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Two for Torment

Part 31


	In the remaining days of Joyce's sentence, the men had a fine time with
two women to play with. They delighted in thinking up ways in which to force the
girls to compete against each other. One popular game was the cock-sucking
contest, in which Joyce and Lisa, each kneeling on the floor before one of the
men, and allowed to use only her mouth, would attempt to make her partner climax
before the other. The loser of this contest would be punished, and the
designated punishment was usually severe enough to cause them to use all their
skills in a sincere effort to bring the men off, while the men tried to hold out
as long as they could. The men's reward was a double one: the pleasure of having
two luscious women frantically debasing themselves for their enjoyment, and the
further pleasure of participating in the chastisment of the unfortunate loser.

	Once they varied this procedure by having both girls suck off all seven
of them in succession, and comparing the time it took them. They did this on two
separate evenings, to make it fair. That time Joyce lost. Her punishment
involved being hung up by her ankles and learning how to suck cock upside-down.

	But more often the competition itself involved some kind of punishment.
On one occasion both girls were tied down side by side on the big bed, on their
stomachs. Each had her wrists lashed together, her arms stretched over her head
and tied to the bedrail at the top, her ankles also bound and tied to the foot
of the bed. The men then took turns whipping them across the back with their

	The object of this exercise was to see how long the girls could hold out
before starting to scream. The first one who screamed would be the loser. The
loser would be turned over and have the front of her body whipped as well. So as
the men, one by one, viciously lashed first one girl and then the other with
their broad leather belts, Joyce and Lisa struggled to contain their pain. Each
received only one blow at a time, but the men did not hold back; they went at it
with all their strength, the wicked leather slashing across the naked flesh,
causing the bound bodies to jerk and twist with the pain, bringing muffled cries
and agonized whimpers from the tightly clenched mouths.

	Both girls held out until over a dozen blows each had seared their
tortured backs. They sobbed and groaned and writhed in torment; they began
giving out half-stifled yelps and awful, choking groans; but still they did not
scream. The men began to strike even harder, the belts whistling through the air
and smashing with terrible cracking sounds against the striped skin. And at
last, just as Joyce felt she couldn't hold out for one more blow, Lisa, her body
bucking under the latest slash of leather, lost it completely. Her mouth opened
and gave out a terrible, full-throated, ear-piercing scream; a scream that
seemed to express not only all her pent-up pain and agony, but sheer despair and
horror as well.

	Joyce, released from the necessity of holding back, now screamed also,
with pain and in sympathy with the other girl. But the men paid little
attention; they swiftly untied her and pushed her off the bed so they would have
room to roll Lisa over. The dark-haired girl screamed again as her tortured back
made contact with the only slightly yielding mattress; and she sobbed with fear
as the men, belts in hand, gazed with glittering eyes on her high, shapely and
defenseless breasts.

	Those breasts made excellent, tempting targets. Her stomach and thighs
were beaten too; but her breasts were by far the favorite. There was no need now
for her to keep herself from screaming, and she screamed on and on and on...

	Of course, between and before and after these ingenious competitions,
the orgy went on unabated. Eventually the guard who had done such a good job
outside the door was rewarded by being let in on it, and so were the two
henchmen of Kalinkos who had dealt with David. And when the men were satiated
for the moment, they could always have the two girls put on a show for them.
This activity may have lost some of its erotic novelty for them after a while,
but they continued to demand it, mostly because Joyce hated it so much. And they
always enjoyed that.

Review This Story || Author: pamela
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