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Carlton\'s Studio

Part 3

Carlton's Studio

by Smackmagnet


"Keep it on her from over here," he says quietly when I've joined him. "Let's leave the silly cunt to stew in her own juices."

"Fucking hell though Carlton, it's all a bit close to the knuckle, this."

"Not close to it Gavin, it's past it," he says in his ultra-deep rumble. "Fucking hell, what a rush!"

"A rush?" I ask him.

"Don't pretend you ain't been enjoying yourself."

"Jesus, Carlton, my knob don't know whether it's coming or going. You know this is probably illegal?"

"No probably in it, matey. But that silly tart isn't gonna do nothing about it, she'll never go to the bill. Look at her, she's a quivering wreck."

"Fucking hell though Carlton. What, is this the first time you done this then?"

He looks at me. Tips his head. His eyes flicker over my face like he's sizing me up. "No mate," he says, "not nearly. Some of my favourite models went through the similar. Not on my books now, like. Well. One still is. Nearly past it, that one though, but she was the first one I ever had and I had a soft spot for her in the end. I moved two or three of the younger tarts off onto blokes in the other trade in the end though."

I frown. "What other trade?"

"You know. Prozzies. Know a couple of dodgy geezers who run 'em. Specialist. For their special clients. They fucking loved my girls, I tell you. Fuck me, they goes, you've got these trained up well, haven't you Carlton?"

"You do this with all your models?"

"Oh I wish. But no mate, course not, conditions got to be right, innit? Like with this little slag of yours. She owes you money big time. Got no bugger looking out for her. Ripe for the picking. I'm glad she's fucked up."

"Jesus, Carlton."

"And don't pretend you ain't, neither. She fucked up big enough so we can fuck her up as much as we fucking like. Everyone's happy."

"Except her."

"Well that's the whole point, innit? Goes without saying. You feeling sorry for her then? She's a fucking toy, Gavin, she's a Barbie with a heart beat. The city boys might even call her a commodity. You could have been stuffing your cock down her throat till she gagged on it all this time, only you let her run up your fucking debts instead! Well she ain't doing that to me, she'll earn me some fucking money. Well. Alright, earn you a bit an' all, since we both own a piece of her now. But first she'll have to learn to do what she's fucking told. By the time I've finished with her you'll be able to pop round her gaff if you're caught a bit short after the pub and take a good, long, satisfying piss up her arsehole. And she'll thank you for thinking she's as useful as a pissoir."

He's fiddling with his camera, doing things with batteries and flash cards and all that bollocks. My tenant is stuck halfway across the studio with her arse up towards us, desperately trying to stop her fingers from losing grip. Her legs are spread so wide and her knees are bent so low that it's costing her some real effort and she's huffing away and sweating.

"So what did you do to these other girls?" I ask him quietly, finding it hard to take my eyes off her.

"That's interesting," he goes. "Way you said that. Not what did I get 'em to do but what did I do to 'em. First one, this bird who's just about still with me, I needed a spanking model. Couple of blokes had asked me if I had any birds on my books who'd do it and I didn't. Only these blokes weren't after your usual model, they wanted some bird who wouldn't necessarily look like she was enjoying it. And my Jenna was this proper schoolgirl type who basically wasn't much cop at ordinary modelling. She was staring to get on my tits, she couldn't fucking smile on camera, always ended up looking like a scared rabbit. Made some enquiries and it turned out her mam had chucked her out and there wasn't no dad on the scene. Boyfriend had fucked off and dumped her an' all. So I got a mate to do a set with her then moan about how crap she was after. Once he'd fucked off I gave her what-for. Scared the crap out of her, told her she owed me, told her she had to do this spanking shoot or she'd be out on her ear. And she weren't making money nowhere else, so she had to.

"These blokes weren't so bad, they spanked her a bit and used a strap on her, but at the end of the shoot they hadn't really bruised her much or nothing. So I started advertising her for spanking. You'd be surprised just how many blokes are into that. A couple of my regulars took me up on it, one even came back and spanked her three different times. Then after a bit I got this enquiry from these blokes who wanted to do a really hard spanking shoot. Canes, paddles, that kind of shit. They give me a good price so I let 'em have the bird. Like, I was honest with 'em and everything, told 'em she was likely to cry and how they should just carry anyway on if she did. Basically I gave 'em a bit too much carte blanche. They was paying a packet though, so I figured, bird in the hand.

"Fucking hell though, her arse afterwards! Oh my God, what a state! And the backs of her thighs an' all, turned out they'd had her over this rig all tied up and they'd fucking thrashed her, sixty strokes with a full-force cane! She'd been screaming, apparently. And it took fucking weeks for the marks to go, so all that time she couldn't earn as an ordinary model. Only it turns out some spanking blokes aren't all that fussy about a few marks. And my regular, the one who did the three shoots with her, when I told him this story he asked if he could come back and do his second shoot with her where he could use the back of this hairbrush on her? And I reckoned it'd be two more weeks till she'd be mended from that big cane thrashing, so I let him. Even offered to be his cameraman. We got on alright, me and him, so he said yeah, brilliant. We even did a bit of a methody thing, basically before we started shooting I put the fear of Christ into her so she'd be scared shitless by the time he started walloping her arse with the hairbrush. And by now she'd basically do just about anything I told her, no questions, no complaints, not never. She was that scared, she'd just jump to it. So I told her he was going to do her with this hairbrush and she had to let him. And I told him he could do her for as long as he liked. If she started crying she could fucking cry till the cows came home for all I cared. So we set up a couple of static cameras and I did the hand held, and basically we just had a laugh all afternoon at her expense. We really started to take the piss, putting her in all these fucking stupid positions, then he'd whack her with this hairbrush, twat her legs with a belt, even smack her in the crotch with his hand. Fuck, what a fucking rush that day was!

"And he came back for the third shoot about four days after that. Basically he really wanted to do her again before the bruises healed. I mean fucking hell Gavin, after both of her previous shoots and only a week and a bit between them blokes thrashing her and him doing her with his hair brush, then another four days to his next shoot, her arse looked fucking black and blue. So in this second shoot we did, he whacked her in places she hadn't been done before, like on the fronts of her thighs and smacking her between her legs. And in between we made her do this really fucked-up glamour modelling, you know, pulling herself wide open in all kinds of fucked-up positions like your tart over there. And this bloke made this comment about how these pictures we'd got last time looked even filthier when it looked really obvious that the girl was scared shitless in 'em. So we fucking terrorised her all afternoon, you know, deliberately scared the living crap out of her. We had her shrieking a couple of times, Gavin, shrieking like a trapped animal.

"It's not the sort of thing you can sell. Authorities'd be down on you like a ton of bricks if pictures like that got tracked back to you, you'd be banged up and all. But the weird thing about this girl, the thing that made me hang on to her was, the afterwards. At the end of all this terrorising I told her it had all been so we could get some really different, interesting photos and she'd done really fucking well. And when I started to pet her a bit she clung on to me like I really was comforting her. It's pretty fucked up, but I think she's sort of a bit in love with me or summat now. Sounds wrong, dunnit? Pretty sure it isn't, though."

Review This Story || Author: Smackmagnet
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