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From Bondage Model to Bondage Slut

Part 5

From bondage model to bondage slut.

If you are under the age of consent in your locality or you find stories of
bondage, pain and humiliation offensive, then why have you downloaded this

If you are a discerning adult, then please read on.

Part five

When I came back to earth from my climax it was to see the eye of the video
camera.  Those strangers out there had watched me in this most intimate of
moments.  They had watched the agony and ecstasy on my face, just like a lover
would do.  Maybe I now had a thousand lovers?

After I had been released from the suspension I was told it was lunchtime.  I
was taken to the rear of the set where a coffee table had been set up with a
tray of cheese straws and pots of assorted dips. There was only one chair at by
the side of the table.  I sat down in it.  It faced the audience. I was still
naked, as I had not been offered any replacement clothes.   I would be eating my
lunch whilst naked and under the eyes of thousands of men who were no doubt
remembering my performance. Candy was brought over and made to kneel at my side.
My ankles were then tied to the back of the chair up high near to the seat. 
Using the same rope Johnny tied my lower body into place. My cunt was now wide
open for my viewing public.  Candy's ankles were tied to her thighs so that she
could not stand, then her hands were tied behind her.  Johnny told me that as
well as feeding myself, I was to feed Candy her lunch.  This was going to be
some "break" for us.  Still, I suppose the break was that the bondage was quite

Claire meanwhile was being moved centre stage.   She would be the centre of
attention for the next hour, but it would seem that we would be providing the

The table on which I had lain for the hogtie had been brought to centre stage
and Claire was tied up exactly as I had been, complete with ring gag.  Then came
my surprise, Two naked guys came in to shot.  One was Tex, he other one I hadn't
seen up to now.  Candy whispered to me that the new guy was Claire's husband,
David.  They were both sporting a semi erect cock.   David, Claire's husband was
first up and he slowly inserted his cock into Claire's gaping mouth.  Slowly he
moved it in and out for its full length.  She must be taking it down her throat,
I thought to myself.  The video moved close in and I could see her throat
moving.  I could also see that David's erection was growing harder and fatter
and longer.  It had been impressive semi erect, it was now very impressive. 

Candy nudged my thigh with her head. "Please feed me, I'm hungry."  I had been
so fascinated I had forgotten the food.  For myself I wasn't feeling hungry,
just excited.  Still, I picked up one of the cheese sticks, dipped it into one
of the little tubs on the tray and fed it to her. I kept half an eye on the
events centre stage.  I had seen the occasional porn movie, but this was the
first time I had witnessed live anyone involved in one. 

As I continued to watch, David removed his cock from Claire's ring gagged mouth
and made his way around to where her cunt was overlapping the other end of the
table.  It was just registering on my conscious mind that the table was just the
right height to allow a standing man easy fucking access. David guided his prick
to her cunt, which the camera was able to show was very well lubricated.  He
then bent his upper body over her and braced himself on straight arms.  This I
surmised was to allow the camera to view his penetration of his bound wife's

Again Candy had to remind me to feed her so I fed her another cheese stick after
scooping up a nice large dollop of dip.

As David was sinking his hard cock into Claire's cunt, Tex was sinking his into
Claire's throat.  I suddenly realised that having her head tied back by her
hair, as mine had been earlier, made a throat penetration easy.  Her mouth was
pretty much in line with her throat. I watched as Tex sank his cock into her
mouth until his hairy balls were slapping her chin and her nose was buried in
his crotch hair.  He held himself tight into her whilst David stroked in and out
of her cunt several times.  I saw her begin to struggle as the air in her lungs
began to run out. 

I saw David give Tex a signal.  Tex moved back so that the tip of his cock just
rested inside her mouth.  David was in a similar stance between her legs.  The
camera focused on her face as she gasped for breath.  The camera moved back
until all three were again in shot.  David gave Tex another sign and they
plunged their cocks forward in unison penetrating her deeply at both ends.  They
proceeded to fuck her in unison matching inward and outward stokes.  David had a
hand clutching each of Claire's breasts, whilst Tex had his cupped behind her
head.  Both were using their different handgrips to make the fucking stroke as
firm and deep as possible.  Tied as she was, she could only try to co-operate.
She was in reality totally helpless.  She was a fucking masturbation tool for
the guys and they were using her for their pleasure. 

Candy kept on nudging me to feed her, and I did so, but my eyes never left the
tableau in front of me.  I was seeing myself as the centrepiece to the action.
Somehow the idea tied up and then of being fucked silly by two total strangers
whilst a whole bunch of other total strangers watched was something I really
wanted to do.  I was getting aroused again.  I couldn't help myself, and even if
I could have done so, I really didn't want to.  This whole experience was
something else.

After what seemed a long time the guys had still not climaxed.  They changed
ends.  Now Claire had her husband's cock in her throat and Tex had his stuck
deep into her fuck box.  They set up another co-operative rhythm.  This time
though Tex fucked in to Claire's cunt whilst David pulled out of Claire's mouth,
and vica versa.   I watched fascinated as between them they brought Claire to an
earth shattering orgasm.   Her body went rigid as she strained against the
bondage in her involuntary spasms.  The guys stopped and held still both of them
with only their cock heads in her, until she relaxed.   Then they changed ends
again, and they reverted to the former rhythm, which they continued until at
another signal from David they both let themselves go into their own orgasms.  I
could see that their spasms were almost but not quite in unison.  However the
rigidity of their bodies as they hit their climax and as they both thrust
themselves as deep into her body as possible to get the best effect, between
them they actually lifted her body into a tighter bow.

When they had finished cuming they each made her clean every drop of cum, both
male and female, from their cocks.  The video camera got a great shot of both
cocks part way inserted into her mouth at the same time.

When she had cleaned off their cocks to Johnny's satisfaction, he guided over a
pulley to just above the centre of the hogtie rope where her ankles and wrists
joined.  He lowered the hook and set it into the loops between her ankles and
raised the pulley until Claire was bowed so tightly that only a couple of inches
of her straining stomach were in contact with the table.  She was left there
like that for the cameras to record her discomfort. (And to spend a little time
staring up between her naked thighs at her very wet cunt.)  Now that most of the
action was finished, I concentrated on feeding Candy and managed to eat some
myself.  I realised that these nibbles had been chosen because they would
alleviate the pangs of hunger without bloating us.  It could get quite painful I
surmised with ropes tied tight over a full stomach.

Eventually Claire was released form her hogtie and sent off to have a shower. 
The table was cleared away and a bed was brought into the centre of the set.

Johnny came over and released Candy and I from our bondage.  "You will be in
this next scene together," he told us.  He led us over until we were standing
next to the bed. 

He started with Candy instructing her to fold her arms behind her back, cupping
each elbow in the palm of the opposite hand.  He tied them together wrapping the
rope around the arms several times along the length of the arms.  From there he
wrapped her upper body above and below her breasts. He applied a cinch between
the breasts and at the side of her body where the rope disappeared under her
arms for the back body wrap.  This caused the ropes to press into the base of
her breasts, ballooning them out. With the same rope he performed a waist wrap
into which he pulled her wrists. He tied the rope off and then proceeded to tie
me the same way.  It was actually quite a comfortable tie except for the pulling
downwards of the wrists into the waist tie.  I was beginning to discover that
every tie he used had its own devilish twist.

Tex brought over a couple of items that I hadn't seen before.  Each was a bunch
of straps and in the centre was a double-ended dildo. These turned out to be
head harnesses and one end of the double-ended dildo was a gag, which he pushed
into our mouths.  This end of the dildo was fat but short.  It filled my mouth
but didn't enter my throat, thank God. The other half stuck out about 7 or 8
inches in front of our faces.  

Johnny had us climb on the bed and lie down facing each other, in a 69 position. 
It now became obvious where the dildo sticking out in front of my face was
supposed to go.  Johnny sprayed some lubricant on the rubber cocks. Johnny
brought forward a long piece of the soft leather he had used for tying my
breasts.  He tied this to the top of my head where a ring was placed in the
overhead strap.  He lifted Candy's upper leg and pulled it up at an angle so
that her knee was by my waist, whilst pushing my head between her legs so that
the lubricated dildo sank into her cunt. My nose was now very close to her
asshole. The other end of the leather strap was lashed around her ankle.  He did
the same to Candy.  I felt the dildo sink slowly into my still damp passage and
soon I could feel Candy's breath whispering against my crack.  The tie between
head and leg permitted a small amount of movement, enough to allow me to move my
head back so that my nose was away from her body.  In doing so, of course, the
dildo slid back out of her cunt slightly.  By pulling down on her leg, she
could, and did, bring my head back and the dildo back into her cunt.  Johnny
left us for a while to experiment with this movement. I had never been intimate
with a woman, so for me this was a totally new experience.  I soon discovered
that although this particular position was interesting, there was no way we were
going to bring each other off.  There was no friction on our clits and despite
what the Victorians liked to think, virginal penetration on its own was no way
to satisfy a woman's urges.  Still, it was pleasant enough this being locked
together and being forced to co-operate for even the small amount of please
available to us. It some ways, it was a very sophisticated torture.

I could hear the camera's clicking  away and I knew that the video would be
recording all this for posterity. (Or rather for all those horny guys out there
watching via the Internet.)   At least we were on a soft surface, so that was
some compensation for what I thought could turn boring.

I felt Johnny, (I assumed it was Johnny, I couldn't see of course) take hold of
my free leg and pull on it until we were lying down the centre of the bed.  He
secured a rope to my ankle pulled my leg straight, and tied it off to one end of
the bed.  He did the same with Candy, tying her ankle to the centre of the other
end of the bed. 

I heard the noise of a vibrator and felt it as it touched my clit.  I would have
thought that it very difficult to get to my clit, tied as we were, but someone
managed it.  Now life started to get interesting again.  My body was reacting to
the stimulus in what was now becoming a predictable fashion. My body began to
strain against my bonds as the muscles in my body tensed from my excitement. My
head went back further and the artificial cock came with it.  Candy feeling my
build up, pulled me hard back into her.  So we seesawed backwards and forwards. 
Then just as I thought I would go over the top, the vibrator was removed and was
taken around to Candy's love button.  Now she was the one getting the stimulus,
she was the one tensing her muscles, she was the one whose head was flung back
as she arched into the spasms coming from her cunt.  Now it was me pulling her
back so that the dildo would move in and out of my cunt, keeping me at least
involved in the proceedings and keeping me warm for when the vibrator returned.

Johnny did not let her reach her climax either.  He removed the vibrator from
her and came back to me.  Again he played with me until I was very close to
cuming, then stopped and went back to Candy.   This became a delirious game. 
Each return swept me more quickly to the point of near climax before the
torturer removed the pleasure tool.  I became fully absorbed in trying to get to
the point of ecstasy before he stopped to go back to Candy.  This was extended
foreplay of an exquisite nature.  Up to now, foreplay had lasted maybe five or
ten minutes and the actual sex act itself sometimes even less.  I realised that
performed by the right person, bondage could extend foreplay by a considerable
length of time.  Why had I never realised this before?  My college experiments
were fine, but nothing like this.  My sex life up to now had not been anything
to write home about, but today I had come more times than I had in the last
year.  I had been a simmering pot all day that had come to the boil in a
spectacular fashion several times and it was fantastic.  Now I was being kept
simmering, unable to push myself over the edge, but finding that it did not
really matter. The waiting for the inevitable was exquisite.

Of course, eventually, the inevitable happened and I reached a shattering
climax, which was soon followed by Candy.  We shuddered against each other,
straining our every muscle against the bondage in the throws of out mutual
orgasms. Being tied to another girl whilst she was coming heightened my
experience, enhancing it.  Our reactions fed upon each others, keeping us both
boiling over.  If I hadn't been gagged, my screams of ecstasy would have been
heard blocks away. 

I am told that after an earthquake there are after shocks, which go on for a
period after the big one.  Well I can tell you that were the case for Candy and
me.  We "suffered" from aftershocks!  Therefore, it took a little while for us
to calm down to the point where we were no longer setting each other off.  We
lay there for what seemed only a very short time after that before Johnny
started to release us.  I was amazed to find that we had been tied up together
for 90 minutes.  It had seemed a lot less than that. 

Johnny sent us off for a fifteen-minute break.  We were still both naked but it
had ceased to matter.  I was, though, a little embarrassed about the fact that I
had had sex with another woman.  It was a first for me, and I felt something
like I had the morning after losing my virginity.  Excited but embarrassed, not
knowing quite what to say, where to look or what to do.  But Candy soon put me
at ease by talking about how fantastic Johnny was, about how inventive his
bondage was, how good he was at it, how good sex was when tied up.  It was like
my old bull sessions with my best mate back before I got married.  I had shared
a lot with Linda right from the experience of my first period, through my first
kiss, my first boyfriend's inept but exciting fumbling attempts to get into my
clothes, through to losing my virginity, right through until we drew apart when
we both got married.   I wondered what she would think about all this.  Maybe
I'd give her a call to get together for one of our irregular lunches but maybe
not.  Not at least until I had come to terms with all this.  I had to get used
to the fact that I must be some sort of freak to get my rocks off whilst
helpless and at the mercy of others. It just couldn't be natural, could it?

Candy was asking me if I had a computer at home.  I replied in the negative and
told her that my husband had a lap top computer that he took with him to record
details of his meetings with his customers and set up delivery schedules with
them.  She asked me it I knew how to access the Internet.  I confirmed that Sam
had shown me but that I hadn't used it very much.  "Look if you speak to Johnny
he'll get you a computer delivered, top spec with fast Internet access.  Its one
of the perks of being a model here.  He likes us all to be able to see what goes
on to the net.  For me, I load down the video files in which I take part.  I
like to watch myself.  It's an ego thing I guess.  My boyfriend likes to put the
photos on screen so that he can copy the ties.  It has really improved our sex

"Does he come into the studio with you?" I asked curiously.  What I really
wanted to know was whether he fucked her in front of the cameras as I had seen
Claire's husband do, but I shied off asking the question directly.

Candy understood the question I was trying to ask and laughed.  "You bet he
does.  He loves it.  He gets fan mail from the women who watch and from some of
the men too."

"How long have you been doing this and how did your boyfriend become involved?"
I asked, feeling myself getting wet again as the idea of Sam fucking me in front
of all these people began to take root.

"I started work here as a receptionist after leaving college about eighteen
months ago.  Kevin and I were already an item then.  I quickly learned what went
on.  You weren't the first to audition by getting tied to a chair in Johnny's
office.  That's his usual modus operendi.   The first time was six weeks after I
started.  By then I knew about the type of photography that Johnny specialised
in and had come to terms with the idea, but it is different to actually see
someone in the flesh tied up with her cunt and tits hanging out of her clothes
than it is to look at a few photographs.  I tried to be nonchalant about it but
Johnny could see that I was interested.  So after the potential model left, he
asked me if I wanted to audition. I had seen some of the cheques that went out
to the models so I knew they got paid well, much better than I did for a lot
less time worked.  So I agreed and soon found myself bent over the chair much as
you were.  I was the youngest model they had ever used to that point.  I had my
eighteenth birthday three weeks before I started work here." 

"I did three shoots before Kev found out. Johnny had arranged for a new computer
to be delivered and Kev came home early one day and caught me watching one of
the videos in which I took part.  At first he was just curious. I stood up and
let him sit down on the swivel chair in front of the computer and I sat on his
lap. He watched for about ten minutes before I appeared. He cock was as hard as
a rock.  The he saw me.  Johnny had finished his first scene and so the camera
zoomed out from viewing the main model and I came into the picture. Even though
I had only been set decoration, hanging around in the background chained to the
wall, I had, of course, been naked with arms and legs spread.  There were a
couple of close up runs up my body showing off my newly shaved cunt. He was
furious. I had not told him about becoming a model and so he was taken totally
by surprise.  He dumped me on the floor and stood demanding an explanation.  I
stuttered a little but explained that how I had been offered the job and what it

He made me show him all the videos I had downloaded from the site.  As he
watched, he got horny as hell.  He told me later after he had got used to the
idea, that if he got horny watching then he was convinced (rightly so) that any
man watching would also get horny.  At first he didn't like the idea of other
men wanking off at the sight of his girlfriend naked, never mind the fact that
she was also chained up to a wall whilst another woman was being tied up and
abused in the foreground. Still it did lead to one hell of a good fuck session. 
Afterwards we talked about it and I agreed that I would talk to Johnny to see if
Kev could be present at my next filming session when I was due to get my test
just like you have today.  Johnny agreed so Kev took the day off his work to
watch me as I was tied up in very similar fashion to you. Kev got really horny
and during the lunch break he took me through into Johnny's office and fucked my
brains out.  He didn't know about the permanent video cameras in there so he
didn't realise that we were being broadcast.   Johnny told him at the end of the
day when he asked him if he would like to be part of the team.  Now he comes in
when I'm the main performer."

All this was said very calmly and matter of factly as if there was nothing out
of the ordinary in what she was saying.  We sat in companiable silence for the
rest of the break until Johnny called me over for the final set.

End of part 5

Review This Story || Author: Master2124
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