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Shotgun Wedding

Part 1

Shotgun Wedding

Lydia Dunn's heart sank. Just as she was coming back to her dorm, she noticed
Danielle's car out front. What did SHE want, thought the attractive young
student. Lydia had never gotten along well with her older sister, ever since
they were kids.

"Lyd!" called out Danielle, poking her head through the driver's side window.
Lydia dutifully trudged to her sister's car. "What's up?" she asked.

"We need to talk about Mom's birthday present, remember? You agreed to go in
with me." Danielle, three years older and slightly larger -- especially in the
chest, to Lydia's chagrin -- seemed in a surprisingly upbeat mood, and Lydia
relaxed. "Oh, right," she said. "Come on in, we can talk in my room."

A frown crossed Danielle's face. "No, I can't. I'm in a rush. Hop in, and we'll
talk in the car. In fact, I've already bought something, I just need your
approval." Typical! thought Lydia, what a manipulating bitch Danielle can be.
Suppressing her annoyance, Lydia walked around to the passenger door and got in.

With Lydia in the car, Danielle held up an atomizer. "It's a great new perfume.
Take a whiff, and tell me what you think." Danielle gave a squeeze on the rubber
bulb, and a misty fog surrounded Lydia's head. She inhaled the perfume, and
suddenly felt nauseous and weak . . .

* * * *

Lydia awoke in a dungeon. That was the only way she could think of it. She was
naked, stretched out on a frame or rack of some kind, her weight resting on some
kind of padded narrow bench, but with her wrists and ankles held firmly by
cuffs, pulling her body taut. The room was of indeterminate size, one wall of
cinderblock visible, but some views hidden by thick velvet curtains.

"Hello, Lydia," said a deep resonant voice. Turning her head, Lydia saw a man
standing a short distance away. He was tall and good looking, 6'4" and about 200
pounds; his shaved head made him seem both intelligent and menacing, and his
eyebrows indicated that his hair would have been blond, if allowed to grow. He
was dressed in a maroon velvet robe, and the color suited him; Lydia judged him
to be in his mid-forties.

"What is this? What are you doing to me?" cried the young student, struggling
vainly in her bonds to hide her nakedness from the strange man. "Let me go! Let
me go this instant!"

"Oh, but you just got here. It wouldn't be polite to leave so soon; I might get
the idea that you don't like me. And we haven't even been properly introduced.
My name is Dom, Dom Neely. And you are Lydia."

Lydia screamed at the top of her lungs, a penetrating wail. "HEEEEELPP!
HEEELLPP! Somebody HEEELLPP!" Dom gave an annoyed flinch at her scream, and

"I do find that rather disturbing, Lydia. As a guest in my house, I hope you
understand that I must enforce my own household rules. And I'm afraid that I
will have to insist that you do not speak unless I allow it. We wouldn't want
the neighbors to complain, would we?"

"HEEELLP! HEEEEEEELLP!!" screamed Lydia, hoping on hope that the neighbors would
hear, and would call the police. In a flash, Dom was at her side, and as she
scremed for help, he stuffed a thick rubber ball in her mouth, blocking off the
scream in mid-wail. "lllpppp!!!" was the only sound from Lydia's throat, and
even that was swallowed up in the velvet curtains. Dom buckled a strap behind
Lydia's head, underneath her long brown hair, holding the gag firmly in place.

"That's much better now, isn't it?" said Dom, stepping back to her side. He
reached out and touched her beautiful face, and she pulled away from his touch.
His hand moved languidly downward, caressing her neck, to her collarbone. Lydia
squirmed, upset that the had of what was clearly a rapist would be so gentle.
And his hand continued lower, to Lydia's helplessly exposed breasts.

"You're very beautiful, Lydia," said Dom. "Danielle didn't do you justice. Your
tits are exquisite," he said, as his hand reached the skin of her left breast.
"Not large, but perfectly shaped, a young girl's tits, a virgin's tits. That
arouses me. Your nipples are perfect, just like Danielle's. Someday, perhaps I
will see them properly adorned. And I love that you have kept your figure so
slim; I like the feel of your ribs and your belly. But most of all, Lydia, I
like this," he said, as his hand reached the top of her pubic mound. "Such soft
brown hair, and I'm sure such a sweet, tight pussy. I lust for your cunt, Lydia.
I want it. I want to fuck you, Lydia. Just like I fucked your sister."

On the rack, as Lydia lay bound and naked for her rapist's inspection, tears
formed in her eyes as she was forced to accept Dom's caresses on the most
intimate parts of her body. Why? Why had Dani betrayed her to this monster? Did
her sister hate her that much?

"But lucky for you," said Dom, "I am a very moral man. I never fuck any cunt I'm
not married to. Your sister Danielle gave herself to me in a marriage ceremony
just last week, and since I have no scruples against polygamy, I was hoping you
might join her. I love the idea of fucking two sisters at once. Or even three.
Now I know that in your current situation, you're in no position to think of
marriage, but after all, we've just met. So here's my thought: let's spend some
time together, and get to know one another better. If things work out, fine, and
if not, well, we can just chalk it up to experience. What do you say?"

Lydia was aghast at Dom's idea. She shook her head violently, and screamed into
the gag. "NNN!! NNNWWWWW!! LLLLMMMMGG!!!" Dom smiled down at her. "I'm having a
little bit of trouble understanding your words, Lydia, but I'll take that as an
acceptance of my offer. So what do you say that we start out with a date? I hope
you like the movies."

Dom moved to one side and pulled down on a long fabric bell pull. Shortly
afterward, Danielle came into the room. Dom said, "Danielle, your sister and I
have agreed to start seeing each other. Please prepare Lydia for her first date
with me. We will be going to the movies."

As Danielle came into Lydia's view, the young student was shocked by what her
older sister was wearing -- or rather, wasn't wearing. Danielle's only clothing
was a leather harness, narrow straps crossing just under her bare breasts, more
straps around the tops of her thighs and around her neck. Danielle's pussy was
not only bare, it had been shorn of its pubic hair, leaving her cunt totally
open to Dom's lustful gaze. Most surprising of all, Lydia saw that Danielle's
nipples bore two gold rings, passing neatly through tiny holes in her womanly
flesh. The effect was shockkngly vulgar, and daringly erotic. Danielle looked
like a sex slave, and that is exactly what she had become.

Danielle released Lydia's ankles from their restraints, and Lydia sighed in
relief. Moving to her wrists, Danielle loosened the bonds, but did not remove
them. Instead, she pushed Lydia's body up to a sitting position, pulling her
sister's wrists behind her back at the same time, handcuffing them in place.

With her wrists safely cuffed in back, Danielle helped Lydia down from the
bench, and walked her a short distance to a curtain, which she pulled back to
reveal an odd-looking chair with a footrest. Danielle sat Lydia in the chair,
and passed a seat belt around her hips. Then her calves and feet were strapped
to the footrests. Leaning back, Lydia realized that the chair was almost
backless, except for a support at the top for her shoulders; it was almost as if
it had been designed for someone with their wrists cuffed behind them.

Dom entered her vision again, and placed a more conventional chair in front of
Lydia, drawing it up to sit facing her, with Danielle keeling at his feet. "My
goodness, Lydia, you do look sexy tonight. I love the way you dress for me, and
I'm glad your not shy about showing me your sexy body when we're out together.
It makes me even hornier to fuck you, Lydia, when you dress like that. Well
anyway, on to the show. Tonight's movie is 'My Big Fat Slave Wedding,' with two
stars you may recognize: me, and your own sister Danielle. Now I've seen the
move before, so instead of paying real close attention to the screen, I'd much
rather pay real close attention to my date, which is you, Lydia."

Dom's hand had a remote control of some kind, and with a press of a button,
Lydia's chair began rising up, about two feet, until her knees were at the
height of Dom's chest. Another press of the remote, and the footrest holding
Lydia's feet and calves began to move apart. Lydia's eyes widened in panic as
she realized that Dom was forcing her legs wide open, and that he would get an
unrestricted view right up her pussy. Frantically she tried to close her thighs,
but it was no use; she moaned in shameas Dom grinned at her lewd display.

Another flick of the remote, and a curtain rose in front of her to reveal a
movie screen. Somewhere a video projector came to life, and Lydia's eyes widened
at the scene in front of her. There was a close shot of her own sister Danielle,
in what seemed to be a church, wearing a white wedding dress, bent over the
altar, her legs wide, the dress pulled up in back, being fucked by Dom. Danielle
had seen pornography before, occasional "dirty pictures" she had run across on
the net, but nothing like this: full color and full motion, with her own
sister's cunt -- a near-perfect match for her own -- being forced wide open by
the hard raping cock of the man who now held her captive, and wished to do the
same to her.

As she watched, the front of her seat cushion fell away, leaving her sitting on
a narrow shelf. With her legs wide open, Dom pulled his chair closer to Lydia's
gaping pussy, running his fingers up the insides of her helplessly open thighs.
"I don't know about you," he said, "but I like to neck at the movies. It makes
for a much more intimate date, don't you think?"

Dom's fingers reached Lydia's exposed pussy, and she gasped as she felt his hand
on her soft downy pubic hair. "This is so nice and soft," he said, "I'm almost
persuaded to let you keep it. Almost." He dropped his fingers lower, caressing
her labia, and Lydia squirmed at the touch. She had only let a few boyfriends
touch her there in her whole life, and she could not understand why her rapist's
fingers should feel so good. On the screen, her eyes were filled by a close-up
shot of her sister's cunt being fucked by Dom's cock, which was very thick. His
fingers moved to her clit, and Lydia began to cry sofftly in embarrassment; her
rapist was making her horny, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about

But Dom was getting horny too, and a man of his tastes does not have to wait.
"Danielle," he said to the older sister, still at his feet, "you may begin."
Lydia's eyes went wide as her sister opened Dom's velvet robe, revealing his
large cock underneath in full erection. Danielle wet her lips, and licked his
shaft all over. When it was fully wet, she opened her mouth wide, and plunged
her head down, engulfing his large member with a single thrust, all the way
down, until her lips rested against his balls. Lydia was in shock. She had never
realized that a woman could do such a thing to a man, but clearly Danielle loved
it; the look in her eyes was one of pure lust.

On screen, the other Danielle was on her back now, naked, with her legs pulled
wide to her ringed nipples, and another man was fucking her while a third had
his cock in her mouth. The camera zoomed to a wide shot, showing a church filled
with partially dressed people, men and women, nearly all of whom were engaging
in sexual activity of some kind. Dom's fingers were working on Lydia's pussy,
and his lips were kissing the inside of her thighs; she had never been kissed
there before, and the erotic feeling was driving her wild. The real Danielle's
head worked rapidly up and down on Dom's cock, as the screen Danielle was being
raped by a room full of strangers.

Suddenly, it was all too much for Lydia's confused mind to bear. She did not
know whether it was Dom's fingers or his lips, or the real Danielle or the
Danielle on screen, but something snapped in Lydia's brain, and a huge, crashing
orgasm burst forth, the most intense she had ever experienced in her young life.
Screaming into her gag and bucking against the straps that held her, Lydia came,
and Dom's fingers felt the wetness of her cunt increase as she was unable to
prevent her rapist from forcing her to orgasm.

Lydia was mortified at her inability to control herself, ashamed that her rapist
could play her so easily. Dom smiled at the wetness on his fingers, and lifted
them to his mouth to suck them clean. He pulled Danielle off his cock, then
flicked the remote, and the movie stopped. Another flick, and Lydia's chair
began tipping backward, leaving her body horizontal and allowing head to fall
backward.  "Well, Lydia," he said, "you certainly seemed to enjoy yourself at
the movie. I'm glad, because it is customary, after an enjoyable date, to give
your boyfriend a good night kiss." Dom moved above Lydia's face, and opened his
robe. His cock was rock hard from the eager face fucking of Danielle, and he
pushed the head of his cock against Lydia's gagged lips. "How about it, Lydia?
Would you like to give your boyfriend a nice, long, good night kiss, to thank
him for an enjoyable date?"

Lying with her head almost upside down, Lydia still managed to shake her head
away from Dom's cock, registering as definite a NO as she could. "Aww, you're
shy. That's sweet. Danielle, is there anything you can do to convince your
sister that it's really all right to kiss on the first date?"

Danielle stood up and from somewhere retrieved a long, multi-tailed whip. "You
really are a goody-two shoes bitch, aren't you, Lydia?" asked the older sister.
"I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and you've just given me my
chance. Just let me know when you change your mind. But I hope you don't change
it for a long, long time!"

With that, Danielle brought the whip down sharply on the iside of Lydia's open
right thigh. The younger sister howled in pain through the gag, every muscle on
her body tense. The next blow came on the inside of her left thigh, as Lydia lay
naked and exposed, bound with her thighs open and vulnerable to twenty years of
pent-up jealousy that Danielle now let out through the biting ends of the whip.

The second blow on her right thigh was even worse, hitting some of the same
areas that were already tender from the first blow. Her left thigh soon felt its
own agony of a second blow, and as Lydia writhed in pain from her sister's hand,
she momentarily thought that she might as well get it over with quickly, and do
what her evil rapist demanded of her. But the thought of becoming like Danielle,
of lowering her mouth to Dom's throbbing cock like she did, seemed unimaginable
to her. She could not.

The next blow landed on Lydia's exposed left tit, and she wailed through her
gag. Her nipple was on fire, having gotten a direct hit from one of the wicked
lashes. Her right breast was next, and as the pain seared through her brain, at
last Lydia realized that she would do ANYTHING to stop her sister's viscious
beating. Lydia knew that she was defeated. She looked up at Dom's eyes, and
nodded her acquiescence.

Dom looked down at her and smiled. "Are you trying to say something, Lydia?
You'll have to speak up, I didn't quite catch that." Lydia nodded more
vigorously as Danielle said, "She always was a quiet one. Maybe you'd better ask
your question again, while I try and find out just how sincere she really is."

"Very well, then," said Dom. "Lydia, would you like to give me a nice, long good
night kiss after our date?" But before Lydia could respond, Danielle's whip came
down one last time, her hardest blow yet, right on top of Lydia's open and fully
exposed young cunt.

The effect was instantaneous and electric. Every muscle in Lydia's body went
solidly rigid in agony; the veins and tendons standing out prominently from her
neck, and a long, solid wail of excruciating pain was too strong for the gag to
muffle effectively. Lydia remained that way, screaming and locked in agony, for
long seconds, even her breathing not enough to ease her pain.

Dom removed the gag from her mouth, but only crying issued from her lips. "I do
believe you've changed you mind," he said, putting the head of his erection to
her open lips. "And I do hope you don't change it again, since it would
certainly displease your sister. And you wouldn't want that, would you?" With
that, Dom pushed his thick erection, still wet with Danielle's saliva, past
Lydia's teeth and into her open mouth.

Lydia was in shock from the pain of Danielle's viscious blow, and she didn't
care any more. The whipping had stopped, and that was all she cared about. She
opened her mouth and allowed Dom to do what he wanted with her. She was
defeated. His cock probed deep into her mouth and she gagged, but Dom didn't
seem to care; he pumped in and out of her mouth at his own pace, Lydia gagging
with each inward stroke, and breathing with each outward stroke. This was not
oral sex in any conventional sense, this was throat rape, pure and simple. Dom
was taking his pleasure with Lydia's mouth, and Lydia had no say in the matter.

Dom had already been thoroughly aroused by Danielle's deep throating, and by
seeing Lydia whipped so well, so it was not long before he felt his hard cock
swell and pulse, spurting his hot seed deep into Lydia's open throat. Lydia
gagged again, and fought to keep breathing, but her mouth filled with his seed
and she had no choice but to swallow. Lydia, the good little college student,
had been turned into a cum drinking cockslut.

Dom withdrew his cock, and pressed the remote; Lydia found herself tipping
upright again. "I think that was a very successful first date, Lydia," he said.
"Time for you to go to bed, and we'll continue again tomorrow. Danielle, chain
your sister to the floor for tonight, then join me in my bedchamber."

* * * *

Lydia woke up with a start from a bad dream. Then she looked at her surroundings
and began to cry. The dream was real! She was being held captive in a dungeon by
her sister Danielle and her brutal rapist husband Dom. She was still chained to
the floor, right where Danielle had left her the night before.

"Have a good night's sleep, Lydia?" asked Dom, entering her line of view. "I
hope so, because I have something very important to ask you today." He
unshackled Lydia from the floor rings and cuffed her wrists behind her back, in
an all-too-familiar position. Lydia's mouth was still gagged from the night

Dom took Lydia to a wooden device, like a short, low wall rising from the floor.
"Kneel," he commanded, pushing the backs of her knees with a foot to enforce his
order. Lydia knelt in front of the wall, its top coming just under Lydia's small
breasts. Then he pulled straps around her thighs, waist, hips, and chest,
forcing the beautiful young student so tightly against the wall that she could
hardly breathe.

"Such perfect little nipples you have, my dear," said Dom, caressing Lydia's
nubbins with his fingers. "I like the way they get so firmly erect when you are
aroused. Like right now, for instance. Your nipples prove to me, more than any
words ever could, how much you enjoy all this attention you've been getting. I
can tell you like me, and you liked our date, and I can tell from the hardness
in your nipples that you're just dying to fuck me. But sadly, I never fuck
anyone I'm not married to. So let me ask you, Lydia -- even though we've only
had one date, will you marry me?"

Lydia's eyes went wide in disbelief. Marry this guy? Who is he kidding? She
shook her head violently, and mumbled into the gag. "What's that you say? I'm
having trouble understanding your words tonight. But I hope that's a 'yes'. Oh,
I forgot one thing: my engagement rings. I have two, and I'd like you to wear
them. Not on your fingers, though, since I think our engagement should be secret
for the time being. No, I think you should wear my engagement rings in your
nipples, where only I can see them."

Lydia's head shook violently, and Dom fingered her nipples again. "Oh, dear, it
looks like your nipples aren't pierced. Tsk, tsk. Well, we can fix that in a
jiffy!" Lydia's screaming rose in her gag. "NNNNN! NNNNN!!! NNNNTTHHHTTTTT!!

Dom caressed Lydia's nipples again, bringing them to full erection. Then he
produced two small square sticks and placed them vertically at the base of her
left nipple clamping it tight. Lydia screamed into her gag as her nipple was
pinched, its tip turning bright purple where it poked out between the sticks.
Dom fastened two strong rubber bands around the sticks, trapping the nipple.
Then he did the same with her right nipple.

Next, he placed a small rectangular frame upright on top of the wooden wall,
just beyond Lydia's trapped nipples. At the top of the frame, two thick, sharp
needles of surgical steel pointed downwards, held by a mechanism. "This is an
interesting little device," said Dom. "Take a look." At the bottom of the frame,
he placed two grapes, one under each of the needles. Then, pulling a cable on
the left side of the frame, the left-hand needle dropped suddenly and forcefully
through the center of the grape and into a cork pad beneath. A similar pull on
the right side of the frame, and the right-hand needle plunged sickeningly into
the other grape.

Dom raised the needles back to the top and removed the shattered remnants of the
grapes. Then he moved the frame forward, lifting Lydia's small tits, and
twisting her nipple clamps a quarter-turn, causing Lydia to yelp into her gag.
The clamping sticks, now horizontal, he fixed into the base of the little
guillotine. Lydia was in a panic; her nipples were now resting on the little
cork pads, directly in the path of the needles!

Dom moved behind her, and did something she could not see. Then she felt her
wrists being uncuffed, and Dom pulled her arms horizonally away from her body.
Lydia's arms had been behind her back for so long, that she moaned in painful
relief as she stretched. "Hold this," said Dom, and Lydia felt something heavy
being placed in her right hand. A moment later, an equally heavy object was in
her left hand. Looking, Lydia saw a metal ball, like a shot put, in each hand;
and, attached to each, was a cable ran up to a pulley, and from there to the
latches that would release the needles into her clamped and distended nipples.

"Now I'm not a total brute," said Dom. "I believe that you should have a choice
whether you want your nipples pierced or not. So if you want your nipples
pierced, Lydia, if you want to wear my engagement rings, just let go of the
balls, and you will get your wish immediately. I will take that as a sign that
you wish to marry me, that you want to feel my hard cock deep inside your
virginal pussy. On the other hand, if you don't want your nipples pierced, if
you don't want my cock inside your slutty little cunt, just hold on to the
balls, and nothing will happen. Since this is an important decision, one that
will change you forever, I'm going to give you some time to make up your mind.
Say, an hour. Take your time, sweetheart. I'll wait."

In panic, Lydia's eyes flitted from her left hand to her right; the cables
attached to the balls were short, preventing her from lowering her hands or
bringing them close to her body. She would have to hold the heavy metal shots
nearly straight out from her body to avoid piercing her sensitive nipples with
the cruel needles. For an hour! Sweat broke out on Lydia's brow. She was not
sure she could last that long. Her hands began to sweat too, and she began to
fear that her grip would not hold. Across the room, Dom was stroking his large
erection, his eyes bright with glee at Lydia's predicament.

In only a few minutes, Lydia's arms began to tremble with the effort. Tears
began to run down her cheeks. Dom pulled the bell pull, and shortly after
Danielle entered the room, dress in the leather harness as before. "Suck me,
slave," said Dom, "but don't let me cum unless your sister decides to pierce her

"Yes, Master," said Danielle, dropping to her knees before him. She went to work
eagerly on his cock, her eyes glancing frequently to Lydia, gleeful at her
predicament, and remembering her own date with the nipple-piercing guillotine
not so long ago. Now Lydia would get what's coming to her! She worked her head
forcefully on her Master's cock, knowing that he liked it like that.

Kneeling before the guillotine, the tremble in Lydia's arms became a full-fleged
shake. It was no use, she realized; it had been less than ten minutes, and
already she was at the end of her strength. The heavy shots dropped lower,
taking all slack out of the cables, and Lydia screamed into her gag with the
effort of keeping the weight off the cables, of keeping her precious, sensitive
nipples intact. Dom smiled eagerly at her failing efforts, and Danielle
redoubled her efforts on his cock, sensing that her sister was about to see the
last moments of her nipples intact.

Lydia's left hand, weaker than her right, gave way first. Her hands were
slippery with her own sweat and shaking uncontrollably with fatigue, and the
heavy shot slipped from her grasp and plunged downward, giving the cable a hard
pull. The needle above Lydia's trapped left breast plunged downward, right in
front of Lydia's horrified eyes. The razor-sharp tip of the needle sliced firmly
through Lydia's left nipple, and into the cork beneath. Lydia screamed in pain,
writhing in agony more intense than anything she had ever felt. The straps
holding her body to the wall tensed with her stuggling, but held her firmly. A
drop of blood surrounded the hole that the needle had punched in her tender

"YES!" said Dom, and Danielle snaked a finger into his rectum, touching his
prostate, to bring on his orgasm at the exact moment her sister's nipple was
sliced by the wicked machine. A moment later, Lydia's right hand gave way too,
the ball fell, and the second razor-sharp needle dropped with ferocious force
into her helplessly trapped right nipple. Screaming in horror, Lydia saw both of
her nipples pierced by the steel needles, pinning them helplessly to the cork
below. Even through her gag, her screams were loud. Dom's hot sperm spurted from
his cock into Danielle's hungry mouth. "YES!" he said again, both at his own
orgasm and at Lydia's self-inflicted nipple torture. Danielle swallowed his cum
eagerly, a well-trained sex slave.

When Dom was finished cumming in Danielle's throat, he pulled his cock from her
mouth and went to where Lydia knelt, weeping in pain and shock from the piercing
of her nipples. "I'm so glad you said yes, darling," said Dom. He pulled the
needles from the cork and twisted them back horizontally, slipping a gold ring
through each hole as the needle was removed.

Dom caressed Lydia's shapely round ass as he spoke. "Since we're now officially
engaged, I think it's only natural that you would want to 'put out' for me, as a
sign of your love. Naturally I don't want to take your virginity until after our
wedding, but Im sure you would be happy to give me your tight little anus as an
engagement present, just to keep me interested until the wedding day." His
fingers found Lydia's asscrack, reaching the bottom; Lydia squealed at the

With a nod to Danielle, Dom unstrapped Lydia from the wall, and led her between
two posts. He forced her to kneel again, and shackled her wrists high on the
posts, forcing Lydia's newly-ringed nipples to thrust out invitingly. Dom and
Danielle each took one of her knees, pulling them back behind her and wide
apart, tying them there, which left Lydia's naked body angling slightly forward.
Danielle slid a wedge-shaped pillow between Lydia's open thighs, and lay down in
front of her bound sister, with her head on the pillow, her face just inches
away from Lydia's open pussy.

Lydia gasped at the thought of what her sister was about to do, but before she
could prepare for it, she felt Dom's finger, slick with vaseline, running into
the crack of her ass. Lydia struggled against the invasion from behind, but
there was nothing she could do to prevent Dom's finger from touching her tight,
tiny rosehole. She squealed into her gag at the touch, the first time she had
ever been touched there; but Dom's finger was implacable, pressing at the tiny
pink orifice, pressing, pressing harder, until at last Lydia could feel her anus
betray her and widen to accomodate the slickened finger of her rapist.

Dom pushed his finger in deeply, swirling it inside the back passage of the
young student, spreading the lubrication deep inside her unused rectum. He
suspected, from her reaction, that Lydia was an anal virgin; so much the better
if she is, he thought. At last, satisfied that Lydia's anus was thoroughly
lubricated for her coming anal rape, he withdrew his finger, squeezed his cock
until it was hard again, and placed the head of his thick member against Lydia's
tight, pink, slippery anus. He could feel her shudder at the touch as she
comprehended what must be touching her, and realized what was about to happen to

"Begin, Danielle," said Dom, and Danielle raised her face to her sister's open
cunt, snaked out her tongue, and touched her own sister's tiny clitoris with a
kiss less sisterly and more depraved than anything Lydia had ever felt in her
life. At the same moment, Dom pushed his rock-hard erection against Lydia's
tighly closed rear entrance, pushing hard. He leaned forward, grabbing her tits
with his fingers, playing with her nipple rings.

Then he put his lips to Lydia's ear. "You're being tongue-fucked by your own
sister, Lydia. And it's going to continue until I cum in your tight little ass.
If you want her to quit, you're going to have to open your ass to me, Lydia. So
how about it, Lydia -- do you want to cum from being pussy-licked by your own
sister? Do you? I want you to cum, Lydia. I want your pliable young mind to
associate anal rape and sexual arousal, whether you want to or not, because I
intend to use your anus for my pleasure frequently, and I want you to submit to
me eagerly when I do. Now open your ass to my cock, Lydia. Open it."

Mortified by the sexual arousal building in her loins, confused by her own
desire as her sister's mouth worked relentlessly on her pussy, Lydia did not
know what she should do. She could feel Dom's cock at the entrance to her ass;
and as her arousal built, she found she did not have the will to resist any
longer. Lydia gave in to her rapist's demands. She felt Dom's thick cock
pressing, and she stopped pressing back; she yielded her backside to him,
opening her anus for his rape, for his cock, for his pleasure; and as she felt
his cockhead entering her, stetching her tight unused anus for the first time,
she screamed in pain, and in pleasure from the orgasm her own sister was forcing
her to endure. Lydia was being ass-raped by Dom's thick hard cock, and her own
sister was forcing her to enjoy it.

Dom pounded into Lydia's ass, stunned by the tightness of her anal muscles
around his cock. This was the feeling he craved, the moment of his triumph, the
moment she gave in to his perverted desires, knowing what would happen, but
unable to prevent it. The thought aroused him powerfully, and his cock stiffened
further; then Danielle's tongue worked back from Lydia's unfilled cunt to lick
his balls as he thrust in, and the erotic effect sent him over the top. His cock
throbbed and spurted, sending a load of hot sticky sperm deep into Lydia's
virginal rear passage, defiling her most private part with his lust. At the same
time, Danielle sucked Lydia's tiny clit between her teeth, and Lydia found that
she could not avoid the orgasm that had been building within her; Lydia came,
with Dom's cock in her ass and her own sister's mouth sucking on her clit.

Dom pulled his softening dick from Lydia's ass, and let it drop lower. Danielle
greedily sucked her sister's anal mucus from her Master's cock, stiffening him
again immediately. Dom smiled down at Danielle, so submissive to him in such a
short time. But then he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Time for that later,
slave," he said. "Right now, we have a wedding to plan."

* * * *

Dressed all in white, Lydia stood at the back of the church as the wedding march
began. All heads in the congregation turned back as one, all eyes on the bride
as she took her first deliberate step. Underneath her veil, Lydia's eyes were
wide with fear at being the center of attention. Her hands were demurely in
front, holding a large boquet as she advanced slowly down the aisle, step by
step, as if savoring each moment. The guests were all well-dressed, both men and
women immaculately turned out in their Sunday best. At the altar, Dom and his
groomsmen waited in tuxes.

Only a sharp-eyed observer would have seen the handcuffs beneath Lydia's boquet.
A thin white rope ran from her wrists to her collar, but it blended in nicely
with the color of her dress, hardly noticable. The heavy veil over her face made
it difficult for Lydia to see, but it also hid the small gag in her mouth from
view. From the front, only the two tiny holes in her dress, allowing her ringed
nipples to show, indicated anything unusual to the hundred or so men and women
gathered there.

As she passed each row of pews, the view from the back was startlingly
different. Lydia's long dress was pulled up above her waist in back, revealing
her bare legs and naked ass to each row she passed. Between her assckeeks, the
flared end of a large butt-plug was clearly visible, as white as her dress, to
symbolize the bride's purity. Her ankles were hobbled by several wrapped lengths
of rope, insuring that no step she took could be longer than about eight inches,
and that, combined with her four-inch spike heels, made her progress down the
aisle painfully slow.

But no matter how slow, progress must be made, because following right behind
Lydia was Max, Dom's Doberman, his leash held by a loyal groomsman. Before the
ceremony, Dom had whispered into Lydia's ear just what Max had been trained to
do, should she stop or falter during her walk down the aisle; and the fear of
such an inhuman debasement, in front of so many strange eyes, kept Lydia's
high-heeled feet working as fast as they possibly could, propelling her forward,
down the aisle, toward her fate.

Walking down the aisle, Lydia recognized many of the faces turned her way from
the video of Danielle's wedding; the memory of what these people were capable of
-- and the thought of what was about to happen to her -- made her blush.
Meanwhile, at the altar, Danielle was her sister's maid of honor. Her hands were
bound above her head to a post, and her mouth was gagged. Her red low-cut dress
was pushed below her push-up bra to reveal her bare tits and ringed nipples, now
firmly erect from being displayed so publicly.

Each row Lydia passed revealed her naked and violated backside to a new line of
guests, and at each row she heard gasps of delight as they comprehended her
predicament. From the front, Dom noticed a wave of hands thrust under skirts and
into trousers, advancing row by row just behind Lydia's advance. This was the
spectacle that he had wanted his special friends to see; Lydia's public
enslavement would ignite a growing tide of sexual desire in the congregation as
the ceremony continued.

Finally arriving at the altar, Lydia stood in front of the priest.

". . . and do you, Lydia, take Dom to be your Lord and Master, obeying Him in
all things, without limts, no matter how perverse or obscene, for as long as you

Desperately Lydia shook her head, shouting through the gag, her eyes pleading
with the priest for an end to her ordeal.

"I'll take that as an 'I do'. Then, by the powers vested in me, I now pronounce
you Master and slave. You may rape the bride."

Struggling to no avail, Lydia was bent over the altar by the groomsmen, and as
the congregation strained to get a good look, she could hear a zipper being
drawn down behind her. Please, she thought, please, not like this! Not with so
many strangers watching!  But her struggles were of no use. Six strong male
hands held her down, and behind her she could feel it, hard and smooth, touching
the entrance to her pussy. A murmur rose from the crowd, and she could feel his
cock pushing, violating her cunt, opening her up, filling her, pushing deeper,
deeper, slowly, inch by inch, oh god, he's raping me, he's raping me in public,
and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Dom pushed deeper, until finally his groin rested against the butt plug emerging
from Lydia's violated anus. He has waited a long time to taste the pleasure of
Lydia's tight little cunt, but it was worth it! Behind him, he could hear the
sounds of clothing being adjusted and shed, as some of his guests, no longer
able to contain their arousal, took Lydia's public rape at her own wedding as an
invitation to an orgy.

Looking sideways, Lydia could see Danielle struggling helplessly in her bondage,
the rings in her nipples bouncing with each vain movement. One of the groomsmen
had his hand up her dress, and Lydia could only imagine what he must be doing to
cause such distress in her slutty sister.

Dom was pounding into her now, in and out, his balls slapping against her clit.
Lydia felt his invasion, so public, so humiliating, so powerful, to her very
core. He put his hand at the nape of her neck and slid it up into her hairline,
wrapping her long dark hair firmly around his fist. Lydia was utterly
transfixed, goosebumps rising on her skin, shivers sweeping down her spine - her
knees went limp, her mouth dropped open, her eyes closed.

At that moment, Lydia understood the power Dom had over Danielle, and over her,
and she understood that his power was limitless. No matter how much she
struggled and resisted, she would be owned by Dom forever. The thought made her
cry. Dom pulled out of her cunt, and allowed his groomsmen, and then his guests,
to use Lydia's cunt while he watched, masturbating and grinning at her
debasement. Lydia experienced hours of continuous sexual debasement from being
used as the sex slave of the man who had kidnapped and raped her. Lydia was a
slave, his slave, a toy to be used for his pleasure, and there was nothing,
absolutely nothing, she could do to escape her fate. And although her sister
Danielle had accepted her fate eagerly after her submission to Dom, Lydia knew
that it would be different for her. Lydia knew that she would resist her
captivity to the end, and that Dom would always need to take her by force.
Unlike her older sister, Lydia would spend the rest of her life being forced
into unwilling sexual surrender.

Why, she wondered, are sisters so different?

* * * *

Arriving home, Heidi was surprised to see her younger sister Danielle's car in
the driveway.

"Heidi!" called out Dani, poking her head through the driver's side window.
Heidi walked to her sister's car. "What's up?" she asked.

"We need to talk about Mom's birthday present, remember? You agreed to go in
with me."

"Oh, right," Heidi replied. "Come on in, we can talk inside."

A frown crossed Danielle's face. "No, I can't. I'm in a rush. Hop in, and we'll
talk in the car. In fact, I've already bought something, I just need your
approval . . ."

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