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Deena On Display

Chapter 3 Afternoon Lecture, Pleasure and Pain

3. Afternoon Lecture, Pleasure and Pain
(Deena on Display)

	Dr Mike Britten and Nurse Jenny started to clear up the equipment from
the morning lecture.

	"Okay ladies, are we ready to go to lunch?" Mike enquired, having taken
care of his electronic instruments.

	Nurse Jenny and Nikki, the classroom assistant, looked up from the box
they were packing. "Ready!" they shouted in unison.

	"Uhhhhhhhh!" Deena called out in panic, almost fainting with hunger. She
had been chained on her hands and knees for several hours, head facing forward,
virtually immobile, because of the intubator down her throat as if she were a
sword swallower. She didn't care if the Doctor hit her with his damn stick! She
was planning to resign from this job as soon as they ungagged her.

	"Did anyone else just hear a noise?" Mike enquired of Jenny and Nikki.
All three stopped for a moment of silence.

	Just then they heard it again: "Uhhhhhhhhh!"

	"Oh god, we nearly forgot about Deena!" Jenny shrieked, in a pretend
panic, wearing a wicked smile Deena couldn't see from her position. But Deena
could hear her supposed colleagues laughing just a couple of feet away behind

	"Sorry honey, it was just our little joke." Jenny explained, while
carefully peeling off the strips of surgical tape from Deena's mouth. Doctor
Mike gently extracted the rigid intubator tube from Deena's throat while she
tried to keep herself perfectly still. What a relief it was to have that thing
out of her belly!

	They soon had Deena back on her feet, and Nikki eagerly volunteered to
fasten Deena's dress back on her. She was very impressed with the way it could
be taken off and put back on without removing Deena's chains. Nikki thought she
could use a dress like that!

	"Deena, you were fantastic!" Nikki enthused as she joined up Velcro tabs
at Deena's hips and shoulders.

	 Jenny nodded in agreement. "Yes, she did very well for the first time."

	"And my last time! I want to go to prison now." Deena corrected them,
rage building within her. "You just can't treat people like this. It's
degrading." Her face sported a delightful huffy scowl.

	"Actually, we can do as we please. You've signed up for the Offenders
Re-education Program." Dr. Mike informed her. "If you back out of the program
the court could double your prison sentence."

	He led the way to the door. "Come on everybody, let's go for lunch, I
expect Deena is starving. Maybe she'll stop being so stupid when she has some
food in her belly."

	Deena planted her feet to the spot where she stood. "Now I have to sit
in a busy dining hall in these chains?" She shook her manacled hands causing her
chains to rattle. "Why do you keep embarrassing me like this?" Her voice was
cracking up, and her eyes moistening with tears.

	"Young lady! YOU were the one caught for drink driving! Maybe you'll
consider the consequences next time. The law is the law!" He bit back at her,
having had more than enough of the girl's complaining.

	Jenny put a comforting arm around Deena as they made their way to the
dining hall. "Come on Deena, lift up your ankle chain so it doesn't drag along
when you walk, and let's wipe your eyes again. Dr Britten can be very mean
sometimes, but he's a nice person really. We'll just sit in the corner of the
dining hall where no-one will notice us, and have a nice relaxed lunch break."

	It was the peak lunch period and the dining hall was packed, noisy with
exuberant youthful conversation and the clattering of crockery. Any thoughts of
a quiet lunch-break were rapidly abandoned. Mike and Jenny went to queue for the
food while Nikki and Deena searched for a free table.

	Deena followed Nikki's instruction to smile as they walked arm in arm
past busy and noisy tables.  Nikki's dyed red hair and punkish appearance
attracted enough stares on a normal day, but escorting a scantily dressed and
chained-up girl, they became the focus of attention. Whistles and catcalls
accompanied them as they walked the length of the dining hall.

	"Hey Deena, why don't I stick something you'd really enjoy up your
arse?" an idiot called out from one table.

	"You'd better wipe your mummy's juices off it first!" Nikki shot back,
sticking out her pierced tongue at him. They were too far down the aisle before
the speechless guy could think of another wisecrack.

	Deena and Nikki finally reach a vacant table. "College kids can be so
juvenile" Nikki said to comfort Deena. "You have to learn how to handle them.
Actually I think many of them admire you. After all, you do look kinda sexy in
your chains and little slave-girl dress. Some of the female students were
gossiping about how it must feel to be chained up like that, and how it feels to
have that scopy thing up your bum. They were really quite excited by it."

	"You've got to be kidding!" Deena said, feeling awkward about
contradicting the street-wise Nikki. "How can you say that anyone wants to be
put in chains and be treated like I was this morning?"

	Nikki smiled. She sensed that Deena was not well versed in the ways of
the world. "Well... maybe not exactly like that! But lots of women have
fantasies about being a slave-girl, kept in chains, exposed in public or having
someone exploring and probing their bodies. Even to be whipped or spanked."

	Deena made a derisive laugh at the suggestion. "I've had enough of all
of those things this morning and I don't recommend it! I mean, how would you
like it done to you?"

	"Oh, I wouldn't mind it so much. I kinda like it when my boyfriend ties
me up and spanks me!" Nikki gave Deena one of her provocative smiles.

	"Yeah, very funny!" Deena didn't want to believe that was true.

	"I'm serious! You mean you've never had a boyfriend that did that stuff
to you?"

	Deena shook her head, eyes cast down towards the table. She almost felt
ashamed to admit her lack of experience.

	Mike and Jenny arrived with laden trays carrying the four meals. Both
were completely at ease in the student environment. Dr Britten, an academic, was
immune to the commotion of student dining halls; while Nurse Jenny appeared to
revel in the admiring glances and banter generated by her sexy nurse's uniform.

	Jenny unlocked Deena's handcuffs and their starving model immediately
started devouring her food, scarcely noticing what she was eating.

	Over the duration of their lunch Deena calmed down, feeling well fed and
none the worse from the morning's activities. She agreed to complete their
appointments for the rest of the week, provided that Dr Mike stopped 'being
mean' to her. The Doctor agreed to her demand, knowing that she was in no
position to enforce it.

	By the time they'd had dessert and a coffee Deena had forgotten her
earlier tantrums and felt braced enough to tackle whatever the afternoon would
throw at her. They promised her it would be more fun than the morning lecture.


	Deena soon found out how different the afternoon session was compared to
the morning. Different, but no less embarrassing!

	Before the students arrived for the lecture Deena was already fixed into
her first position. She was lying on a bench with her ankles raised in stirrups,
thin leather 'retaining' straps ensured her feet stayed comfortable in the
stirrups. Her normal chains and cuffs were removed but only to be replaced by
'built-in' shackles at each side of the bench. In addition, she was blindfolded
with a thin strip of black velvet tied neatly around her head.

	Dr Britten, ever the perfectionist, already had a camera focused on her
exposed vulva. A three foot high image of it twitched and trembled on the
screen, leaving the incoming students in no doubt about the subject of the
afternoon's lecture.

	"Good afternoon students, and welcome back to the second of today's
lectures. As you can see Deena is ready for the show so let's begin...

	"Take a look at the screen and tell me what you see...What is it
called?" The students needed no further invitation and randomly shouted out some

	"Cunt!" (laughter from the students)
	"Fuckhole!" (even more laughter from the students!)

	The Doctor spoke. "Nurse Jenny, please pull back Deena's labia so that
we can see her... ahem... 'fuckhole' more closely." The students chuckled at the
Doctor's chosen description.

	To avoid getting in the way of the camera's view the nurse hitched up
her skirt and straddled Deena's body, facing her legs. Attentive students caught
a tantalizing glimpse of a bare upper thigh and garters above the nurse's white
stocking tops. An occupational hazard of wearing a short skirt, but all part of
the fun for Jenny.

	Deena could feel Jenny's latex-covered fingers on her labia and the
truth dawned on her: The hall full of students was studying her pussy on the

	"No, please don't do that!" Deena pleaded meekly with the Nurse. Jenny
continued to tenderly rub her fingers along Deena's labia. "Oh God, no!" she
said in no more than a whisper, ashamed that the nurse could so easily arouse

	"Quiet please Deena, I'm trying to explain something!" the Doctor
shouted out, then his stick smacked against the back of her upturned thighs.
Deena yelped. The stinging blow hurt her even more than being caned on the side
of the leg.

	The Doctor paused to regain his thread and turned back to the students.
"Sorry about this, Deena's new, and still a little shy!" He explained in her
defence. "Now, where was I...."

	Nurse Jenny continued to lovingly stroke Deena's labia while the
patient's wrists tugged helplessly against the chains and shackles. Deena's
fingers felt the oddly reassuring stocking-clad thighs of the nurse's legs
straddling her, making the nurse smile. Her ministrations had the desired
effect, Deena seemed to surrender to the nurse's expert touch, and knew she was
beaten yet again. Thank heavens that the blindfold hid her shame.

	Having seen the image on the screen the Doctor continued. "With Nurse
Jenny holding open Deena's labia minora we have a good view of her vulva.
There's her clitoris, only just visible." (Right on cue Jenny pulled back the
skin of the prepuce to give the students better view of the little nubbin.)
"There's Deena's urethral opening which we explored this morning, and within
that lovely soft flesh is her vagina. That's where we are going next...

	"The first device I will be demonstrating today is the vaginoscope. 
This model has two pieces. The first section is essentially a modern version of
a speculum."

	Nurse Jenny was busy applying a lubricant to the device before handing
it to the Doctor. Unlike old-style steel specula with a lever handle this one
was of the expanding tube variety, made of plastic.

	"I shall now gently insert the speculum into Deena's vagina." As he
stood in the gap between her legs the camera mixing console switched
automatically to the overhead view so the students could follow the insertion
procedure on the big screen. Deena stayed perfectly still while it slipped
smoothly into her pussy.

	The Doctor briefly address his patient. "How does that feel, Deena?"

	"It feels okay, Sir." She responded truthfully, not knowing why she
addressed him as  'Sir'... It just came out that way. It seemed as if the
speculum was growing larger within her, pushing firmly outwards against the
walls of her vagina.  But its fullness felt nice, she had to admit it.

	The Doctor continued his lecture. "Once inside the patient, this
speculum automatically expands to provide a wide opening within Deena's vagina.
Now...if I focus this mini camera through the central hole of speculum we can
see Deena's cervix. Isn't that nice? Looks almost like the head of a penis I
always think...

	"Some mucus is obscuring the opening of the uterus, my guess is that
Deena will be ovulating in the next few days. Our next instrument, this probe,
will give us more precise measure of this event."

	He held up the probe, which predictably given it's function, looked like
a small penis; except with a metallic flange at its base. "Don't be deceived by
the apparent simplicity. It may look like the dildo you have in your bedroom but
that's the only similarity. This device contains a sophisticated array of
exploratory instruments that I will shortly demonstrate on our patient." He
could see Deena shudder as he said those words.
	The Doctor introduced the six inch long device into the speculum's two
inch diameter circular opening. The base of the unit made a precise and very
audible click as it locked onto the base of the speculum. The video screen
showed the inside of Deena's vagina with amazing clarity. "Now I'll rotate the
base a few times, this will elongate the probe within the vagina."

	Deena panicked as she felt the probe pushing against her cervix. "No.
No. It's too big, Sir!" Her ineffectual pleading had no effect.

	"Hush now Deena! Try to relax, it's just moving into position," the
Doctor responded in what for him was a kindly manner.

	Nurse Jenny already had situation under control. She pushed a large
sponge-like ball into Deena's mouth and smoothed some medical tape over her
lips. "Sorry sweetie, it's for your own good. You know how irritated the Doctor
becomes when he is interrupted."

	The Doctor let Deena become accustomed to the device within her for a
few moments before continuing. Blindfolded, chained to the bench, and now
gagged, all served to concentrate Deena's thoughts on the feelings deep within
her. She kept expecting it to hurt, but it didn't. Quite the contrary in fact!

	"Now you can observe the extendible camera moving through Deena's cervix
and into her uterus. A magnificent view isn't it."

	Deena whimpered quietly, her hands tugging repeatedly on the chains that
fixed them to the side of the bench. The belt still firmly pinned her hips to
the bench, defeating all her instinctive attempts at fighting off her intruder

	"Now we can watch the Intra-Uterine Inseminator in action. It is
releasing a pellet of washed sperm. This has a 250% greater chance of achieving
fertilisation than normal intercourse. Until the Western world's male sperm
count improves, most pregnancies will continue to be attained with technology
like this."

	The Doctor fiddled with the video console. "That's a good view of the
sperm right there!" He announced excitedly, seeing the mass of wriggling motions
on the screen.  "Fantastic isn't it? We'll just leave the impregnator running
while I show you this recent documentary."

	To Deena's consternation, the thing was gently vibrating. It was like
being tickled deep inside her belly, and no amount of squirming on her part
could do anything to relieve herself from its insidious torment. She became
oblivious to the Doctor and  public surroundings as her mind and body became
obsessed with her battle against the mechanical invader.

	The video screen showed the documentary: A ward, or laboratory, where
several young women laid on bench-beds similar to Deena's. Like Deena they had
their hands secured to the side of the bed and a strap holding the hips firmly
to the bed. Between the 'stirrupped' legs of the women was a small machine fixed
to the bench. There was no doubt that the women were being penetrated and
stimulated by the machines. Even on the video recording the gentle hum of the
equipment was unmistakable.

	"Here we can see a ward at the Institute of Human Insemination.
Volunteers like Deena are testing the effectiveness of the very latest
insemination equipment. The researchers can monitor each aspect from the
inducement of ovulation to the fertilisation of the egg. Thanks to the
pioneering work of this institute your generation now have an excellent chance
of achieving conception."

	While Deena quietly continued her struggles with the inseminator, the
Doctor announced it was time for an afternoon coffee break. The remark was
followed by the familiar scramble of students dashing out to the beverage

	"Oops, I forgot to switch off the inseminator!" The Doctor whispered to
the nurse while reaching for the unit between Deena's legs. He switched it off
and waited a few moments for the probes to withdraw from her uterus. When the
unit beeped at him he started to unscrew the inseminator. "Looks like Deena was
enjoying that." He winked at the nurse.

	Deena might have been interested to learn that the device was on the 'no
orgasm' setting. That would explain the probe's seemingly erratic behaviour. It
was designed to stimulate but not-over-stimulate leaving her feeling like she
had unfinished business with that probe!

	Much to Deena's relief the nurse peeled the tape from her mouth and
retrieved the sopping wet sponge that had so effectively silenced her. The
Doctor meanwhile had removed Deena's inseminator and speculum.

	"How did that feel?" Nurse Jenny asked her as she removed Deena's
blindfold and unshackled her from the bench.

	Deena was reluctant to answer. "It didn't hurt...." she offered
guardedly, feeling 'kinda nice' about the thing she had inside her for the last
hour. Recalling the topic of the lecture she became concerned about something.
"Jenny. I won't get pregnant will I?"

	Jenny laughed and looked at her kindly. "No of course not Deena. We've
taken care of that for you."

	Nikki returned to the lecture floor with a tray of drinks. Deena was
pleased to be joining the Doctor, Jenny and Nikki for a cup of coffee, although
she was only permitted a cold drink. 'Got to keep you cool' they explained
cryptically. Despite the restrictions and the absolute control they exerted over
her, Deena was beginning to feel like part of the team.


	They had fifteen minutes to prepare Deena for the 3pm lecture. Nurse
Jenny placed a strange metallic mesh cap on her head. It was a tight fit and
Deena could feel it digging into her scalp. "This monitors your brainwaves,"
Jenny explained to her.

	The nurse put a black cloth over the mesh cap and tied it tightly around
Deena's head so that it not only concealed the mesh cap but also served as a
blindfold. A thin white cable trailed downwards from the cap and the Nurse fixed
it to the side of Deena's upper arm with a single wrap of 1" surgical tape. She
then taped the wire it in position on Deena's thigh and calf in the same way,
like a lightening cable on the side of a building. The cable then snaked along
the floor and plugged into the Doctor's control panel.

	"There we are Deena! You're all wired up and Dr Mike is testing the
signals from your brain." She handcuffed Deena's hands behind her back. "Need to
keep your hands away from the wiring." The nurse always had a reason for keeping
Deena in chains!

	"Nikki, would you remove Deena's dress please!" The Doctor called out
without even raising his eyes from the control panel.

	Nikki gladly obliged, taking great delight at the ripping of Velcro
before the wispy white dress was in her hands. and Deena was naked once more.

	"Now Deena, I'm going to put the ear-pieces in. You'll be able to hear
Dr Mike talking to you through the microphone in a second." The nurse pushed the
plug-like devices into Deena's ears so they were barely visible to the casual
observer. Deena's world became silent as well as dark.

	"Deena, can you hear me?" It was the Doctor's voice in the ear-pieces.

	"Ow! Too loud!" Deena cried out.

	The Doctor slid down the volume control "Sorry! How is it now? Not too
loud? "

	"That's fine." Deena nodded.

	"Now we have to calibrate the sensors. Please stay quiet and concentrate
on what I say."

	The Doctor sat at the Encephalographic Analyzer screen and touched the
'calibrate' button. He read out the questions that appeared on the screen.

	"Deena, I want you think about your Sacha, your dog ...." The Doctor
studied the tri-dimensional topographic image on the control panel. The unit
beeped and the words 'Response Verified' flashed at the top of his screen.

	" think about your mum........(beep) very good. Now
think of something that makes you angry...(beep). Wow, that was an easy one!

	"Okay, Next I want you to think about a guy you fancy......." (ten
seconds elapsed.) "Come on, we don't have all day......(beep) Fine that'll do.
Now think about what you like to do when you're making love........( another
lengthy pause, then beep) that's fine.

	"For this one you must think about an incident that was embarrassing for

	"Like this morning maybe?" Deena asked cheerfully, she was beginning to
enjoy this little game.

	The Doctor was not amused. "For heaven's sake Deena. Be quiet! I can't
get the readings if you are talking. Please concentrate! Think of something
embarrassing....(beep) okay that's perfect."

	Dr Mike couldn't resist posing one last question of his own. "Deena, I
want you to think about me."

	The topographic display of Deena's brain signals pulsed with activity,
but after a pause of ten seconds the unit timed out. The display flashed
'Response Unusable.' Dr Mike touched the 'More Details' button and studied the
analysis. He smiled contentedly.

	"Nice try Deena, but this machine says that you don't really hate me!"
He studied the results. The pie-chart display showed anger, respect, trust and
fear. There was also a distinct measure of physical attraction he was pleased to

	"Okay Deena, the analyzer shows that you do actually have a brain,
although at times I wondered. Jenny, can you put the spreader bar on Deena's
ankles, the girl seems incapable of standing still for more than a few moments
at a time."

	The nurse rummaged in a storage box and found a 12" steel bar with a
leather cuff at each end. She knelt down and fixed them on Deena's ankles.

	With her hands cuffed in steel behind her back and her ankles held apart
she couldn't help but recall an awful event a couple of months ago. The worst
day of her life...

	It was her birthday, so Deena went to the pub with her colleagues after
they finished work. It was a warm summer day and everybody said how lovely she
looked, with her ultra-short summer dress that showed off her shapely tanned
legs. Her colleagues bought her a couple of drinks but she was unaware the two
vodka and oranges were both double measures. Her parents had a 21st birthday
party waiting for her, so after quickly downing her second drink she left the
pub in a cheery mood eager to return home.

	While she was driving home along quiet country roads she turned a bend
and was confronted by an oncoming car on her side of the road, trying to
overtake another vehicle. There was no way it could make it in time. In an
instant Deena had to choose between a head-on collision with the car, or driving
off the road to avoid it. Instinctively she did the latter, her car colliding
into an oak tree a moment later.

	The airbags fired off, saving her from injury and the car safety system
automatically alerted the emergency services. The other cars, the cause of her
misfortune disappeared into the distance behind her, blissfully unaware of
Deena's fate.

	A police patrol car arrived on the scene within minutes. Deena was
already out of her car, unharmed but dazed. The policeman immediately thrust an
electronic breathalyzer between her lips and looked at the digital readout.

	"Come with me," the policeman took her by the arm, escorting her to his
patrol car. "Lean forward across the bonnet."

	She did as he instructed, and felt him gently kicking her feet apart.
Her soft breasts were squashed into the warm metal beneath her.

	"Hands behind your back!"

	The policeman's hands gripped her slender wrists and Deena heard the
smooth clicking of the handcuffs as they closed upon her. The grip of his hands
was replaced by that of cool steel. That first futile tug of her hands against
the unyielding handcuffs became etched in her memory. Bent forward across the
patrol car's bonnet, with her dress riding up her hips, her white panties became
visible to the gathering crowd of onlookers.

	"Jesus, why do the young ones where such short skirts?" The policeman
said, tugging down the hemline of her dress. Then he patted her ass kindly and
started to dispel the crowd.

	"Come on folks, nothing to see here. Just another foolish drunk driver!"

	That's when it really hit Deena. She came out of her state of shock
following the crash, and entered a state of despair. The penalty for drinking
under the influence of alcohol was severe and she knew in trouble.

	Now, two months later she was without a car and without a job and this
was officially the first day of her punishment. This physical reminder of that
awful day was the cause of the quiet tears streaming down her cheeks.


	The Doctor waited a few more moments for the students to resume their
seats and quiet down.

	"Welcome back for the final lecture of the day. As you can see our
lovely model Deena is ready to begin. We've cuffed her hands behind her to give
you an unobstructed view of her body while we run a spectrum analysis scan. She
is wearing ear-phones and right now she is listening to some very nice sensual
sounds. To enable her to concentrate she will only hear what I want her to

	Some music came through the P.A. The same as Deena could hear through
her ear-pieces. It was a kind of ambient 'whale music' that had been formulated
to evoke a relaxed and sensual state in the listener.

	Deena stood quietly and waited, enjoying the calming music in her
ear-pieces. The sideways-view and near-perfect posture of Deena's naked body
captivated many in the audience. The screen displayed the outline of her
profile, although the picture was actually a thermal image. Red for the warmest
parts, down to yellow for the coolest, most noticeable her feet and hands.

	"Now we will test the effects of various stimuli on Deena's body. The
signs of sexual arousal are varied and now we will illustrate some of them.

	"For example, what would happen if I kissed her shoulder?" He walked
over to stand behind Deena and kissed her shoulder softly. She jumped,
momentarily shocked, unable to hear the noises around her. Then she smiled once
she realised what had happened. Next her kissed her on the neck. Deena smiled

	"Now I'm going to touch her breasts." He stood behind her, reached
around and tenderly cupped the underside of a breast in hand, his fingers
finding and teasing her nipples. "As you can see on the display Deena finds this
arousing, her pulse rate is increasing, body temperature is rising and her skin
is flushing slightly. Much as I would like to carry on kissing and caressing her
I need to continue the lecture. So please may I have a male volunteer from the
audience." The Doctor smiled as he saw a forest of male arms shoot skywards.

	A handsome young man was quickly chosen, and applauded to the stage by
his friends. With a broad grin on his face he announced his name to the

	"OK Alan, thanks for being the brave volunteer in this experiment. Do
you know what you have to do?"

	"Kiss her, I hope!" Alan grinned, full of youthful confidence, eyeing up
Deena's luscious body a few feet in front of him.

	"Luckily for you, you're right. Do you think you can give Deena a nice
sensuous kiss? Please don't use you hands as you'll obscure the displays."

	He stood in front of the Deena as directly and held his hands together
behind his back. He nervously swallowed as he studied the face below her
blindfolded eyes. Her cute nose with nostrils flaring and those sweet puffy
kissable lips. Her naked breasts too were fantastic: Shapely, with upturned
nipples, as if yearning for his attention.

	He'd never got this turned on before he'd even kissed a girl. Perhaps it
was the blindfold and handcuffs she wore? He even loved that shiny security
collar around her neck.

	The noisy excitement in the lecture hall subsided into one of breathless
and silent anticipation as Alan moved in on Deena's lips. He could feel his
heart pounding. Deena felt Alan's warm breath a moment before his lips made
contact. A first delicate tentative touch soon becoming stronger, Deena's lips
opened willingly to him. Whoever he was, he tasted nice! Then his hands reached
out to lightly hold her arms.

	"Stop! Stop right now!" The Doctor was furious. "How can I carry out a
lecture if your hands are interfering with the displays?...Nurse Jenny will help
you to control yourself."

	Alan's fellow students twitched noisily in their seats, bubbling with
anticipation as Nurse Jenny approached him, a pair of handcuffs dangling from
her index finger. He looked at her incredulously, not believing what was about
to happen.

	"Come on Alan, it won't hurt," the nurse cajoled him. He obediently
moved his hands behind his back and the nurse confidently snicked the cuffs on
him. She always enjoyed putting handcuffs on handsome young students like Alan!
The raucous applause of Alan's fellow students., made him wonder if he'd ever be
allowed to forget this experience.

	At least he got another chance to kiss Deena again. She stood
motionless, blind and deaf to the commotion around her, waiting, she hoped for
another loving kiss. He mouth met hers again. Both tugged involuntarily against
the handcuffs that were preventing their chaste kissing from becoming a
passionate embrace. If the first kiss was great, this second one was
spectacular, that helpless and restrained naked girl seemed to have captured him
with her lips. The erotic charge between them filled the air. The students
shifted uncomfortably on the edge of their seats, all eyes riveted on the
kissing couple.

	The Doctor fiddled with his video controls, changing the screen's image.
Screams of delight burst from the girls in the audience while the guys laughed
and cheered at the picture. The thermal and blood-flow imaging camera produced a
vivid thermal image of Alan's fully erect cock within his trousers. The poor (or
should that be 'lucky') guy was by then as oblivious of the audience as the
blindfolded Deena.
	The Doctor was pleased with the performance of his subjects. He
continued the lecture: "You'll have already observed the blood flow to one
particular part of Alan's anatomy. Notice also the flushing of the skin on both
subjects as they become aroused, it can vary in location and degree from person
to person but typically occurs over much of the torso and face. Deena's nipples
have hardened and increased in size. Her breasts too, will have increased in
size during arousal."

	"Now I'll switch to Deena's brain scan. That's Deena brain on the screen
now. Her 'pleasure centre' is concentrated around the hypothalamus. Increased
activity denoting sexual arousal and happiness is highlighted in orange; so you
see that Deena's day had not been without its highlights. Next we need to break
up the lovers and show how pain is registered within the brain."

	After their lengthy and increasingly passionate kissing Nurse Jenny
managed to prise the lovers apart. Alan offered up her his cuffed wrists
expected her to unlock him but the nurse had others ideas. "Not just yet Alan,
we may need to keep you ready for later," she said, giving him a saucy wink. He
sat down at the side of the stage, horny, frustrated, embarrassed and in love!
His gaze fixed longingly on Deena's naked body.

	"Now we shall look at the flip side to Deena's pleasure: Pain, and how
we can control it. First we need to cause our patient a little pain... Nurse
Jenny, would you please administer the cane to Deena's backside."

	The Doctor then switched his microphone setting to give Deena a quiet
word of warning through her ear-pieces. "Deena, I'm going to strike you with the
cane several times as part of the demonstration. Don't make a fuss or I'll
punish you later. Do you understand?"

	Deena nodded.

	Moments later Nurse Jenny landed the first sharp blow on her rump. Much
harder that the light taps that the Doctor had given her earlier. Deena
whimpered, trying to be brave, and stifled her urge to cry out. Further stinging
blows followed, illustrating that the Nurse was very adept with a cane. Deena
managed to stand still, the little spreader bar between her ankles helping her
to maintain her position. Alan realised that keeping him secured in handcuffs
was to prevent him from coming to Deena's aid during her caning. He was
powerless to prevent Deena's punishment as each successive strike seemed to get

	The Doctor explained to the students the effect of the blows, and how
Deena's neurochemistry of natural opioids and endorphins was helping her cope
with it. "As you can see the patterns of pain are very different from the
pleasure response you saw earlier. Although I do detect a small pleasure
response from the caning. Pain received within particular psychological contexts
can be interpreted as pleasure in many cases. This is common to all of us,
although it is most popularly associated with masochists. You may be interested
to note that Deena shows signs of undeveloped masochistic tendencies."

	"Mankind has used opiates to suppress pain for hundreds of years, but we
can also suppress pain through electrical means. The mesh cap Deena is wearing
can administer non-invasive pain-relieving pulses. I'm now going to switch that
on. Watch carefully, you will see a very different reaction from Deena...Nurse,
administer five more strokes of the cane!" He turned a knob on his control

	Jenny took very evident pleasure in landing five more strokes on Deena's
buttocks. This time the nurse's pleasure was matched by Deena's - the girl was
smiling, and the screen showed her brain response remarkably similar to when
Alan was kissing her!

	Observing Deena's enjoyment at her supposed punishment, the students
cheered and applauded, counting out loud as the nurse continued to apply the

	That was the finale of the lecture. The Doctor gave a brief summary of
the day's activities, extolling the job satisfaction and pleasures of a career
in medicine. Everybody knew it wasn't the whole story but the lecture fulfilled
its brief of providing a 'lively demonstration illustrating human anatomy and
modern medical technologies'.

	After taking questions from the hall, the lecture ended. Students
loitered around inspecting some of the equipment and chatting to Nurse Jenny.
They made sure all the students including the lovelorn Alan were shoo'ed from
the hall before removing Deena's headgear.

	"There, that wasn't too bad, was it?" Nurse Jenny asked Deena while
cutting free the white cable that was taped to her arm and leg.

	"It was okay, I guess, although my bum hurts a little. Dr Mike really
hit me hard with that cane!"

	The nurse finally released Deena from the handcuffs. "Yeah, he's a mean
son-of-a-bitch sometimes," she whispered sympathetically, "but don't worry,
tonight I'll put something on you that will sooth all your pains away."

	To Deena's delight, Dr Mike told her to get dressed. Not in that
slave-girl outfit, as she had taken to calling it, but in her normal street
clothes! Her suitcase was already on the stage waiting for her. She selected a
bra and matching panties, jeans, a tee-shirt and a sweater and was soon dressed
and feeling normal again. By the time she'd brushed her hair and fixed it in a
pony-tail the packing-up was all done.

	When the van was loaded and fond goodbyes shared with Nikki, there was
just one more thing to do. This time Deena didn't even grumble as Nurse Jenny
placed the prisoner's belly chain around her waist and clicked the cuffs around
her wrists and ankles.

	Once again, Deena sat in middle seat of the van, Dr Mike driving and
Nurse Jenny in the passenger seat. It had been a successful day and, all things
considered, the Doctor was pleased with Deena's contribution. He fired up the
van's hydrogas engine and they were back on the road. Tomorrow they would be in
another college, performing the same lecture.

	Her chains gave Deena little choice but to sit with her hands in her
lap. Her fingers pressing down deliberately on her jeans above her crotch. After
the experiences of the day she would have given anything to have the chance of
sticking her hand in her panties for ten minutes!

	Nurse Jenny noticed Deena's actions, slapped her fingers gently and
tutted. "You're not here for fun you know!" The nurse had a rule of her own for
Deena: Strictly no orgasms during the first week. For Deena it would be the
longest most frustrating week of her life.

End of Chapter 3
to be continued
(Thank you so much to the readers who wrote encouraging me to continue writing
this story.)

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