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The Queen's Revenge

Part 2

The Standard Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction with content suitable only for adults (and stable ones at that). If you are prohibited from reading such material by the laws or standards of your community please depart immediately. Likewise, if you cant tell the difference between reality and fantasy please leave. Incidents and activities depicted here are purely fictional. Do not attempt to replicate them as to do so would result in injury and inconvenient discussions with the authorities.

1The Queens Vengeance


Von Hentzau

Chapter 2

Sometime during the night the two servants, Edmund and William, came into the hall. Anne was nearly unconscious from pain and exhaustion. She barely noticed them until one removed the clamps from her lower lips. Blood rushed into the aggrieved area, bringing with it pain like the stabbing of needles. Anne shrieked and jerked about as she hung in the chains. One of the servants immediately reached between her legs and began to massage the afflicted area.

Once she showed signs of calming his fingers began to probe between her lips. She started to protest, weakly, he withdrew his hand and the next thing she knew she was being lowered to the floor. Then she was being carried, one man holding her arms, the other her ankles. Down a torch-lit passageway to another, smaller chamber. Here a semi-circular alcove had been walled off with iron bars to form a cell. They lowered her onto a pile of straw. One of them haphazardly draped a thin blanket over her. Then they left, taking the torch with them.

Morning came, indicated only by a faint lessening of the dark in the chamber, which was lit by one small, high window. A serving girl came in carrying a small jug of water and bowl containing scraps of stale bread. Anne ate the bread greedily. The last time shed eaten was during the hellish trip in the back of the wagon.

Sometime later William and Edmund entered the chamber. They opened the door to Annes cell and beckoned her to come forward. William was carrying a set of manacles with chains.

“Mistress says if you come of your own we neednt use these.” He held up the heavy iron implements. “But if you struggle it will be these, and worse.”

They escorted her, Edmund in front and William behind, through the door, upstairs and into the great hall. A long table had been set. Lady Althea and Captain Marsten, along with a handful of others Anne did not know but who appeared to be of some rank, had just finished breaking their fast.

“Friends,” Lady Althea said, addressing the group. “For those not aware, this is the traitorous cunny that the Queen has delivered to me for chastisement. I shall eagerly entertain any suggestions you may proffer as to how she shall pass her time here”

She addressed Anne directly. “So, traitor, my servant here,” she nodded towards Edmund, “tells me he believes you are virgo intacta. Is this true?”

Anne felt her entire body turning red from embarrassment. She could only nod in agreement.

“How strange, after those months in the Scottish queens household. Were there no lusty stable boys to entertain you? Or perhaps the Queen of Scots herself?” Lady Althea held up her hand, two fingers extended. She pumped them up and down slightly, scissoring them as she did so. The guests at table and the servants snickered.

“Captain Marsten,” she said, turning to the soldier, “I believe you fancy yourself an expert in such matters.”

“I do, mlady,” he replied, his eyes fixed on Annes bare, exposed mons.

“Would you verify her status for us?”

“Certainly, mlady.”

The captain rose from his seat next to Lady Althea and approached Anne. Without ceremony he reached between her legs, exploring her slit with a finger. Anne winced as he pressed against her maiden head. After some poking and prodding that mortified Anne he withdrew his hand.

“Yes, mlady, I would say she has never been penetrated.”

“Well, we must do something about this. It would be cruel to subject a maiden, never having experienced the pleasures of mounting a stiff cock, to the torments we have in mind. Fetch Lord Beech,” she ordered.

Who was that, Anne wondered with trepidation. Did they really intend to deflower her? And here, in the hall, in front of everyone?

After a few minutes the servant returned with a small wooden case. He laid it on the table in front of Lady Althea. Althea opened the lid and removed an object, holding it high for all to see.

It was a length of beechwood, carved in the shape of a male member, a very erect one. While Anne was very inexperienced in such matters she was not entirely ignorant. In the sometimes cramped quarters of manor houses she had had glimpses of the male member, and even a few that were standing at attention. But if this carving had been patterned after a living man he must have been unusual in the extreme. She had never conceived of one of these dimensions. It was at least as long as her two hands placed side by side, and of a diameter equal to three of her fingers. At the base of the carved cock it swelled out somewhat wider and extended for another hand span, with a hole drilled through it. And then the realization of what its intended use was and she felt her knees begin to fail her.

While she stared at the lewd instrument in horror Edmund had stepped up behind her. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her. Taken by surprise she didnt notice that two ropes were being lowered from a beam over her head. Then William was tying one rope to each of her wrists and her arms were raised over her head. Two more ropes, laid out on the floor, were bound around her ankles and used to spread her legs apart.

Captain Marsten had remained standing off to one side. Lady Althea addressed him, proffering the wicked device.

“Good captain,” she said, “would you do the honors?”

“With pleasure, mlady,” he replied, taking it in hand.

The captain approached Anne, shifting the device to his left hand. With his right he began pulling and twisting her nipples, first one, then the other, then back again.

He placed the head of the wooden cock against her sex and began pressing and twisting. Anne gasped, shocked at the liberties he took with her person. She felt the pressure, a sharp little pain as her maidenhead began to tear, and screamed.

The captain stopped. He turned to Lady Althea. “My lady, I regret that I am not by nature a cruel man.”

Annes hopes rose. Perhaps she would be spared by the soldiers compassion.

He went to the table and scooped up two finger-fulls of butter which he smeared on the wooden cock. He returned to shove the wooden cock even harder against Annes maidenhead. He twisted it as he did so and then with a sudden hard upward thrust tore through the barrier. Anne threw her head back and screamed. A thin trickle of blood traced a path over the Captains fingers as he pumped the wooden cock up and down several times.

He turned to Lady Althea. “The traitor is no longer a maiden, my lady.”

Lady Althea and the rest of the audience clapped.

“Excellent. Now, slut, that youve become acquainted with Lord Beech, I believe you should spend some time getting to know each other,” Lady Althea said with an acid tone to her voice.

William approached Anne. He tied a leather strap around Annes waist. He then tied another  leather thong around the strap below her navel, took the loose end and threaded it through the hole in the base of Lord Beech, and brought it up between her butt cheeks to tie it off again to the strap at the small of her back. So secured there was no way the wooden intruder could slip out of her.

“You are here to be punished,” Lady Althea said. “But that doesnt mean you neednt work for your bread. Take her to the scullery.”

William led Anne out of the great hall, down a flight of stairs and into the cavernous kitchens. A dozen or so servants were busy, scurrying around at the direction of a short, heavy bodied, red-faced woman. William made as if to present Anne to her.

“Mrs. Oates, heres the traitor Lady Althea spoke to you of. Shes yours to assign such tasks as you desire until her ladyship requires her presence.”

Mrs. Oates looked Anne up and down, her eyes pausing noticeably when they observed the wooden object between her legs.

“Shes to have no clothing?” the woman asked, her voice matter of fact, showing no trace of approval or disapproval.

“Our lady says shes now no more than a beast,” William replied, “and is to be treated as such.”

William turned and left. Mrs. Oates shrugged and turned back to Anne.

“I dont suppose youve eaten?” she asked.

Anne shook her head, grateful for even a small show of kindness.

“Jane,” Mrs. Oates called out, “get this wretch some food.”

One of the servants, a plain, thin young girl emptying breakfast remains into a slop bucket, scraped scraps of bread and fish and meat onto a trencher and brought it to Anne. With Lord Beech impaling her she couldnt sit down, so she stood, holding the trencher with one hand and picking at the morsels with the other. When she was done Mrs. Oates ordered her to the scullery.

“Theres pots to scrub,” she said. “Jane and Alice wont mind you being the one to do it.”

Alice was a near twin of Jane, who had given the scraps of food to Anne. As the scullery maids they were clearly the bottom of the kitchen hierarchy. At first they seemed interested and perhaps a little in awe of Anne.

Tis said you were a great lady,” Joan said. “Were you?”

Anne mumbled something about who her late father was. At first they seemed impressed, but having lady fallen to such estate, lower even than theirs, their interest and awe turned to taunting and derision. As Anne worked on the pots, when Jane or Alice passed behind her they slapped or pinched her rump, often making her drop the pot. The loud rattle drew the attention and ire of Mrs. Oates, who loudly chastised and threatened all three of them.

As the morning drew on Joan and Alice became bolder in their taunting. As they passed behind her they slapped or pinched her rump even harder or, worse, hooked a finger beneath the leather thong at her waist and jerked it upwards, moving Lord Beech inside her painfully. When she yelped in protest they made mocking curtsies and said “Sorry, mlady.”  Several times more Mrs. Oates intervened and set them to minding their work. Yet they still came back.

As the servants were preparing to take dinner up to the hall Edmund and William confronted Anne.

“The Mistress says youve had long enough with Lord Beech,” Edmund leered at her, his eyes on her crotch. “Tis time for you to bid him good bye.”

William moved behind her and undid the leather thing. Edmund reached between her legs, grasped the device and jerked it downward. It hurt and another small trickle of blood came down the inside of her thighs. But at least she could sit again as Mrs. Oates set her to plucking fowl for the evening meal. And then it was time to scrub pots again. Annes shoulders ached and her back hurt her fiercely, but there was some recompense. Mrs. Oates allowed her to partake of the same food as the other servants. The sounds of music drifting down from the great hall above reminded her of better times.

When she was finished scrubbing the pots from the evening meal William escorted Anne back to her cell. Locked inside she lay down on the straw and wrapped herself up in the tattered blanket. She was fast asleep before the last daylight faded from the small window.

Anne didnt know what time it was when William woke her up. It was dark and the only light in the chamber was the small lantern he carried.

“Come along,” he said. “Youre wanted.”

Anne was confused. Who wanted her? And for what? And in the dead of night. For a moment her hopes rose that someone had learned of her situation and come to rescue her. But those hopes were dashed as she was led to an upper floor of the keep and into a bed chamber. 

The chamber was well lit by candles around the room, as well as by the fire in the fireplace. A large four poster bed stood opposite the fire. Lady Althea and Captain Marsten sat in chairs by the fire, goblets in their hands. They were wearing their night clothes.

Without a word from them William guided Anne to one side of the room where two chains hung from the ceiling. An iron cuff was fastened to the end of each chain. Iron rings were set in the floor beneath each chain. Deftly William raised Annes arms and fastened the cuffs around her wrists. Then he knelt down, spread her legs apart, and tied her ankles to rings set in the floor, leaving her fully exposed and helpless.

He rose, bowed slightly towards Lady Althea, and left. Lady Althea and the captain barely acknowledged his departure or Annes presence. They sat, drinking their mulled wine and conversing in low tones, Lady Althea periodically laughing as if the captain had just told her an amusing story. When theyd finished their wine they rose and came to look over Anne. The captain hefted her breasts and squeezed her buttocks as he passed behind her. Then when to a side table and returned with a cat onine tails which he lightly slapped against his thigh as he again walked around Anne. Panicked when first she saw it, she was somewhat relieved when she saw that it was shorter and lighter than those shed seen used to punish common criminals, and the tails were plain leather, without the metal pieces often woven into them that would tear flesh like small knives.

Lady Althea moved a chair to where she had a better view of the proceedings. She leaned back, legs spread beneath the thin fabric of the night shirt.

“Whew! Hot work,” the captain said. He walked towards the bed, tossed the cat on it and pulled his night shirt over his head, exposing a well-muscled back and tight, hard buttocks. Anne could see that Lady Althea was eyeing him as well.

He picked up the cat and turned towards Anne. His belly was tight and hard as well, with well-defined muscles. As befitted a soldier he bore a number of scars, all to the front. But what drew Annes attention was his maleness, cock and balls nestled in a patch of dark curly hair. His cock arced upwards and seemed to be growing as she watched, the red tip forcing its way past the foreskin. It was nowhere near as large as Lord Beech. Anne couldnt believe any man could be, but the captains organ gave Lord Beech a good run.

The captain returned to his station behind Anne and continued to work the cat against Annes shoulders, buttocks and the backs of her thighs. To Annes surprise Lady Althea pulled her nightshirt up until her sex was exposed and began massaging it with her right hand. The captains strokes came faster and harder then, until Lady Althea nearly jumped out of her chair and pulled the thin fabric over her head, standing fully naked before Anne and the captain.

Captain Marsten dropped the flogger strode quickly to embrace Lady Althea. With his arms tightly around her and his lips firmly on hers he backed her towards the bed. Turning her around he lowered her to her knees and bent her over the side of the bed. She braced her arms against the mattress and thrust her rump towards him. In a moment he had mounted her like a stallion mounting a mare, thrusting vigorously while she matched his movements with wild strength. He reached around to grasp her full breasts. Quickly he came, his body stiffening and his throat uttering wild, animal sounds.

The captain sank down behind Lady Althea, but only for a few moments before he lifted her with both arms, laying her on the bed, then joining her, his head between her legs. Anne watched wide eyed as he quickly brought her to climax. Then he rolled to the side and pulled himself up to lie beside her.

Anne hoped that they were sated for the night and only wished William or Edmund would come to release her. Not only did her backside hurt from the flogging but her arms ached as well from being held up and supporting her weight.

After half an hour or so Lady Althea began to stir. She eyed Anne evilly, and reached between the captains legs. The captain, who seemed to have been asleep, awoke with a jerk, then lay back and enjoyed the attention his member was receiving.

“Good captain,” Lady Althea murmured. “There is a part of this slut which is still virginal. Have it in you to stand to duty again?”

“Always, mlady,” he replied and eased himself out of bed. Anne saw that he was half erect already. He came to stand before her, one hand stroking his organ and his eyes moving from her breasts to her sex and back.

“Perhaps I can assist you,” Lady Althea said, joining him.

She picked up the cat where from where the captain had dropped it. She gave Anne a vicious side handed stroke across her breasts which made her scream. She followed it with a second stroke back handed. The captain was stroking himself vigorously now and was nearly fully erect.

Two more times Lady Althea punished Annes breasts. The she swung the cat downwards so that it came up between her legs, lifting her off her feet. With the pain she didnt notice the captain move behind her and she screamed again in pain as he thrust himself past her sphincter.

The captain thrust rhythmically and firmly. Lady Althea continued side to side blows against her breasts. Anne was nearly unconscious from pain and fear when the captain expended his seed in her anus. She barely noticed when William and Edmund came to take back to her cell.

To be continued…..

Copyright is claimed by the author. Permission to copy is granted solely for personal use.

Review This Story || Author: von Hentzau
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