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Sailor Senshi Sex

Part 1

Sailor Senshi Sex

Part 1 - the fantasies of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Uranus. 

Serena longed to be spanked. Sometimes, at night, she'd fantasize aboutwatching
herself being spanked. It didn't matter who spanked her. She thought she'd look
ever so sexy with her skirt up and her panties down, ass presented for
punishment. She'd struggle to silence herself as her hands worked furiously on
her pussy. One day, her mother caught her being mean to that annoying Rini.
"Serena!" She yelled, "You should be spanked for such childishness."  Serena
couldn't believe her good luck.

She gave Rini's hair one last tug, knowing the brat would complain. "That's it,
young lady!" Her mother said. Her mother yanked her face down onto her lap and
raised her short skirt. She brought her hand down on Serena's butt ten times,
rapidly. "There young woman, I hope you learned your lesson. Now, go to your
room!" Serena went to her room, not to sulk as her mother thought, but to
masturbate. She was disappointed. Why hadn't her mother pulled down her panties.
She locked her door, stripped naked and layed on her bed. She cupped her small
breasts. She imagined herself in her Sailor Moon costume, leaning with her hands
on Queen Serenity's throne. The queen, her mother, was going to punish her
privately for disobeying her by visiting Endymion. The queen unzipped her skirt
and let it fall to her ankles, then she slowly pulled Serena's panties down to
her knees. She raised her leather covered paddle and brought it down on Serena's
butt. Serena's gasp was more of pleasure than pain. The queen spanked Serena
until the princess was on the brink of cumming, her butt red and sore. Then the
queen knelt behind Serena, cupping a buttock in each hand. She drank Serena's
juices and licked her pussy. Serena came. She had to find somebody to give her
the spanking of her dreams.

Rei's deepest, darkest desire was to sexually dominate Serena andDarien. She'd
lay in bed, fantasizing about her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend.
She'd picture herself wearing thigh-high black vinyl boots, elbow-length black
vinyl gloves, and a matching corset. They were alone in a dark room with stone
walls, manacles and a couch in the center. Darien was nude except for his tuxedo
mask and the gold ring around his cock. Serena was also nude, except for the
line of gold rings along her pussy lips. They both knelt before Rei. "Mistress,
please, use us." They said together. Rei would lead Darien to a table set with
cuffs, and chain him down spread-eagle. Golden chains bound him to the table at
his wrists, ankles, waist and neck. Rei would then turn to Serena and put her
into bondage also. She would lead Serena to a wooden horse and have her bend
over it. Rei would secure Serena's ankles and thighs to the horse, then her
wrists. Serena's ass was presented perfectly. Rei raised her riding crop and
brought it down on Serena's cute littlebutt. Again and again and again. Serena
gave adorable little whimpers as Rei admired the red welts on her ass. Rei
touched Serena's pussy.

It was wet and hot. Rei inserted two of her fingers into Serena. Serena moaned
with pleasure. Rei stroked the inner walls of Serena's pussy until she sensed
Serena was about to cum. She strapped on a thick black, twelve inch dildo. She
stepped in front of Serena and touched the head of the dildo to Serena's lips.
"Suck it, slave slut." Rei commanded. Serena obeyed, opening her mouth and
taking the dildo into her mouth. She sucked on it, excited, eager to have her
Mistress fuck her with the dildo. Rei was aroused by the sight of her Princess
sucking her dildo. She walked around to Serena's rear and inserted the dildo
into Serena's pussy. She held on firmly to Serena's hips as she worked the
rubber in and out of Serena. Serena came but Rei didn't stop. She continued
fucking Serena and Serena came again and again. Then she unstrapped the dildo
and left it inside of Serena. She was ready for a fucking herself. She went over
to Darien and climbedon top of him. She squeezed his balls. He whimpered in pain
and would have lost his erection if he could. Rei lowered herself over Darien.
They both moaned with pleasure. Rei rode Darien to orgasm after orgasm. But his
cock ring prevented him from cumming. Rei fell asleep satisfied, curled on top
of Darien's body, watching Serena squirm in bondage.

Mina's fantasy was of herself and the other Seneshi engaged in a torridorgy. She
was the descendant of the sex goddess, after all. They were all nude. Their
luscious young bodies glistened with suntan lotion and sunlight. They were
lounging on a huge white vinyl beach blanket. Mina was laying on her back, legs
spread wide. Ami was kneeling between her legs, kissing and licking her pussy.
Rei was kneeling over Mina's face, her hands grasping Mina's tits as Mina ate
her pussy. A few feet away, Serena was on her hands and knees, being fucked by a
dildo-wearing Lita. Serena's moans rose louder and louder as she reached climax
after climax. Chibi sat watching the Seneshi and fingering her own pussy. The
lesbian Outer Senshi, Uranus and Neptune, were in sixty-nine, eating each
other's pussies. Of course, the butch Uranus was on top. Saturn soon joined in.
She'd brought a twenty-four inch double-headed dildo to share with Chibi. She
guided half of that dildo into Chibi and the rest into her own cunt. She layed
on top of Chibi and they fucked. Setsuna couldn't decide who to fuck with her
monster vibrating double-headed dildo - Lita and Ami both had empty holes. She
finally plunged into the blue-haired Senshi's tight pussy.

The butch dyke Haruka had been fantasizing about the Moon Princess eversince
they met. Haruka was certain that she could turn Serena into a lipstick lesbo if
she had only one night with her. As she lay in bed, nude, with her lover, Sailor
Neptune, she fantasized about Sailor Moon. She'd slowly undress Serena,
caressing her entire body. Then she'd kiss her while groping her ass and
squeezing her tits. Serena would hesitantly respond, become more aroused with
each touch. Then Haruka would suckle each of Serena's nipples while fingering
her silt. Serena would moan and groan and spread her legs wide. She'd beg Haruka
to fuck her. Haruka would lay Serena on her back, get between her legs and lick
her pussy until the Princess was about to come. Serena would beg to have her
pussy fucked.

Haruka would stop and straddle Serena's face. She'd tell the girl she had to eat
her if she wanted to get to come. Serena would grasp Haruka's ass and hungrily
nibble at her pussy. She'd kiss and lick that cunt until Haruka came on her
face. "Haruka, you promised! Fuck me please! Make me come." Haruka would squeeze
Serena's tits to remind her who was in charge thenshe'd sit between Serena's
legs. She'd stroke Serena's pussy, getting her fingers wet with Serena's juices.
She'd enter Serena's pussy, finger by finger. Serena would be moaning in
esctasy. Haruka would slowly fistfuck Serena, as deep as she could. Serena would
scream and climax, her pussy spasming around Haruka's hand and arm. This fantasy
made Haruka so horny, she was frantically fingering her own pussy. She reached
across to Neptune's bare pussy and fingered her. She sat up and shook Neptune
awake, "I'm so horny, honey." The submissive femme was annoyed but willing to do
what her dominant girlfriend wanted. Haruka rolled on top of her girlfriend, in
69. She started working on Neptune's pussy as Neptune tongued her pussy.

Review This Story || Author: Jayne
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