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How I Became a Slave

Part 1

How I Became a Slave

Somebody once said that you should never bet more than you can afford to lose
and I am very happy that I didn't listen. My adventure started about six weeks
ago when I lost a rather large wager. Slowly over the next three weeks it grew
as I kept trying to win my money back. Then about 2 weeks ago Rob demanded his
money. When I couldn't pay he offered to let me work off the debt. So that
week-end I arrived at his house promptly at 11:30 pm Friday night.

And my adventure began.................

"Come in we've been expecting you." Rob told me as he lead me into his living
room. As I entered my eyes came upon two beautiful women. Rob did the
introductions, "This is my wife Sara and my daughter Lissa."

"So nice to meet you. You're even better in person than Rob described." Cooed
Sara as I took the seat indicated by her husband.

"Thank you." I stammered, staring at her ample tits.

"I invited you here tonight to outline the situation. You now owe me $150,000
and you can't pay it. Therefore, I offered you the chance to work it off. And
this is how you will do it. For the next 4 week-ends you will report here at
11:00 pm on Friday and you will remain here until 11:00 pm on Sunday." I was
listening to Rob, but watching Lissa and Sara, there eyes tracing me as he
spoke. "During that time you will be our slave. You will do anything we command
you to without hesitation."

"Here are the rules: No permanent harm or injury will be allowed. You will be
naked the entire time unless told otherwise. You will address us as Master or
Mistress at all times." Sara explained. It was here that I noticed my cock
getting hard as the rules were being explained. "Do you understand and agree to
these rules James?" Sara asked.

All things considered I really didn't have much of a choice, "Yes." I answered

"Yes what, slave?" she demanded.

"Yes Mistress."

"Much better." She soothed. "Lissa would you please take our new slave and get
him properly prepared for his new role."

"Yes Mom. With pleaseure." Lissa answered. Qucikly she got up and grabbed me by
the arm and lead my to a small washroom. "Strip slave" she ordered. While I
undressed Lissa turned on the shower. As soon as I was naked she noticed that my
cock had come to attention. "Horny already?" she asked?

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

Almost casually she started to rub my stiffening cock, and then she grabbed my
balls hard and thundered, "You will control you pathetic dick unless you want to
experience pain beyond anything you have dreamed. Now get in the shower and
clean yourself up slave."

The water was almost too hot to take, but I did as I was instructed. It took me
a moment to realize what was wrong, there was no door on the shower and Lissa
was watching my every move. After what felt like an eternity Lissa turned the
water off and threw me a towel to dry myself. Once I was dry Lissa fastened a
black leather dog collar around my neck, "This is to remind you of the dog you
are slave." Once again she grabbed my cock, but this time it served as a leash
by which to lead me to a large room in the basement.

Rob and Sara were already there when we entered. Both were naked and seated on a
large leather sofa. "That was fast," Sara noted, "it usually takes you 10 or 15
minutes to prep a new one."

With obvious disappointment Lissa explained the difference, "Sorry Mom, but he
was already shaved down there."

"Well never mind hunny, go and get changed and join us." Her father instructed
as he approached me. Kneeling in front of me he fastened a metal ring around the
base of my cock and another at the base of my sac. "Kneel and lower your head
slave." He commanded as he stood up. I did as I was told and he returned to his

"As soon as Lissa returns we will begin." Sara stated ominously. The silence
hung for a moment until Lissa re-entered the room wearing a black robe. "Slave
each of us will ask you some questions. If we believe your answer we will move
on. If not the person who asked the question will apply one of these to a body
part of their choice." She said holding up a viscious looking little clamp.
"I'll start, have you ever had anything stuck in your asshole?"

"No Mistress."

"I don't believe it. A slut like you." Sara responded. Just as she picked up a
clamp Lissa spoke up.

"Mom, I saw his asshole when he showered. It's as tight as a drum. I think he's
an anal virgin."

"Okay, I'll take your word for it." Sara answered, obviously dejected because
she didn't get to clamp my body.

"Have you ever sucked dick before?" Rob asked.

"Yes Sir. Once as part of a freshman initiation."

"Have you ever had a non-human partner?" asked Lissa.

I was shocked at such a question, "No Mistress I haven't"

The questions continued for almost and hour. By the time we were finished my
balls, nipples, cock head and numerous other parts were clamped and very sore.
Yet despite the pain I was rather excited. It felt good to confess my deepest
fantasies and secrets to these people. Then Lissa started to remove the clamps
and the pain reached a peak as the blood flow returned to the more sensitive
areas. She also removed the rings her father had placed around my cock and
balls. As she returned to her seat Rob motioned me to come to him. Since I was
the slave here I crawled on all fours. Grabbing my hair he forced his cock into
my mouth and began to fuck it. I gagged at first, but I quickly got the rhythm
and actually started to enjoy it. I was amazed how big his cock got while
fucking my mouth. "God he sucks dick good," he stammered, "I wonder if his ass
is as good as his mouth." With this he stood and grabbed something from the end

I hadn't noticed that Lissa and Sara had taken up position side by side on the
floor. They whereon their knees leaning over the sofa with their asses out.
"Slave my dear husband loves the feel of anal sex, but his cock is far too big
for either of us. So he is going to fuck your virgin ass."

Review This Story || Author: Submissive James
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