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Inappropriate Website Punishment Story

Part 1

This story is fiction and should remain that way. Practically every event depicted herein is egregiously immoral and no part of it should be emulated. Corporal punishment is wrong (much less rape and torture) and no violence should be done to any person without their genuine consent. No character in this story is depicted as underage in any jurisdiction.        


       That was Amandas dad, yelling from his room. He sounded mad. Amanda ran to him from the living room, knowing this was no time to keep him waiting.

       “What the fuck is this?” he asked, gesturing toward his computer.

       She looked at his screenand felt herself go completely numb. She was going to get it now.

       “So Im looking at porn, just having a fine old time, and click on a link to a non-nude cutie and Im sitting there jacking off to this girls legs and torso in the preview pics. Then I go to the main page and what do I see?”

       Amanda said, quietly, “Me?”

       “Yeah!” said her dad. “You. I was jacking off to you!”

       Lamely, Amanda looked down and said, “Sorry, dad.”

       “I bet you are. Turn around and take off your pants.”

       “Yes sir,” she said. This was to be expected. Her dad believed in spanking. He believed in spanking very much. He believed in spanking very hard.

       “Up on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

       As she obeyed, he said “And you know what, since you like to show off your body, lets just get rid of your top as well. Well see how you enjoy exposing yourself while I beat your ass.”

       “Yes sir,” she said and took off her shirt. She was now nude on her fathers bed, standing on hands and knees. She gulped as she heard him taking off his belt. And the beating began.


       After several dozen blows to her ass and legs he had her lay on her back. He began asking her questions and punishing the fronts of her legs in accordance with how angry her answer made him.

       How did she finance the site? Using his credit card? Thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!

       Was she making money? Yes? Had she used any of it to pay back his card? No? Thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!

       Where was she taking the pictures? From her own room? In their own house? Thwack thwack thwack!

       Who was taking the pictures? She herself, and sometimes her friend Samantha? Her friends know about this? Thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!”

       Any boys know about this? Yes? All of her friends? Thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!

       Put your fucking legs back down! Thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!

       He had her stand up and walked her, nude, back to her room. He had her show him where all the pictures were on her computer. It was a relatively new site, she just had six sets of pictures each with about thirty pictures.

       He had her sit on the chair in front of the computer. He handed her a wooden spoon, and commanded her to spread her legs. He put all of the pictures on her site on slideshow. For each pic, he named all the things wrong with it, and for each thing wrong, she was required to hit herself on the inside of one of her thighs as hard as she could five times in rapid sucession. If he wasnt satisfied with the hits, he would step in and take over. She definitely did not want that.

       “Emphasizing cleavage.” Snap snap snap snap snap and five red welts appeared on her inner thigh.

       The same picture; “bare midriff” snap snap snap snap snap

       Same picture again; “inappropriately sexy facial expression” snap snap snap snap snap.

       And on it went, through all 180 or so pictures, most with at least two, many with five or six things wrong with them. (The cream of the crop was the one where she was topless, angled so you just barely couldnt see her nipples, wearing only a thong and high heels, holding a banana to her lips with one hand, and idly allowing a cucumber to brush up against her sex with the other. This picture alone merited fifty swats to each of her inner thighs.

       When this was over, he had her navigate to her site and look at her “friends” pages. Hed thought he recognized some of these girls. Wasnt that Samantha for example, her best friend and sometime photographer? Did she take photos of Samantha? Yes? He had Amanda stand up on her abused, quaking legs and grasp the back of her chair while he beat her ass another time.

       “Lets go have a talk with Samanthas mom.”


       That was Samanthas mom and she sounded angry. Samantha ran to see her in the living room, knowing this would not be a good time to keep her waiting.

       In there with her mom she saw her best friend Amanda, who was crying, and Amandas dad, who appeared somehow both angry and satisfied. Samanthas mom was gesticulating at the family computer. “What the fuck is this?”

       Samantha looked at the computer screen. “Oh shit,” she said.

       “Yeah,” replied her mom. “Oh shit is right.” She then turned to Amandas dad. “What punishment did you give your daughter for this?”

       “Amanda, take off your pants and underwear, show them what happened to you.

       Obediently, Amanda slinked out of her jeans, turned around slowly for everyone else to gaze at the deep red and blue welts all across every side of her legs. “If you like,” said Amandas dad, “I can help with Samanthas punishment as well.”

       “Oh no,” said Samanthas mom. “I dont believe in spanking, not at all. But Ill show you how we punish teenage girls in this household. Do you know what the most sensitive part of a womans body is?”

       “The clitoris?” was the mans reply.

       “Well, that, but I mean an easily accessible part.

       “Why dont you just tell me?”

       “Samantha, get your shirt and bra off.”

       “Yes Maam” said Samantha in a kind of panicked voice. Was she really going to make her do this in public, right in front of Amanda and her dad?

       “Get the clips out of the desk.”

       “Yes maam!” and she high-tailed it over to the desk. “What size maam?”

       “This is the worst thing youve ever done, Samantha, so were going to give you a worse punishment than what youve ever suffered. The tiniest ones.”

       Samantha fished out the smallest set of binder clips and handed them over to her mom, already beginning to sob.

       The thing about binder clips is, even the big ones hurt like a bitch, but the smaller they are, the more powerful the pinch and the less normal skin and the more nipple skin they naturally attach to. The smallest binder clips had a pinch that burned like fire on normal skin. Attached directly to her nipples? Not even clamping behind themthey arent big enough for that even if her mom wanted to try itbut clamping directly onto the tips of her nipples? It made her feel faint even just thinking about it.

       “Arms up.”

       “Yes maam” said Samantha and put her wrists behind her neck.

       And her mom attatched the clamps to her nipples. Samantha couldnt help but cry, which just made her mom chuckle a little. Samantha obediently kept her hands behind her head, though, as her mom stepped back to view her tortured daughter. She closed her eyes and sobbed when her mom jiggled her breasts, squealing a little as the pain insinuated itself into her nipples.

       Then came the jumping jacks.

       Her mom made her do one hundred of them. The clamps fell off several times, causing an agonizing burn each time, but her mom simply promptly replaced them on her nipples and had her continue.

       Then she interrogated her daughter while Amanda looked on horrified and Amandas dad looked on fascinated. How did she finance the site? With her moms credit card? Yank! And a clamp was removed.

       It was then replaced. Was she making money? Yes? And had not used it to pay back the card? Yank! And the other clamp was removed. And then replaced.

       Jiggling the breast, her mom continued. Did anyone they knew know about the site? Her friends? Boys? All of her friends? A slow double pull and snap! Both clamps were removed. And replaced.

       She now was forced to watch her entire site in slideshow format, just as Amanda had. At the sight of each picture, she was required to turn one of her nipple clamps a quarter turn. This continued until the clamp slipped off. The clamp was then replaced, and she was to begin twisting the other. Rinse repeat til shed gone through the entire sitea couple hundred pictures or so.

       Samanthas mom and Amandas dad now had the girls stand in the middle of the room, facing each other. Samantha was to continue twisting and jiggling her clamps, removing them occasionally to let the rushing blood cause her a bit of agony. Meanwhile, Amanda was to continuously beat her own legs with a wooden spoon. The girls were required not to break eye contact. They were to continue this until the two parents had decided what to do about the sites.

       The thing was, the sites were serious moneymakers.

       Who knows which parent suggested it first, but the idea came to be to not just “let” the girls continue with their sites, but force them to. And to create a third site in which the girls posed together.

       And why let them stay clothed?

       The girls were almost relieved to hear all of this, because at least listening to their respective parents revealing their fate incidentally allowed them to stop punishing themselves.

       But their relief didnt last long. To explain to the girls what lay in store for them if they showed the slightest tendency to resist doing whatever their parents told them to in the pictures to come, the two parents declared theyd each converted to the others philosophy of punishment. Samanthas mom now believed in spanking as well as clamp torture. And Amandas dad was totally into clamp torture as well as spanking.        

       And the rest of the afternoon was to be spent demonstrating their newfound enthusiasms.

       Samanthas mom and Amandas dad each took hold of one of Amandas breasts while she sat on her hands on the couch. The mom showed him the ropes, showing how the pain differed in intensity and type depending on the position and size of the clamp. She showed him how to jiggle his daughters breasts for the maximum pain and embarrassment. She showed him the difference between removal methodsa slow tug eliciting an agonized squeal from her, the sudden yank (requiring a slight simultaneous loosening to really work) eliciting a slow wail, and perhaps surprisingly, a simple quick removal eliciting a shriek of pain worse than anything hed heard before.

       She also showed him how to stroke his daughters nipples in between clampings to keep them erect and to cause further pain in their soreness as his rough skin rubbed over the damaged, sensitized nubs.

After all this training, he had his daughter place medium size clamps directly onto her nipples and let Samanthas mom sit on the couch while Amanda leaned over her, letting Samanthas mom play with the clamps and nipples at will while Amandas dad spanked her ass from behind. Amanda cried and made huge puppy-dog eyes at Samanthas momeliciting only grins from the woman and intensified nipple play.

Once hed grown tired of this, he exercised a little creativity. He took a large pair of clampsthe least tight but still enough to make you desperately want to unclamp themand attached them, not to her nipples, but to her labia.

After her resultant dance of pain, he had her lay on her back and spread her legs. While Samanthas mom continued to play with her clamped nipples, he spanked her inner thighs and the fronts of her legs while her labial clamps jumped back and forth as she bucked around trying to avoid the pain and at the same time trying to be obedient to her father.

He removed her labial clamps fairly gently, and then he experimentally hit her directly on the labia with his belt--though only a few times.

Afterwards, she writhed around in a little ball of pain while her dad and Samanthas mom went to work on Samantha.

He showed her the different kinds of marks made by various instrumentsbelts, belt buckles, paddles, brushes, spoons, wires, hangars and so on. He showed her the different ways a girl writhes when shes being hit over and over in the very same spot, and when shes being hit in ways that range over areas of her body. He showed her what hed learned about hitting hard without drawing blood. And he showed her how to draw blood, but not too much blood, if she was in the mood for it.

He ruined one of her hairbrushes, cutting the balls off the ends of the bristles to show her what a nice sort of “paddle of nails” this made. After he demonstrated this on her daughters inner legs, she took over completely. She had him play with her daughters nipples, using whatever clamps and techniques he likes as her daughter leaned over him. She meanwhile whipped her daughters ass with abandon, eventually using the “paddle of nails” directly on her little asshole.

She then turned her daughter over onto her back.

       She used each instrument multiple times on her daughters legs. Then on her daughters breasts, which started out clamped but ended up, due to the blows, unclamped. She hit her screaming, wailing begging daughter directly on the nipples several times with a wire whip.

       Finally, she replaced the clamps and had Amandas dad play with them some more while she spanked her daughters inner thigh with the “bed of nails” paddle. And finally, she used the cruel implement on her daughters pussy.


       Finally they were done with the girls. For now. But theyd seen another pair of the girls friends featured on their sitessisters, twins in fact, who lived just down the street. Amanda and Samanthas two parents decided to bring the girls along for a bit of confession time.


       The two twins rushed downstairs to find their mom and dad talking together with the mom of their friend Samantha and the dad of their friend Amanda. Samantha and Amanda were, oddly, nude. And there were little shiny things on their nipples? And their legs looked all black and blue?

       “W….whats going on?” they said in near unison.

       Their dad explained, “Amandas dad and Samanthas mom found you girls site!”

       “Okay…” they said, not sure how to react.

       Their mom continued, “They were just making suggestions about how we should punish you.”

       “Okay,” said Tonya, “but why would you…”

       Her dad interrupted. “We havent told them yet that their concern is well appreciated, but misplaced.”

       The four visitors were nonplussed a bit at this.

       “You see,” said the twins dad now addressing Amandas dad and Samanthas mom directly, “Were the ones who set up Tonya and Sonyas site. We think theyre just really beautiful and we didnt think we should keep their beauty to ourselves.”

       “…Oh!...” said Samanthas mom.

       “So of course, wed never punish our girls for the website. We run the website!”

       “…Oh!...” said Amandas dad.

       The twins giggled a little, nervously, sorry for their friends.

       “But!” said their dad. “That doesnt mean you two are out of the woodshed yet!”

       “Huh?” the two girls said.

       “Im wondering how these other two beautiful girls learned how to operate a site like yours?”

       Tonya and Sonya began to back away. “Uh oh.”

       “Uh huh,” said their dad. “I kind of thought so. I should have known to ask their parents about this when I saw their links on your site. Oh well, we all overlook things. Come downstairs now.”

       “Fuck” the two twins muttered under their breath as they began slowly trudging down the stairs.

       Their mom said “Im glad youve shown us your punishment techniques. We dont really believe in corporal punishment of any kind, though. We prefer other means to keep our daughters in line.”

       “Clothes off, girls,” said her husband.

“Yes sir,” replied the twins as they reached the bottom of the stairs, and the two girls began removing not their own, but each others clothes, one piece at a time.

       Amandas dad asked, “So, what exactly do you do to punish them?”

       Matter-of-factly, their dad replied to him, “We fuck them.”

       “…Oh!...” said Samanthas mom.

       “Yes,” continued their mom. “We fuck them, we have them fuck each other, we have the dogs fuck them, we make them fuck strangers. We put things in their vaginas and assholes big enough to hurt quite a bit. We just generally fuck the shit out of them til they beg us to stop and then we fuck them some more.”

       The twins dad was unzipping his pants, and their mom was removing her underwear from under her skirt.

       While the other four looked on, Tonya mounted her dad and Sonya knelt before her mom and the two began fucking their parentsTonya with her pussy, Sonya with her tongueuntil their parents came.

       “Them too,” said their dad, and Tonya and Sonya, with a quick “Yes, sir” climbed off their parents and approached Amandas mom and Samanthas dad. Sonya began by unzippling Amandas dads pants and putting his dick in her mouth. While she did this, her own dad moved in behind her and began fucking her asshole. Meanwhile Tonya met little resistance as she began pulling Samanthas moms clothes off and started making out with her, slowly moving down to her pussy to eat her out. Her mom, meanwhile, had got hold of a large strap on somewhere and Sonyas asshole, too, was penetrated by a parent.

       Amanda and Samantha watched on, mortified, their nipples still burning as the four parents and two girls had a six-some right in front of them.

       And when that was over, the two twins moved on to Amanda and Samanthas pussies.

       While the two girls were struggling to have an orgasm through the pain in their nipples, the twins dad began, “I wonder if you would mind…”

       The other two parents anticipated exactly what he was trying to ask. “Not at all!” they both said, and so the twins parents moved into position. While Amanda was laying on her back trying to have an orgasm from the ministrations of Tonyas tongue, Tonyas dad moved into position on top of her, upside down in comparison to her, and began fucking her mouth with his cock. She was too far gone to put up any kind of resistance at this point, and she simply took him in. He kissed his daughters back while his daughter tried to make Amanda cum while her dad was raping Amandas throat.

       Similarly, the twins mom was sitting on top of Samanthas face, kissing Sonyas back while Sonya tried to make Samantha cum while her mom was raping Samanthas face.

       When the two girls and the twins parents had all finally cum, the twins parents asked Samanthas mom and Amandas dad to demonstrate their own techniques on the twins. The twins mom meanwhile pulled out a large strap on and put it on. She and her husband took Samantha and Amanda from behind, idly raping their assholes while watching their daughters being tortured on the nipples and beaten all over their legs.

       After this demonstration, the twins parents showed the other two how to use the twins own sexual desires against them as punishment. They had the twins each straddle an arm of the couch. They placed clamps on their nipples, which was of course not part of their usual routine, and then had the two girls start masturbating against the couch arm. Each girl, when she was just about to cum, was required to stop and lay on her back on the floor. She was now beaten in the pussy while her mouth ministered to one of the two mens cocks.

       In the past they had simply had the girls come close to orgasm dozens of times and then sent them to bed bound so they couldnt cum. The pain part was new, and the twins parents agreed with each other that their previous commitment against corporal punishment had been misplaced.

       The twins, after swallowing the mens cum (and transferring it into Amanda and Samanthas mouths) had to get back up on the couch and masturbate some more. Just before finishing, they once again lay on their backs and were beaten on the breasts while their mouths serviced a mothers pussy.

       Once this was finished, they had to torment themselves through masturbation again until being told to get on their hands and knees and fuck Amanda and Samanthas assholes with their tongues.

       When this was all over the four parents retired to the kitchen. They left the four girls in the living room with a porno running on the TV. The girls were paired up, and were under strict instructions. Each pair was to sixty nine until the parents returned, and they were not to stop at all. But if any girl had an orgasm, then she and the girl whod given her the orgasm would deeply regret it.

       Leaving the girls like this, the four parents discussed over sandwiches how to revise the four girls sites


       Later Tonya and Sonya were sent to bed without any orgasms. Tonya was laid on her bed on her back, and chained spread eagle. Sonya was laid on top of Tonya, on her tummy, her face at Tonyas crotch, and also chained spread eagle. Their mom and dad left them like that to sleep for the night. The rule was the same as always when they were sleeping in punishment modeif either girl had an orgasm, then both girls would be taken out to the woodshed the next day.

       In common parlance, “taken out to the woodshed” meant a spanking, but not in their household since the parents had never laid a hand on the girls before tonight. No, for these girls, the woodshed meant something quite different.

       So the twins as always tempted fate by stimulating each others pussies with their tongues, even begging each other to make each other cum, but both had the presence of mindeven through the near-orgasm hazeto refrain from helping the other go all the way.

       Meanwhile, Amanda and Samantha were on their knees in the familys living room. The four parents had cameras out, and were making ready to commit Amanda and Samanthas first joint set to digital film.

       The girls clothes were okay for a set, not great. But their audiences wouldnt really care much about this. The audience for these sites would be more interested to see what the girls werent wearing. And all would be well since the thing the audience would be most interested in was simply the fact that the girls were posing together. Opportunities for tease abounded here.

       The girls had been given some time to make themselves up, make their faces look like they hadnt just been bawling in pain and agony for the last few hours. The girls also got dressedAmanda in her hip hugger jeans and tight tee shirt (and nothing else) while Samantha put on her short checkered skirt, pink button-down and heels (and nothing else). And now the girls were posing together.

       The pictures began as the kind friends might take together anywhere, big smiles, no real posing. They continued making the same kinds of casual poses even after Samantha was required to unbutton all but one button of her shirt and Amanda her shirt sleeve to fall over her shoulder.

       Already at this early stage, the twins parents were overcome with arousal and with permission fucked the two girls in their mouths.

       Then the photographing continued. There was no nudity, but Samantha was made to lean at angles that made it clear there was nothing under her skirt, while Amanda posed on her knees, her face right next to Samanthas waistlets face it, right next to her nearly bare ass. Then they took some pictures of Amanda stretching, displaying her torso right up to just barely the bottom of her breasts, while Samantha posed grinning and playfully kissing Amandas ribcage. Arguably totally asexual, just a playful kiss.

       At this point Amandas dad asked Samanthas mom, “I wonder… I mean you let them… I was wondering…”

       Samanthas mom winked. “I know. The answer is yes, assuming I can have yours.”

In no time the two were upon each others daughters. Amandas dad just went straight for broke, fucking Samantha right in the pussy while he watched Samanthas mom raping his daughters mouth with her own pussy.

       After that, the two girls got made up again and returned for more photos. They engaged in various playful embraces, showing a real talent for hiding the psychological torment each was going through. They took a picture of Samantha holding onto Amandas unbuttoned jeans while Amanda feigned shock, then Amanda holding Samanthas skirt away from her waist and looking down while Samantha pretended to look elsewhere.

       Now the girls were made to pose topless, their backs to the camera. Just for extra fun, the parents had the girls use nipple clamps since their nipples were invisible to the camera. The girls posed next to each other, embracing with their near arms, then posed one in front of the other, sometimes looking back at the camera, sometimes looking in front of themselves, Samantha leaning over frequently to show no vagina but to show as much leg as possible up to that point.

       After they took the picture in which Amanda was chastely kissing Samantha on the cheek while Samantha leaned over to show her legsAmanda having to use her arms to cover her breasts so the camera wouldnt see nipple or nipple clampthe twins dad addressed the two unrelated parents. “I notice you havent fucked your own daughters yet.”

       Amandas dad and Samanthas mom were quiet, and their daughters froze.

       “Oh come on, give it a whirl, it does wonders for keeping them in line if youre any good at it anyway,” laughed the twins dad.

       “Yeah I mean I guess…” stammered Amandas dad

       “I mean, we let you guys fuck them, we fucked each others, I guess I dont know whats stopping us” finished Samanthas mom. “Yeah, I think Im going to do it. Samantha, crawl over here.”

       Samantha did as she was told. While she ate out her mothers pussy, Amandas dad had Amanda fuck Samanthas asshole with her tongue. And while she was doing this, he first beat her ass and her protruding labia with a belt. He then took his daughter from behind.

Even after all the recent events, he realized, THIS was the best fucking hed ever done. His cocks skin rubbing against his own daughters asshole…

       “Electric, isnt it?” said the twins dad. Amandas dad could only grin as he nodded.

       After theyd finished using their own daughters, the parents took more pictures of the now-naked girlsalbeit with all the “private parts” artfully hidden. Their sites would build up to that in time.

They took pictures of them spooning, simulating sleep. They even took a picture which could be interpreted either as one girl getting up from the floor or falling down on the other girl in a hungry embrace.

       And that was the end of the photo session. Each parent took a hole againSamanthas mom and Amandas dad each fucking their own daughters asshole while the other two parents fucked their mouthsand then the girls were taken up to the twins room. The twins were separated, put on their own respective beds, and Amanda and Samantha were secured on top of them just as the twins had been before, in position to sixty nine the girl beneath them. If any girl had an orgasm, it was explained, both she and the one paired with her would have to go to the woodshed the next day. So the four girls resolved not to do anything but go to sleep after such an exhausting day.


But you know, when youve got a girls mouth right at your pussy, and hers in yours, you start to forget things and you start to beg for things. Its a hard situation to deal with.

       In each twins bed, the conversation went something like this:

       “I give up, Amanda/Samantha, please please please make me cum.”

       “No, they said if we cum we get taken out to the woodshed. I dont want to find out what that means.”

       “But my parents have been making me horny all day and I am so fucking horny and I have to cum.”

       “But, whats the woodshed is it worth it?”

       “Uh… to be honest, not really. Its pretty horrible. It hurts like a motherfucker actually. But please make me cum!”

       “But well be punished.”

       “I dont care anymore just please please please lick my pussy and make me cum! We can have so much fun tonight before they put us in the shed tomorrow.”

       “No, Im tired, Ive just been raped by my mom/dad multiple times, Ive just been beaten in ways Ive never been beaten before, its just not going to happen.”

       “Oh fuck you. Ill make you cum then.”

       “What? No! Then well both go to the shed!”

       “Dont give a fuck.” Slurp slurp slurp.

       “No no, oh please stop, no no, it feels so good, please dont, please stop!”

       Slurp slurp slurp

       “Not fucking fair you fucking bitch. Do not make me cum! Oh God, keep licking, but do not make me cum. Oh god, lick my clit but not too much not too much”

       Slurp slurp slurp

       “Nooooot toooo muucccchchhhyyyyearrrghghhh oh god oh god oh god I love you so much you fucking bitch why did you make me cum you bitch?”

       “Well, because now youve got no reason not to make me cum.”

       “Fuck you bitch I wont give you the satisfaction.”

       Slurp slurp slurp.

       “What the fuck are you doing Tonya/Sonya, you already made me cum.”

       Slurp slurp slurp

       “What the fuck, dont make me cum again! Why are you…. Oh”

       Slurp slurp slurp

       “Oh God, fuck that feels to fucking good.

       Slurp slurp slurp

       “Oh god, Im cumming, Im cumming, almost there….”


       “Wait, why did you stop?”

       “You dont get to cum again til I cum three times tonight.

       “What? You FUCKING WHORE!”

       “Get to it.”

       “Oh god. Fine. Slurp slurp slurp.”

       Each girl had multiple orgasms that night. They were almost happy to be taken to the woodshed the next morning, whatever that meant. Almost.

       In the morning the girls didnt need to be awakenedthey hadnt stopped fucking for the entire six hours til their parents came to fetch them. The parents simply watched appreciating the desperate, dumb beauty of the four young girls helplessly seeking orgasms in each others crotches. Finally, though, they untied the beauties from their beds.

       “You know what this means of course” said the twins dad. “Yes sir” was their sullen, tired exhausted reply.

       First of course each parent fucked a girl. Each began with his or her own daughter. Then the girls were traded around.

       Afterwards, the four girls were led out to the back where there was, literally, a woodshed.

       The thing about the woodshed was, it was hot. It was the middle of the summer and there was no A/C of course. So it was sweltering in there, and muggy. But that wasnt all.

       The other thing about the woodshed was that it was hell, absolute hell, on a girls pussy.

       For example, there was a rope fixed from one wall to the other, stretched taut, about six inches above the level of Tonyas crotch. Her wrists were bound behind her, and she was placed straddling this rope.

       On the rope, at every six inches or so, there was a knot. And Tonya had a task. She was to walk back and forth, from wall to wall, two cycles a minute, until someone allowed her to stop.

       Meanwhile, Samantha was also made to straddle somethinga very hot metal pole suspended between two pillars. This pole was a few inches too high as well, forcing her to place her weight on it on her pussy. Her feet were tied to eyes set into the ground so that she couldnt get into any more comfortable position. Her hands were bound behind her back. And the pole was turned on. Because it turned out, the pole was rigged to vibrate. Violently. Samantha was to remain there until someone came for her.

       Sonya meanwhile was put into an awkward position. There was a hole in the wall, fairly low to the ground, through which sunlight shone directly. Her legs were made to do the splits on either side of this hole, her ankles secured tightly to the wall several feet away from the hole on either side. Her pussy was now wide open and exposed directly to the outside.

       A bit of honey was placed on her labia.

       And that was it.

       She had to wait, her pussy exposed widely to the burning sun and the biting insects outside (and occasionally the licking mammals) through this hole in the wall, her legs very uncomfortably stretched, until Tonya was finished with her own cruel task.

       This was how the girls had been suspended in the Woodshed in the past. The parents now felt it was time to add a little more to the ordeal, since theyd learned so much the night before. So of course clamps were placed onto each girls nipples and labia. And each girl received a harsh spanking on her legs and asswhatever part of her could be reached in her agonized positionbefore the parents finally left.

       Amanda didnt get taken out to the shed at this point, by the way. The parents had decided to bring her in for a turn of practice at the twins methods of punishment, and to serve as a model for the twins parents to practice Samantha and Amandas forms of punishment as well. This didnt mean Amanda was free of the shed, they assured hereach girl was going to have her turn at each station. It was going to be an all day thing.

       First they had the poor girl shower and gave her some breakfast (though the twins dad couldnt help but add some cum to the top of the cereal she was to eat).

       Then practice began in earnest. Her dad sat on the couch, nude, while she approached him. She had no need to make him erect. She was simply to mount him. The point was to make her do all the work, have her do the fucking, make her draw the cum out of her own dad. When she hesitated while on her knees in front of him, Samanthas mom gave her a few blows with a cane. “What are you doing bitch you already fucked him yesterday!”

       With some tears in her eyes, but resolutely, Amanda did climb on her daddys knee and began fucking him.

       Gingerly at first, but the parents all reached out and pushed her down at the shoulders, forcing her down as deeply as possibleall the way to the hilt. She hissed with pain, but began now gingerly fucking her father.

       “All the way up, all the way down!” called out the twins dad as he began beating her ass to the correct rhythm.

       Her dad had a lot of fun, grinning at her as she cried, playing with her (mercifully unclamped) breasts and nipples with his fingers and his tongue.

       Then with a cruel smile he reached down and started playing with her clit.

       She closed her eyes tightly and started begging “no, no, no” but he just continued on and her ass was beaten for indicating any kind of refusal while she fucked.

       He stopped short of making her cum, though. He wanted to tease her like hed seen the twins dad teasing them last night. He finally came inside his  daughter, and she collapsed onto him sobbing. She tried to get off of him but he grabbed her by the hips and held her in place, pushing her down onto him so the remaining sperm would go as deeply into her as possible.

       When he finally felt finished, he let go of her hip and she slid off of him, collapsing to the couch next to him. But there was to be no rest. It was now the twins dad turn, and he liked to fuck asses.

       Just as with her dad, Amanda was to do all the work, forcing herself backwards onto the twins dads cock with her ass while he himself stayed relatively still. While she was struggling with this, the two women got out some clamps and commenced to playing with her nipples. Samanthas mom showed the twins mom the ropes much as she had done for Amandas dad the day before, demonstrating different placements, different sizes, different twists, different ways to jiggle the breasts and so on. It was a little harder given that Amanda was bouncing up and down on a mans cock with her ass at the time, but they didnt mind.

       Towards the end of this, the twins mom reached down and began stroking Amandas clit just as her father had done before, bringing her close to orgasm as she unwillingly fucked the twins dad with her ass. And as before, just as she was about to cum shamefully and copiously, the twins mom withdrew her stimulation and had Amanda continue her hollow fucking until the twins dad had emptied himself into her colon.

       Now it was the womens turn.

       The twins mom demonstrated another cruelty they liked to punish their daughters with. While Amanda licked Samanthas moms pussy, the twins mom collected onto a plate her husbands sperm as it leaked out of Amandas asshole. When it was all out, she presented it to Amanda on the floor and had Amanda lick it all up.

       The twins mom then had Amanda turn over and lay on her back. Samanthas mom went to work with the clamps, attaching two to Amandas nipples, and two to her labia. The twins mom then climbed on top of Amanda, her straddling her torso, her ass facing towards Amandas face, and began crudely rubbing her crotch against Amandas tummy, ramming her ass back and forth into Amandas clit. Meanwhile Samanthas mom sat on Amandas face. The women promised Amanda that the twins mom would not stop ramming her breasts and slapping her clamped labia until both women had had orgasms.

       Both women purposefully held themselves on the enjoyable edge of orgasm for as long as they could resist the temptation.

       Finally done with her, the four adults took Amanda back outside to the shed. They passed by the hole that Sonyas pussy was peeking out of. It was disgustingred and sunburned, bugs crawling all over it, some of them biting her. They had Amanda clean the pussy off with her mouth. They then finished off by spraying a hard stream of water at it, laughing at the girls screams.

       After washing Amandas mouth off as well, they took her inside. After watching Tonya finish off her last five laps, it was rotation time. Sonya went from the hole to the vibrating hot poll. Samantha went from the poll to the rope. Amanda went from the rape session to the hole. And Tonya was brought into the house.

       Her mom and dad decided to combine all their newly learned techniques on their poor daughter. Sexual torment was covered by her mom licking her pussy but not bringing her to orgasm. Clamps were placed on her nipples and labia. Her mom played with the labial clamps while licking her. Her dad played with her nipple clamps by slamming themalong with her breastswith his belt buckle, replacing them whenever they snapped off. They resolved to stop all this only when Tonya had managed to cum. And amazingly, she did come close to cumming a few timesbut at this point, her mom would just laugh and stop licking and the parents would yank off all four of her clamps at the same time.

       Then her dad would beat her pussy a few times with his belt buckle.

       Then the procedure would repeat.

       Finally when they got tired of this and decided to let her cum, they made sure to ruin it for her by again ripping all the clamps off, this time at the moment of orgasm rather than just before, and then beating her pussy through her waves of involuntary, excruciating pleasure.

       Now it was Samanthas mom and Amandas dads turn.

       Her own parents had just tormented her nipples and pussy. These two decided a focus on her asshole was in order. They kept the four clamps on her, of course, and idly played with them on occasion. But the main idea was simply to beat her asshole as accurately and cruelly as possible. They started with electric cords, forcing her to hold open her asscheeks while they took turns aiming stinging blows across her asshole. Then they used a wooden spoon so they could hit her asshole multiple times in rapid succession. Then they used a hairbrush with the ball-tips cut off, which frankly made her bleed eventually, but they were having too much fun with her screams to care.

       After all this, they took turns fucking her ass. Amandas dad went first, thrusting his cock into her bruised and bleeding asshole and going at it while Samanthas mom made Tonya lick her pussy. When hed finally cum inside the girl, they switched places. Tonya was now cleaning off Amandas dads dick, while Samanthas mom put on one of the twins moms strapons, one with a cock quite a bit larger than Amandas dads dick. She fucked the girls asshole til Amandas dad was able to cum again, this time in Tonyas mouth. She then layed the girl on her back and fucked her face while Amandas dad toyed with the clamps. They couldnt help themselvesthey yanked the things off as Samanthas mom was cumming, just to get the added enjoyment of her writhing under the pussy.

       Then, it was back to the woodshed with Tonya. She cleaned out Amandas pussy, then was placed in Amandas spot. Amanda was moved to the hot vibrating poll. Sonya was moved to the rope. And Samantha was brought in for the raping.

       First it was lunchtime. Samantha got nothing, but she was made to lay on her back across the table while the others snacked on various foods, talking about her sexy body and planning out things to do to her.

       The twins mom then showed them a trick. She had Samantha get back on the floor, then crouched in front of her facing away, and had the girl lick her asshole. The trick was, the twins mom could actually cum from this. While the girl fucked the twins mom with her tongue, Amandas dad got behind the girl and fucked her asshole.  Once both adults had had their orgasms, the twins dad and Samanthas mom got her back up on the table, again on her back, and had her spread her legs. What was coming was going to be so bad thered be no way she could keep her legs open, so they tied each of her ankles to a table leg.

       Amandas dad took this opportunity to fuck the girls mouth, again cleaning his dick off in a young girls throat.

       Samanthas mom had decided it was time for her daughter to experience explicit clitoral torture. The girls nipples and labia were already clamped of course. Now she got a new clamp, one of the tiniest, tightest binder clips, directly on her clit.

       The girl squirmed and squealed while her mom laughingly twisted and pulled on the clip.

       The clamp stayed on while her mom subsequently whipped her inner thighs with an electric cord. Then the cord moved in to the pussy, whipping her until the three clamps in that area fell off. Her mom then landed several blows directly onto the girls clit.

       Her mom then jammed a giant dildo into the girls ass via strapon, and fucked her violently for several minutes. She didnt care that this didnt get her to orgasmthered be plenty of those down the line, and she just loved watching her daughter cry in agony.

       Now it was the twins dads turn. He, too was going to continue the focus on the clit. And he had brought a hammer.

       He didnt hit hard enough to break anything of course. But hit her clit with a hammer he did. He was not one for subtlety.

       Then he used pliers to grasp and twist it around.

       Finally he used sandpaper on her clit and her labia. Also, salt.

       Only then did he rape her.

       And with that, she was brought back out to the woodshed. Samantha washed off Tonyas pussy with her mouth, then was made to replace Tonya, her legs spread nearly hip-dislocatingly apart. Tonya was moved to the vibrating hot poll. Amanda was moved to the rope.

       The four adults were pretty exhausted by this point so instead of bringing her in for raping at this time, the twins parents decided instead to demonstrate the fourth station in the woodshedone that hadnt been used yet that day. Sonya was taken over to a post which had a place to screw something into it. Sonyas mom went over to a cabinet and pulled out an absurdly large dildo with a screw sticking out of its base. She screwed the dildo into the poll.

       The dildo was made of metal, and attached to the poll was a little box with wires running out. As Sonya was secured to the floor with the dildos in her ass and pussy, the box was switched on.

       Sonya immediately, frantically began pumping herself up and down on the dildos. She was able amazingly to get herself down all the way on them, pressing against the poll with her ass. This was good for her, because on that poll was a button, and it was only by pushing that button that she could avoid the heat and electric shock generated periodically by the box. It generated the heat every one second after the button was pushed.

       And so with that, the girl was forced to deeply fuck herself with the two electrified heated metal dildos until the adults decided to come get her. She had to rest sometimes, and when this occurred, she just had to endure the heat and electricity til she had the energy to begin fucking again.

       For the rest of the day the adults watched movies, played board games, made plans for the girls websites and so on, coming out every couple of hours to rotate the girls once more through the stations, this time incorporating the fourth one.

       That evening each adult paired up with his or her offspring and fucked her silly all night til everyone fell asleep.

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