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Sonata of pain

Part 5

...Kleinhart¡¯s nigger-slut was close to passing out.
After almost a hundred blows of the single-tail whip which left her
bruised and welted he strode up behind her to feel her hot whipped body
in his big white hands, to squeeze her chunky ass while he put his cock
up between her buttocks and slid up into her asshole, undeterred by her
constant red-ball-gagged screaming and babbling.
Then he¡¯d begun to use the thin metal rod on her.
He liked the way it whistled as he sliced her with it. And he
particularly liked the way it
thudded into her welted black skin, cutting her and making her contort
After some thirty blows he untied her legs from the base of the two
pillars and re-tied them to chains that dangled from the ceiling, wide
apart, exposing her chubby brown slit completely,
her cunt floating in mid-air for him at just the right height.
He whipped her there, right on her sex-mound, mercilessly with the
metal rod.
Blood dripped on the floor and on his chest and face.
He would step up to her and push his big hard cock into her slit, fuck
her for a bit then step back and cunt-whip her some more.
He¡¯d done that until her sex was a mess of torn, bloody meat.
Then he went to the cabinet and got the scalpel.
She¡¯d looked up into his wicked leering face as he slid his rampant
cock-spear up her battered black cunt and he¡¯d held the scalpel up for
her to see.
She¡¯d shaken her head, her big dark brown eyes pleading with him, her
mouth babbling incomprehensibly in her native language behind the gag.
He liked the sound of it. He¡¯d always had a place in his heart for
African music and the sounds she was making reminded him of some tribal
chants he¡¯d heard on recordings while stationed in Tobruk.
While he fucked her with slow, well-timed jabs of his hips that sent
his white prick into the depths of her suspended body he began to draw
surface cuts on her huge brown-nippled jugs. He would hold the tit in
his hand, feeling its firm fullness while he traced tiny cuts randomly
all over the brown flesh-orb, avoiding the nipple and the mammillae. The
plump brown meat-bags began to bleed beautifully and soon his hands were
covered with the black woman¡¯s blood. He began to thrust into her more
excitedly and to pierce her tits with the scalpel blade sometimes using
it almost like a knife to stab into the fullness of womanmeat. 
There was no longer any pretense of torture for the sake of
interrogation. He was not an S.S. Division Leader working on a
prisioner, a good Nazi attacking the enemies of the Fatherland.
He was now just a mercenary, a full-blooded white sadistic male abusing
his military authority for the sake of unrepressed sexual torture. And
he loved every minute of it.
Smiling wickedly down at his victim he took one nipple now, tweaked
between thumb and forefinger, and raising it, stretching it away from
her fat bleeding boob, he winked at her and quickly, with a rapid flick
of his hand, sliced it off her with the scalpel.
The woman¡¯s terrified howl of pain was deafening in the small room.
He felt the vibrations of her scream all the way up his cock and it
made him thrust into her harder and deeper as he took her other nipple
now, pinching it up in his blood-smeared fingers.
He cut first vertically then horizontally on the nipple¡¯s surface
making a cross on it and then squeezing it. Blood spurted from it as
she screamed and he leaned over to guzzle it as it sprayed his face.
Then, growling like an angry dog he sank his teeth into the tit-cap
hard, harder, ripping
into her, then he twisted and tugged at it, growling louder until her
tore it off her and spat it out on her chest slamming his cock to the
hilt in her cunt as she shrieked and babbled.
He¡¯d fucked her for a while longer enjoying the sensation of her
well-lubricated cunt on his shaft, his balls slapping against her
bleeding butt-cheeks.
Then he¡¯d stepped back to take the soft meaty vaginal lips and stab
them with the scalpel before slicing them clean off. He stabbed her
up-stretched thighs with the scalpel and blood bubbled and spurted out
of her. Then, holding her steady by one quivering leg he¡¯d put the
scalpel to the mouth of her cunt and sliced into the meaty tissue
pushing downward until he cut all the way to the screaming black bitch¡¯s
Now, he was fucking her again, fucking the wound he¡¯d made, his cock
filling it, shit and blood pouring out of her, piss, as he gouged into
her, laughing meanly.
...and she was close to passing out.
That¡¯s when the intercom blared out in the small room catching Kleinman
by surprise.
It was Hauptmann.
¡°Kleinman,¡± the Commandant barked. ¡°If your black servant-bitch is
still mobile bring her to the main chamber. I¡¯m having a special
get-together for our prisioners and I¡¯d like you to join us.¡±
¡°Yes, sir,¡± Kleinman responded.
Hauptmann¡¯s get-togethers were always exciting and not to be missed.
Kleinman released the black woman¡¯s legs and they slid down to the
ground lifelessly.
When he released her wrists she slumped to her knees on the floor
before him leaning sideways against one of the pillars to which she¡¯d
been bound.
He held her by her head and leaned down to remove her gag.
He indicated for her to hold her mouth open by opening his own mouth.
¡°Ah! Ah!¡± he shouted, then as she complied... ¡°Yes...that¡¯s
Then he stood over her, raised his cock and pissed in her open mouth.
She knelt there motionless in a puddle of piss and shit from her own
body taking the German officer¡¯s urine in her mouth, bleeding, and
bruised, completely broken, completely submissive.
Kleinman smiled and traced the contours of her lovely African face with
the hissing stream of urine from his prick. He pissed on her mutilated
tits and shoulders and on her bleeding pussy and returned to her face
and hair. 
When he was finished he made her suck his cock clean then, putting a
collar and leash on her and binding her wrists behind her with metal
cuffs, he got her out into the hallway, dragging her behind him, she
following meekly, bleeding, crawling on all fours, like a trained dog.

Review This Story || Author: Woodburn
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