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Rubber Dog

Part 4


by blueeagle

(part 4): 


Hannahs situation had changed only a little over the last year. Now and then she was able to see something more around her. Wanda had made her wear a new steelwire enforced rubber mask, a kind of brank, with bigger eyeholes. But with a pair of goggles attached to the mask, so that Hannahs sight could be closed off whenever Wanda wanted this to happen. And this now happened whenever some of Wandas girl friends passed by to watch Hannah serving Rex and to witness her canine orgasms.

A couple of times Hannah also had to lick their cunts. And in between the girl friends dogs were also allowed to fuck Hannah, she always being blindfolded. Wanda had decided that her face was never to be shown to any outsider. She had become a zero person.

Hannah's mind was also changing into becoming more and more a kind obedient maid. In between she wanted to leave this place. But as soon as these wishes appeared in her brain another counter mechanism was triggered and she soon after felt that this was her fate and she had better to accept it.

A big change the last year however was that now almost all of Hannahs body was encapsulated in black rubber garments. Only the big tattoo on her chest and the breasts were uncovered. A set of welded steel rings now adorned Hannahs nipples, with barbells hanging from them.

Wandas doctor friend visited them a couple of times every month and she became more and more interested in an idea Wanda had: To have Hannahs skin totally covered in rubber, permanently. How could that be done?

The doctor said it was possible, according to her studies. Some new methods of transplanting a kind of pink rubber skin on large parts of bodies where the normal skin had been heavily damaged had been successful. Of course it could be done. And probably also with black rubber. But she advised that it should be done little by little. For instance they could start with a foot or a leg. “No!” Wanda said. “First of all I want her head covered. All over. No one shall ever see her real face again!”

Hannah heard this conversation while Wanda and the doctor were touching her head. But her mind was a little blurred due to the drugs she had every day. Did she really hear that they wanted her to have a rubber-covered head? Why that? Hanna did not feel like protesting. She was Wanda's rubber maid and had to accept everything that Wanda did to her.

But Wanda had more ideas about Hannahs future. “I want her to become a real dog. A cunt-licking rubber dog. There must be a kennel, where she can be trained. I have heard that such kennels exist in Poland and Romania. Or Siberia? And there they could also make the permanent rubber covering of her head. And then the rest of her body. How about that?” The doctor nodded. “Yes, it probably is possible. Yet it is quite costly. But if we rent Samantha to one of their secret so called animal brothels for a few years, then I think we should be able to have it done for free. And even earn a nice amount of money! What about that?”

Wanda clapped her hands. “Yes!” she cried. “What a wonderful idea! Samantha also needs to know other sides of life. And we could then visit her every now and then.”

One month later Hannah woke up from one of her daily sleeps. Two big men and two women removed her leg shackles and the chain, then lifted her from the bed and put her into some kind of coffin. A syringe was inserted into her shoulder whereafter they placed an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. Soon Hannah was in a deep sleep.


As Hannah woke up again long time must have passed. She heard some strange voices in a language she could not understand. Slowly she opened her eyes. Wanda and the doctor were around, too. Hannah tried to raise her arms but they were fastened to the sides of some kind of bed where she was lying. She then tried to say something, but no sound came out of her mouth.

Wanda leaned her head over Hannahs: “Little Samantha, we have reprogrammed the dog collar, so dont fear any more electric shocks. Instead the doctors have sprayed your vocal cords with a chemical that paralyses them. From now on you will only be able to utter a few sounds, like a dog barking or growling, but no more. So that you can attract the male dogs in this kennel. Your head now is permanently covered with a kind of skin like black rubber. It has the same functions as your former skin. It just has grown into being part of your skull and face.

We also have had your fingers removed so that your hands more will look like paws. And we had your legs shortened. Your knees now have become your feet. So you now are almost a real dog! The wounds will be healed totally in a couple of months. Be proud! Enjoy it!

You will get food every day and you will be fucked by dogs, first of all, but also by men and some of the horses, many times every week. With all the pleasures and all the orgasms you have been longing for your whole short life! So you are becoming the worlds first 100 per cent rubber dog slut. Owned by us!”

Hannahs mind got a bit clearer as the truth was told to her. Not talk any more. Not walk any more. No fingers. What was this?? She never, never had accepted such a thing. Wanda and the lawyer and the doctor, they were perverted criminals! Or was it a bad dream?

A mirror was held in front of her. A totally anonymous black rubber face was exposed. No hair. No ears. Only holes around the eyes, the nostrils and the mouth. Lone started to weep.

Wanda kissed Hannah on her rubber mouth: “Dear little rubber dog. You are so cute as an animal. I am sure that the guards here will do their best to satisfy you. Practically and sexually. They will serve the best dog food for you! And do not be afraid of getting pregnant! We also have had your uterus removed. A child would never be happy here. And during the next year or two all the rest of your body skin will be replaced by black rubber.”

Hannahs mind went into a spiral of darkness. Was this a nightmare? She felt a syringe entering her arm and soon she dazed away.

(To be continued)

Review This Story || Author: blueeagle
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