was as huge as the one fucking her pussy before. The worst for her, as she tried to scream she could feel that the devil who was fucking her mouth was ready to come. With a big thrust he pushed his prick deep inside her throat, gagging her. Susie had no other change as to swallow all the very hot cum which was running down her throat. It was feeling like she swallows burning oil. After the devil in front spurted his last drop inside her, he changed place and the next one pushed his fully erected stick deep inside her throat.

After all eight devils had their round with the woman, they released her hands from the bottom rings, only to fix them on a rope which was hanging down from the darkness of the cave. Then they pulled Susie into the air, her feet still spread bound to the bottom rings. They stretched her victim to the maximum. Susie thought they would rip her arms from her shoulder. The devils left and let the woman hangs in this painful position. Cum dripping out her holes, leaving a red mark of overheated skin at her legs. Her breasts were swollen and bloody from the biting marks. Susie did not know how long she was hanging in this cave until she felt a sharp stitch from her breast to her back. She must have been unconscious because she did not hear anybody coming into the cave.  The whip left a deep red mark over her boobs. Not recovered from first shock, the second stroke hit her belly and the third her boobs again. After a few minutes Susie´s body was full of red marks cross her body on a few places the whip had ripped her skin open and left bloody strains. After Susie could manage to catch her breath between her deep sobs a little bit, the next stroke hit her without warning. The hit with the nine nailed whip came from bottom between her legs and hit her sore pussy and ass. Susie jerked in her bonds but could nothing do against the second and third hit. The poor woman had to bear 20 strokes between her legs until she got unconscious.

Susie came back to reality with a shiver, because the devils had placed her in a tank with ice cold water. Susie tried to struggle in her bond but no avail, she was hogtied and had problems to keep her head above the surface to get air. From time to time her head was pushed down until the woman thought to die. After what Susie thought was an eternity, they pulled the freezing woman out of the water. Bound her legs to a spreader bar and lifted her victim head down in the air. As Susie´s hand left the ground they stopped and a devil started to bind her breast tight with a thin wet leather rope. This type of torture Susie knew from old western films in TV, because leather shrinks and get hard if it dries. The leather straps on her breast made her breast standing upright from her body, even with hanging head down. Before the devils left, one of the lighted a big sized candle and pushed it in the pussy of the head down hanging Susie. She was alone, the cave round her only light by the candle sticking in her pussy. Susie prayed for a wind or something else that would blow out the candle, because meantime the hot wax started running down and covered her pussy and ass crack. The pain was not bearable but before the woman could pass out again, some little devils came to the cave and slapped her on the now blue tits. Some hit her face and then one grabbed her hair and pushed his erected dick into her mouth. Susie´s head commanded her to give this creature a blow job. Obviously it was not her head it was the devil who told her what to do via mind control. As the devil sputtered a big load of burning hot semen into her throat, she had in her position no change to swallow it and therefore it ran from her mouth to her nose and made breathing impossible. Now Susie passed out again.

As she awoke, the poor woman was bound spread eagle on a wooden plank seeing a lot creatures crawling on the ceiling above her. The black thinks were flying dogs and they knew that the white woman near the ground was full of blood. In the next moment the cave was lighted with a red light and the flying dogs flew to a darker place to hide. Susie heard the sound of a lot devil feet and claws and then she saw him. The big devil the legend told from was standing in front of her. His gleaming eyes examined her body from head to feet and back. Susie could not see any reaction in his face. She saw a red gleaming claw the devil placed near her pussy and then she could feel the burning heat above her slit. And the smell of burned hair filled the cave. With his gleaming claw the devil burned her pubic hair down, leaving a red burning mark on her skin. As Susie tried to imagine what comes next, she saw it. His prick had an enormous size, Susie first thought was it was a baseball bat only difference this thing was segmented and had a lot of little horns on it. With an evil sound the devil thrust his dick into the bound woman´s pussy. With slow wide moves he fucked Susie the next couple of minutes until he exploded deep inside her. When he removed his prick a big strain of hot burning seed shoot out of Susie´s bleeding pussy. The other devils grabbed the poor victim and tied her feet to two ring in the ceiling again. Head down hanging from the ceiling Susie could see her swollen belly and could feel the burning slime inside her. The devils left again and the woman was left in the dark alone again. The next days the fucking procedure and being left hanging head down became regular for Susie, only difference was the whipping, sometimes the whipped her before the big devil came to fuck her, sometimes the whipping was after she was filled with the devils seed.

After five days, she did not see the big devil again. Her day was now filled being the fuck toy and cum bag for the different smaller devils. Even the whipping changed, they tried not to hit her belly and breast and concentrated their whipping on her backside and ass. The little devils came each day, does massage her boobs and suck on her nipples. After a couple of days, Susie could feel a difference, her breast grows and her nipples started to dripping with milk after the devils sucked on them. This was the time the older devils stopped fucking her pussy. Only her mouth, and ass was the aim for a minimum of ten devil cocks a day. The binding changed too. Susie was only bound lying on her back or hanging bound on her feet from the ceiling. This was the most painful position for her because the burning cum the devils placed in her throat made her gag and burned her face when it dripped out of her nose drills.  This procedure lasts for weeks and Susie could see and feel her belly swelling, she knew she was pregnant and now she understood why the devils took care not to penetrate and whip her pussy. The big old devil was the father of the thing she was carrying inside her. 


After eight month of pregnancy, Susie´s belly was swollen to a size she could not believe. The devils did not fuck her anymore and the whipping stopped, too. A few days later Susie gave birth to twin devils. These creatures had white hair all over their body and the gleaming eyes. Only difference was, one had a green eye left and the red one right, the other devil the red one left and the green one right. After the exhausted Susie awoke from the pain of giving birth to twins, each one bigger than half of a meter in size, the older devils placed the baby devils on her stomach and instinctively both started to suck on her tits. The difference to human babies Susie found out at the first second of they sucked on her tits, the devil babies had her teeth already and they used them. The new mother thought they would bite her nipples off. 

The little devils could walk after four days and started running around their cave. This was the time Susie was bound in different ways and fucked in all holes again from the older devils. After two weeks her little baby devils stopped sucking on her tits for milk. The older devils whipped her boobs from this day with the biggest force ever. Susie´s body was overcrowded with whip marks, blood strains and burned skin from the hot cum dripping out of her holes. 

One morning, Susie thought it was morning because she lost her time sense long ago, her little devils started to bind her mother under guidance of an older devil to a wooden table. They bound her ankles to the table legs, the woman lying on her back, hand above her head bound to the opposite side of the table. Than with something Susie interpreted as a smile they bound her breast tight that they stood upright and turned into a dark blue color in seconds. Susie could not believe her eyes both of her babies stood in front of her with erected cocks. And these members where bigger than the ones Susie knew from human adult men. Susie screamed a wordless “No”, she lost her voice during the month. But as she opened her mouth, the first little devil entered the table and pushed his dick into her mouth. Gagging his mother with the first thrust, Susie struggled as much as the bond let her to get air. Her little devil son started than with slow long thrusts mouth fucking his human mother. The second one stood between the legs of his spread eagle bound mother and started to fuck her pussy. This humiliation Susie had to stand for the next week. Her babies bound and fucked her regularly each day. After one week the poor mother recognized that the seed her boys pumped into her holes started to burn. At the next day her sons came in companion with a ten older ones. This day Susie was fucked into all her holes and whipped all over her body by all the 12 devils.

After they had their fun with the woman, they dragged her by the hair out of the cave. After a longer hallway Susie felt fresh cold air. After a couple of minutes she realized that she must be in a wood, she could see trees and if she could manage to lift her head some stars at the nightly sky above her.

The devils bound the woman to a tree, hands behind the wooden pole, with spread legs. Susie saw her two sons took a wooden stick from the ground and held it in front of her stomach. They estimated the required size, broke the stick and pushed the longer part into her mother´s pussy. With the smaller part they hit her boobs for a last time. The devils left and it went dark for the bound woman.


Susie never spoke a word about her time in the cave and even under hypnosis she could not remember the entrance of the cave system.

Review This Story || Author: LJ66
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