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Rubber Dog

Part 2


by blueeagle

Story codes: F+/f, modification, D/s, BDSM, latex, bondage, mc, humiliation, bestiality, slow, Heavy

(part 2): 


As Hannah woke up again she felt a bit cold, it was evening and she went to put on some heat on the radiator. She also took a blanket that was placed on a chair. As she unfolded it she saw that it was decorated with an unusual pattern. All over it the word SLAVE was printed.

The door suddenly opened and Wanda entered. “Wakie-wakie , little pet. Put the blanket around you. Let me see you now!” Wanda raised a small camera and took some shots of Hannah wearing the SLAVE-blanket. “You dont mind, do you? You soon have to get used to your new job. I suppose that you will accept the contract that I have printed for you to sign.”

Hannah entered living room, still with the blanket around her, and was then seated in an old, heavy wooden chair. All the furniture in the apartment was some kind of medieval style. She almost felt as having arrived to a small castle.

Wanda had as a start given her a big glass with wine and Hannah who wanted to appear older than her 18 years soon emptied it with big sips.

As she a little later entered the dining room she saw that two other women were present. One of them she immediately recognized. It was the strong looking woman from the office of the Room Service and Sauna Club. “Hello, once again,” she smiled. “I am happy that you accepted to stay here. Besides I am a doctor and will always be ready to advice Wanda about your health and physical condition.” Hannah had not yet accepted anything, but she did not protest.

The other woman presented herself as a lawyer and a good friend of Wanda. She explained that she often helped Wanda when new lodgers were to be evaluated. Evaluated?? Hannah felt this scene a little mysterious. “And I am also a business woman,” she continued. “We want to be sure that the contract between you and Wanda is correct and fully understood.”

The dinner itself was delicious. Wanda seemed to be a good cook, and Hannah felt more and more relaxed and happy having found this place where to stay. May be the amounts of good wine helped her to get into this mood she thought. But never mind. She had been lucky with this first attempt to find a room to rent.

After the dessert Wanda handed a piece of paper to Hannah: “This is the rental contract that I have made specially for you. As you can see you can stay here for free as long as you accept the paragraphs below. That means that you will have to accept being my maid, that you will accept wearing any kind of clothing, jewellery or restrictive wear that I impose on you. You will also accept that you will deliver me any kind of physical services that I ask for. And as a special mention: My dog Rex shall be your other master and you shall obey him whenever he demands anything of you.”

Hannah thought that Rex may be was demanding being taken for walks outside, or he might show that he was thirsty or hungry? “OK, thats fine for me with Rex, Mistress,” Hannah said.

Wanda then put her hand on Hannahs: “I also want to dress you the way I like the best. But as a start you will have to wear a special collar. Do you accept that?” Hannah nodded once more. “Then just sign here. The rest is the normal business crap that all bureaus have to use today.” Hannah signed the contracts three pages, feeling that now a whole new chapter in her life had begun. She noticed that the lawyer at the same time filmed her while signing. “And now please repeat: I accept this contract exactly the way it has been written.”

Hannahs mind was suddenly a little reluctant. Why did it have to be this way? Actually she had not read all the phrases in the contract, she just accepted it as an almost normal contract when you rented a room in a landladys apartment. But Hannah obeyed and pronounced the words, almost as in a dream.

All four of them around the table raised their glasses and Hannah was greeted with big smiles: “Now you are one of us, little pet. Welcome in the club!”

Wanda then brought a kind of collar from a cupboard. On the side the word DOG was to be read. Wanda asked Hannah to turn her back to her and soon a broad, heavy collar was placed around Hannahs neck.  A click was heard and then Wanda said: “Listen carefully. This collar is a restriction device. It is locked. As long as you stay in my apartment nothing special will happen. But if you try to leave the apartment without my permission a strong current will hit you around your neck. It is very unpleasant. So dont try! The collar holds a special GPO-transmitter that will always tell me where you are. I will always be able to follow you on my computer, also if you might be allowed to leave the apartment. Is that clear, little Samantha?” Hannah looked down. This was apparently serious game!

“And dont try to talk without my permission. If you do, then an electric spark will hit you on your neck. I can activate and deactivate the collar with my coded remote control. But dont try to touch it! If you do you will suffer big pain.”

What? Hannahs mind was a bit in turmoil. This happened all too fast.

Wanda gave Hannah another drink. This tasted different from what she had been offered till now. And it was quite strong. Soon Hannah felt some kind of stimulation in her body. She wanted to be active. Physically or sexually. Something had to change in her life!

Wanda then asked her to take off her blouse and skirt and soon Hannah was only wearing her underwear. Then she was asked to sit on a chair with her hands on a table. Wanda first put a pair of mittens on Hannahs hands.

Her hair was then assembled in a knot behind her. Finally a rubber hood was mounted on her head, with some very small eyeholes and an opening around her nostrils and mouth. Hannah wanted to protest, but she then felt that all three women held her firmly fixed with their hands.

Hannah was now led into her bedroom, where she was placed on the bed. Her hands were fixated with handcuffs to the poles at the beds corners. Other cuffs were locked around her ankles together with a telescope spreader bar to keep the legs apart. “This here you will get used to, dear one. I will say good-bye to my guests and then return.”

Hannahs thoughts were in a mess. What was this?? Was she to stay this way, chained and almost blinded for a long time? She hoped that it was only a short time role-play that Wanda wanted to introduce her into.

A few minutes later Wanda was sitting, naked, with her crotch over Hannahs rubberized head: “Now lick my cunt, little pet! This will be your daily service several times a day, as your rent. That you accepted by signing the contract as my maid!”

Hannah had difficulties in breathing with Wandas crotch over her nose and mouth but soon she felt an electric shock around her neck. “Lick me, little slave, I want to cum over your mouth. I want to make you into the perfect cunt licker. Go on! Now!”

Hannah finally succeeded in getting her tongue out through the rubber hole in front of her mouth and soon heard Wandas lusty breath and sighs. This was not what she had expected to happen, so soon after her arrival. But it seemed to be part of the more advanced lesbian S&M milieu. Hannah licked and licked and finally she heard Wanda get her orgasm. She hoped it would soon be over. Wanda got up from the bed and let Hannah stay there, on her back, having covered her by a heavy blanket.

(To be continued)

Review This Story || Author: blueeagle
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