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The Medical Experiment

Part 3 The doctor and the dog

The Medical experiment  3

3. The doctor and the dog

Helena lay on  her back on a padded bench, her legs secured wide apart and
doubled back so that her knees were pointing back towards her shoulders. Her
arms were strapped down, and as she started to come round fully she realised
that her sex was totally exposed, and that she could barely move.

A man was gently squeezing and rubbing her sore, stiff nipple, and she was aware
of warm breath on her thighs, and a soft stroking of her sex lips, which made
her moan softly even as she struggled to get away.

"She's not making much" she heard from the man tweaking her nipple "I thought
she would be able to feed an army from that stuff you injected"

"Not to worry. Another little treatment will help. But her body needs to feel
pregnant to really get a full result." The doctor's voice stopped as he moved,
and Helena saw his face above her, and his hands holding another syringe.

"Please O God please stop...let me go please I don't want to do this O
please...." She was gabbling in panic, even as her body responded to the
stroking between her legs. She could feel the sperm bubbling inside her as her
tummy muscles clenched in fear and excitement. Between her legs, she felt a slim
finger press slowly inside her slippery tunnel, and her eyes widened as she felt
it press and stroke the special spot inside.

"OHHHHHH.." she moaned, her hips moving slightly.

The doctor smiled. "It seems that Anne has found your G spot my dear. Now you're
going to like this...." He giggled madly as he moved the syringe away from her
staring eyes. Suddenly, Helena gasped, as she felt the cool smooth syringe enter
her body.

The doctor spoke to his students "A mixture of collogen, injected into a woman's
G spot, is known to raise the level of the sexual experience for her to new
heights. As a treatment, it is already becoming common for non-orgasmic women.
For someone like Helena here, it will have unexpected, but I think interesting
results. I have added a small amount of amphetamine, which will stimulate and
excite, and make the collogen work instantly, rather than the usual two to three
weeks. NOW, Ann, please" and Helena felt a sharp stinging mixed with sharp
pleasure deep inside her body.

She groaned, her eyes closing as she felt warmth rush through her lower body,
and then jerked as her breasts were pierced in turn by further injections of the
lactating serum. She lay panting, with a thin gleam of sweat on her tummy and
between her breasts, feeling cold air on her exposed sex. Her eyes opened again
as she sensed a body moving between her legs, and she stretched her neck to see
the doctor, holding his foot long cock like a club, positioning himself. It
touched her, rubbing in the wet folds of skin before sticking in the entrance to
her pussy.

"NOOOO O GOD PLEEEEEEEEEASE OWWWWWOHHHHHHHH" she screamed as his cock forced her
lips wide and started to sink into her soft body, pushing harder as he reached
beyond even where Mike had stretched her. Her body jerked and her muscles went
tight as he felt the doctor's cock hit the end of her pussy and stop, drawing
back slightly. She could feel her inner skin being dragged out by the fat helmet
on his cock and then he rammed hard and she felt a gut wrenching ripping inside
as he forced it through her loosened cervix and into her very womb.

No sound would come out of her throat as he started to fuck the monster into her
and out again. The pain was indescribable as he punched the wall of her uterus
with his dribbling prick, but his cock was filling her so tightly that the
ridges on it were rubbing her G spot, and sharp jolts of pure ecstasy started to
stab through her belly. In the background, she could hear strange animal sounds
above the heavy breathing of the doctor, but all the sounds blended into one as
her pussy clamped tight onto him and she started to cum. Her head felt it was
going to explode as wave after wave of pure sex jolted her body over and over.
When she felt his cock swell and start to squirt thick bullets of cum direct
into her womb, the pleasure/pain of it just sent her higher and higher.

The hands on her nipples squeezed hard, and the strange hot feeling grew in her
breasts as she felt warm wet trickles run down her skin. Her breasts were
starting to hurt but the cum kept on shaking her over and over, even as a
wrenching pulling sensation in her pusst told her that the doctor was pulling

MOOOOOOORE" The naked 22 year old was jerking and shuddering, sex lubrication
running in a clear slippery stream down to the bud of her asshole.

There was a pressure between her legs, and something hot and slimy jabbed over
and over at the thighs and clitoris before finding the mark and sinking into her
pussy, which clamped onto it. She was aware of a heavy, hairy body above her and
slobber dripping onto her neck, and looked up in horror to see a huge dog face
panting above her. She tried to struggle but its cock was already half way in,
and pushing past the G spot.

The students had watched fascinated as the young girl took the doctor's immense
cock into her belly, seeing it pull out shiny and wet and slightly streaked with
pink as he raped into her body. Her nipples were dark dark pink and standing out
almost an inch long as the drug in her breasts worked on her, and clear liquid
trickled from them even as more trickled from her stretched pussy. When the
doctor pulled out and his trained mastiff, with a weird shaped and dribbling 12
inch penis was lifted between the girl's legs, one of the men started to cum
violently into the sucking mouth of the girl kneeling between his feet. The dog
cock pushed harder and harder, and Helena was yelping like a bitch as the dog
started to fuck her.

Her mind was spinning as she felt the dog slide into her on a stream of it's
master's cum. The dog was squirting little bolts of doggy precum over and over
into his new bitch, and she could feel it burn her insides, way hotter than a
human's precum, and squirting every time the dog thrust, which was so fast it
was blowing her mind. Her cervix was wide open as the beast lodged into her and
started to hump fiercely, scalding her with his juice as he worked to climax.
Helena SCREEEEEAMED as her pussy started to stretch wider and wider, as the
dog's knot started to expand in her pussy. It was as if her pussy was being
ripped up the middle and her toes curled and cramped as she tried to stay
conscious. With a howl, the dog rammed hard and Helena screamed and groaned and
grunted as her uterus walls were coated in massive squirts of rummy, boiling,
dog sperm. She felt 6, 7, 8 more huge squirts and then lost count as the drugs
cut in and she bucked and jerked in a huge orgasm before passing out.

When she woke up, the sore throbbing between her legs and inside her body was a
constant pain. Her breasts felt tight and huge, and likely to split at any
moment. She could feel a warm hard thing blocking her pussy, and a soft warm
slushing feeling inside. Her tummy felt tight too, as if the skin was

As the dog had furiously fucked Helena, Mike and his friends had been wanking
themselves. The women had helped with their hands and mouths, and all the cum
had been collected in a large glass cylinder, which contained almost 2 litres of
cum from this night, from previous ones, and from the animals in the yard. This
mixture was now hooked up and slowly being forced into the young woman's pussy,
and her stomach was starting to swell from the pressure in her womb. Tight caps
had been applied to her nipples, which now could not leak, and her breasts were
swelling and going pink, with a maze of blue veins starting to show under the
silky skin.

The doctor had given clear instructions, and as the last of the sperm cocktail
was forced up inside her, they unstrapped Helena and walked her to a different
couch. Her legs would barely hold her, and she looked 5 months pregnant. Clear
streaks down her thighs showed how much she had lubricated, and there were
traces of white showing where some semen had oozed around the plug. She was
mumbling nonsense as the strapped her down again. She was face down on a frame
which was cut to allow her swollen breasts to hang free, and her swollen belly
protruded through a carefully shaped and padded hole. Her legs were stretched
wide apart, and her ass was up in the air. Even as she wondered why...she
understood. There was a whinnying and the sound of hooves on the floor, and in a
mirror she could see a gorgeous bay stallion being led in. It's cock was already
swollen, and hung like a thick black hose, huge around and even huger in length.
It's balls were massive and swinging as he was brought closer and she realised
that it was going to cover her. She opened her mouth to scream..... and hands
held her head as a hard cock was pushed between her lips. She started to gag as
the warm meaty taste filled her mouth, and her pussy started to stretch. The
watchers saw her labia going white as they struggled to take in the black
leathery cock of the horse, and saw the tendons in her legs stand out as the
immense thing replaced the plug so tightly that just a little white froth showed
around the impaling horse cock. They could see the thick pole outlined under the
tight skin of Helena's mound as the beast whinnied and drove it deep into the
squelchy hot insides of the girl, getting more than half the length into her in
one gut wrenching heave that made the girl scream soundlessly around the cock in
her mouth.....

Review This Story || Author: HT
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