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Review This Story || Author: Steve Dema

The Creation Of Cumbag

Chapter 6

The Creation Of Cumbag
Chapter 6
By Steve Dema

When Lucy woke up she was on her back, staring up at her mother's cunt.. Her
mother was on top of her holding her legs. She was making her knees touch the
floor on either side of the little girl's head. Lucy felt her ass cheeks being
spread wide by her mother.

"Go on...Shove your cock in her fucking ass. That will wake the little whore
up!...Just cram it in and fuck this little whore like the slut she is!" Lucy
heard her mother say.

With a chuckle the man grunted and shoved his cock into the little girl's ass.
Lucy screamed.

"Mommy!!!...It hurts!...Make him take it out Mommy!...It's too big!
Mommy!...PLEASE!...Get him to fuck my little cunt Mommy!...His cock is too big!"
the helpless little girl wailed.

"So....My little whore decided to wake up, eh?...You fucking whore! This will
teach you to pass out just because you have some cocks in your throat! You told
me you were going to be a good whore for Mommy!...Good little whore's don't pass
out...BITCH! Now...Stop your fucking complaining and fuck him back, you little
slut....Here...Mommy will shut your fucking mouth for you, cunt...Eat my cunt,
you little whore!" Lucy's mother said.

Lucy's screams were cut off when her mother dropped her slimy cunt onto Lucy's
face. Instinctively Lucy began to lap at her mother's musky cunt. As she
slobbered away on her mother's clit, her mother let loose a stream of hot piss
that shot into the little girl's mouth.

"Drink Mommy's piss, you little whore. Suck Mommy's cunt like a good little slut
and drink her piss while the nice man fuck's your slutty ass
off!....Mmmmmm....That's a good whore!....Hmmmm...Oh YES!....Fuck her!...Fuck
the little bitch's ass! Ha ha ha....Come on...You can fuck my daughter's ass
harder than that!...She needs it fucked hard!....Don't you, cunt?"

Lucy stopped guzzling her mother's hot piss to answer. When she did, her
mother's piss washed her face. Lucy slowly rolled her head side to side under
the hot yellow stream as it washed away the dried cum.

"Oohhh..Mommy!....It feels  good now, Mommy. Oh yes!....Please listen to Mommy!.
She's right!...I DO need my ass fucked hard. Fuck me!....Fuck this little slut's
ass HARD!...Mmmmm....Harder!...Mommy! Make him fuck me harder Mommy! Please!
Uugggh...Oh...So GOOD!....He's fucking your little whore SO good
Mommy!...Hmmmm....I'm going to cum, Mommy! Your little cunt is going to cum
again. Harder!...Make him fuck this slutbitch harder!....Mommy!...Piss in my
face Mommy...Please! Piss in my face so I can cum!...Ooohhhhh.....Your little
whore is cumming Mommy!...Uugghh...Fuck the slut!" Lucy wailed as her little
body shook with a giant orgasm.

Lucy's mother chuckled as she spurted the last of her piss. It squirted right
into Lucy's eyes, but no one cared. When Lucy started shaking it triggered the
man fucking her ass. He clinched his teeth as he came deep in the little girl's
tight ass.

"Take it all you fucking little white pig-slut! You fucking little cum-whore!
Aarrrggg...Take my cum, you fucking little whore!...Hummmm.." the man gasped as
Lucy's mother grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her daughter's ass.

"Fill the whore up!...Dump your balls in my little bitch!...Deeper!....Fill my
daughter's ass with your cum...Turn this little whore into a cumbag!...Fuck him
back, you stupid slut! Fuck him back and he might give you more cum!....Fucking
whore! Ha, ha ha....YEAH!...I want this whore so full of cum that she
sloshes!...Fill the bitch up!"

When his balls were emptied into the trembling little girl he yanked his cock
out with a thud. Lucy's mother smiled as she saw the trickle of cum leak from
her daughter's ass. She tilted her head down and licked up the dribbling cum as
she wormed her tongue into her daughter's ass.

"Oh...Mommy!...That feels so good! Mmmmm....More!...Get me more cock Mommy! Get
someone else to fuck my little ass!....Fuck me...Please! Somebody fuck my little
slut's ass! Hmmmm....More! Fuck the slut some more! Please!" Lucy whimpered as
she went back to sucking her mother's cunt. Lucy's mother raised her sticky face
from her daughter's ass and looked up at the men.

"You heard the little cunt....Who wants to fuck my little whore next?...How
about you?...Want to fuck this little white cunt's ass?...Do you? Come
on!...Won't it be fun to fuck this whore? Here....I'll spread the bitch's ass
wide for you...Now...Just cram your cock in! Fuck this little slut!...Fuck the
little pigslut HARD! Show my fucking slut of a daughter how a cunt like her
should be fucked!" she whined as she ground her cunt all over her daughter's

One of the black men lay beside Lucy and grabbed her mother's hair, jerking her
face toward him. With his other hand he held a 12 inch cock straight up. The
young mother's mouth watered as she stared at the thick, black cock as he waved
it at her.

"I want to fuck the little bitch's pussy. Be a good mother, you god damned
whore...Bring the slut over here and shove her down on this big
CUNT!...I want to fuck your little girl next...Is that alright with you?" the
man snarled.

She laughed as she jumped up and grabbed Lucy's pigtails. Lucy scrambled to keep
up with her mother as she was drug over the man. Lucy moaned as she felt the tip
of his huge cock at the mouth of her little cunt. She couldn't wait. She had to
get fucked.

"Oohhh...It sure is! Fuck my daughter!...Just rape the little whore, I want you
to....Now....Get that cock in your fucking cunt, you nasty little fuckpig!" the
excited mother said as she pushed on her daughter's shoulders, forcing the cock
into the little girl's cunt.

"Push harder Mommy! Shove the cock in my cunt!...Uuggghhh...It's SOooooo big,
Mommy....It's GREAT! Oh! Fuck me!...Fuck me hard!....Ohh... Mommy!....Get
someone to fuck my ass too! Please, Mommy! I have more holes that need to be
fucked!...Fuck my cunt....My ass and my cocksucking mouth!...Please! This slut
wants cocks in all of her fucking cock-holes! Ummmmm....Make them rape me
Mommy!...Please! Make them rape your little slut!....Aaahhhhh....My ass
Mommy!...Someone shoved his cock in my ass!....Ooohhh....Oh God, Mommy! His cock
is huge too!...Split this whore open. I don't care! I love cocks fucking my cunt
and ass at the same time! Fuck me!....Fuck me like a whore!....Uugghgh....I love
it!. Fuck my holes....Fuck them HARD!....make them fuck your little whore harder
Mommy!....My mouth!....Who wants to fuck my mouth!....Look! I can make my mouth
into a cunt for you!...See?" Lucy screamed as she formed her mouth into a 'O'.

She flickered her tongue in and out of her mouth like a snake as she bounced on
the two cocks fucking her ass and cunt. Her mother reached over and began to
twist her daughter's little nipples as hard as she could. Lucy's eyes went
dreamy as she began to cum on the two giant cocks. Lucy trembled as her mother
brutally twisted her little nipples. Lucy started to arch her back as the two
cocks slammed into her fuckholes. Her jerking caused her mother to claw at her
nipples even more viscously. All around her she heard her mother and the men
laughing at her as she was raped. She could hear the nasty names that everyone
called as her little cunt juiced even more. It was perfect! The only thing that
would make it better for the little girl would be if someone would fuck her
mouth. One of the men had another idea. Lucy smiled as a fat, ugly black man
stuck his ass in her pretty young face.

"Suck my ass out, you fucking white whore!...Hey BITCH!. Shove your daughter's
face in my black ass! That where a fucking little slut's face belongs!...Right
in my ass!....Make the little bitch lick my ass like a good fucking little
whore!" she screamed.

Lucy's mother stopped twisting her daughter's nipples to grab Lucy's head to
push it into his ass. But Lucy beat her to it. Lucy continued to bounce on the
two cocks fucking her as she drove her tongue deep into the man's black,
stinking asshole. Lucy felt her mother pushing her head deeper into his ass
cheeks, causing the little girl to giggle in his ass.

"Suck his ass out, you little whore! Ha, ha, ha....Stick your fucking tongue
deep in his ass! Eat it out like Mommy's good little slut! Ha, ha, ha...." Lucy
heard her mother laugh.

Lucy gurgled as she snaked her tongue deep in his ass. Her mouth filled with
old, dried shit, but the foul taste just spurred her on. All around her she
heard the shouts of her mother and the men as she slurped on his ass while
getting team fucked.

"Fuck back on my cock, you slut!"
"Eat my ass, you stupid little whore!" 

"Fuck my little slut!"
"Take my cock in your ass, bitch!"
"You fucking whore!"

"Eat his ass out, you little bitch!...Do it for Mommy!"
"Fuck me, cunt!"

Lucy slurped and slobbered into the man's ass cheeks. Her wet tongue lapped
every inch of his sweaty crack as a deep moan escaped from her lips. She wiggled
her head violently from side to side as she drove her little tongue deep into
his ass. With her mother's help, she was able to her tongue four inches in to
the nasty hole. Lucy reached under his balls and closed her tiny hand around his
massive, throbbing cock and stroked it gently as she feasted at his ass. Her
mother pushed her face deep into his ass as she twisted the little girl's tiny,
perky nipples without mercy.

Lucy reached behind her, pulling on the man that was pounding his cock in and
out of her tiny ass. As she did, she ground her ass in a small circle on the
cock that was deep in her cunt. Little Lucy moaned and groaned and one orgasm
after another wrecked her tiny body.

Suddenly the cocks in her cunt and ass began to twitch and the men fucked her
harder. Lucy tightened her pull on the man fucking he ass, urging him on. She
began to bounce up and down on the cock in her ass as she frantically struggled
to keep her tongue in the third man's asshole. Her cunt filled with hot cum.
Lucy threw her head back and howled as she came hard. The man whose ass she was
licking quickly turned and aimed his dripping cock at her mouth. Lucy managed to
keep her hand on his cock as he turned. Lucy grinned up at the man as he stood
with his hands on his hips and his legs spread. Lucy's mother stopped the
torture of her nipples and used both hands to steady her daughter's head.

The whole world seem to tilt for the cumming little girl as his cock exploded in
her face. Lucy held her mouth as open as she could to catch the hot, thick
spurts of salty cum. Instead, the man shoved his cock deep into Lucy's mouth. He
wanted to cum in the whore's mouth, not on his friend that was cumming in her
cunt. Lucy loved it. She grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling his cock deep
into her sucking throat. Lucy sputtered on the shooting cock as she wiggled her
mouth all of the way down his black cock. She didn't stop until her nose was
pressed into his pubic hair. Everyone laughed at the way little Lucy snorted,
coughed and choked on the spurting cock as the man fucking her ass began to fill
her ass with cum. Lucy groaned her way through one painful orgasm after another
as the three huge black cocks filled her fuckholes with cum. It ended too soon
for the little horny girl. Lucy wished they would never stop cumming in her
little body.

When the men were finished cumming in her, they threw her to the side. The man
who had just fucked her ass looked down at the little girl with contempt as she
was scooping cum from her cunt and eating it. He kicked the slobbering little
girl in the head.

Dazed by the blow, Lucy looked up at him, her eyes trying to focus.

"Oh...I like that!...Do it again!...Kick me...Hit me!...Show me what you think
of this nasty little cunt! Do anything you want to me. I'm just a fucking
whore!...Treat me like one! I want you to!...Do anything you have ever wanted to
do to a bitch like me!...I love it! I really do!...This whore wants you to treat
her like the fuckpig she is!" Lucy groaned as she sucked cum from her fingers as
all eight of the black men stood around her.

Lucy's mother grabbed her head again, holding the little girls face up for the

"You guys heard my little whore!...Hurt the bitch!. Fuck up my little girl. Show
the little slut what you guys think of little white cunt's like her! Hit
her!...Slap this little whore!...Pinch her fucking nipples!...Kick the whore's
cunt!...I don't care, and the little cunt doesn't care either!" Lucy's mother
said as she held the girl's smiling face up.

The men looked at each other and then smiled evilly down at little smiling, cum
sucking girl and her mother.

 It started with a slap. Then another. Soon the men were pushing each other to
the side to get at the little girl while her mother held her. It was when the
first man kicked the little girl's cunt, did Lucy cum. When she came her mother
grinned wider as she held her daughter's face for the men to slap. Lucy began to

"Oh yes!...Kick it!...Kick my fucking cunt!...HARDER!...PLEASE! Slap me!...Hit
me!...Ooohhhh....I'm such a fucking whore!...Was I good little slut for you? I
hope so!...,Show me what you think of a little fuckpig like me!...I'm a
slut!...That's all!...Just a fucking little whore for you to fuck and
hurt!....Kick the slut's cunt again!...Oh GOD! I LOVE it!...Make them kick my
cunt Mommy! It makes me cum!....Watch the little slut cum when you kick her
cunt!...I'm a cunt...Hit me!...Fuck me!...Hit me!...Do everything to
me!...Uugghh...I'm just a cumwhore...a bitchcunt!...Yeessss..." Lucy trembled
ands began to shake as orgasms ravished her as she was hit and kicked.

Her mother chuckled as she had an idea and started begging the men.

"Piss on her!...Piss right here! Right in the bitch's fucking face! Show me what
my daughter is good for!. Show me what kind of a slut the little bitch is! Do
it!...Use this little fucking cunt for your pisswhore! Piss in this white slut's
face!...Come on!...All of you! Piss on my little whore-daughter!"

The first piss stream hit Lucy in the eyes. Her mother twisted her head trying
to get the hot piss in her mouth. It was a waste of time. Suddenly four more
cocks started pissing in her face too. There was piss everywhere. With her
mother's help, Lucy slowly rolled her face back and forth under the five hot,
salty streams of piss.

"Ohhh....So GOOD!....More!....Give me more! Piss in my face! Give it to
me!...I'm a piss-pig! Piss all over me!.....Gluggg...Mmmmm...Give this slut your
hot piss!....Oh God!...I am a nasty whore, aren't I?...Mmmm...My mouth!
Please!....Piss in my mouth! Use my mouth for your fucking
toilet!...Gluggg...Piss on this slut! Ohhh...Drown me in hot piss!...I don't
care...Just don't stop pissing on me!...Show me what I'm good for! Mmmm...Show
mommy what kind of a slut her little bitch of a daughter is!....Look
Mommy!...I'm just a niggars piss-whore!....See them pissing in my fucking
face!...Am I being a good little fuck-pig mommy?....Gluggg....Am I being a good
little piss-bag for the men?...Make them piss in my face Mommy! Please!" Lucy

When their bladders were empty the other three men stepped up and gave her their
piss too. Lucy leaned back as her mother held her head and wallowed in the hot
stinging piss. She shoved three fingers into her once tight little cunt and
fucked them in and out. Lucy thought she would never stop cumming. When everyone
was finished drenching Lucy with their hot piss, Lucy collapsed. One of her
pigtails, now dripping with piss, fell across her young face. Absent mindedly,
Lucy opened her mouth and began to suck the piss out of it as she continued to
finger her little cunt. The men were through with the little whore and began to
dress as Carl walked up to them.

"Well?...What do you think of the little slut? I told you Lucy was a eager
little cunt....Think you can make money selling the little bitch? Her mother and
I want you to whore her out, but we want her to be cheap. No more that $5 a
fuck....You get half and we get half. It's not about the money....We just want
the little bitch fucked as much as possible and the idea of whoring her pout
turns on her slut-mother. Hehehe..." Carl chuckled.

"That's right!...I would really appreciate it if you would whore out my
daughter. I promise...Lucy here will make a great little whore for you. Just
keep her fucked....That's all we ask. Did I tell you she is a dog-slut too? If
anyone wants to the bitch to suck or fuck their dogs, you can make her do that
too. Lucy loves to suck a dog's cock. She makes the cutest face when a dog
starts dumping his cum in her mouth! Ha, ha, ha...You really should see it.
She's such a good little bitch!...How about you guys have her on
Saturday's....Is that OK Carl? I'll bring the little whore over to you on
Saturday mornings. You can do what ever you want to the cunt and I'll pick her
up on Sunday morning. Your gang can rape her all day and then you can whore her
out all night!...Hmmmm....That's sounds like FUN!. Ha, ha, ha....So....Do we
have a deal?...You guys can still come over and fuck the slut whenever you want,
but on Saturdays she can be your little white whore all day!...Does that sound
OK with everyone?" Lucy's mother asked.

The men all smiled and nodded as the each shook Carl's hand.

The young mother stroked Lucy's face.

"Did you hear that Lucy?....Hmmmm....You get to be a whore for these nice men!
Isn't that great, my little fuckpig? Doesn't that sound like fun, cunt? Are you
going to be a good little whore for them, slut? Does my little girl want to be a
good little piece of fuckmeat for Mommy? I told you Mommy would keep you fucked,
didn't I bitch....You need to thank the nice men for offering to pimp you out,
don't you think so cunt" she asked Lucy.

Lucy smiled as she looked from her mother, to the eight black men and Carl.

"Oh...Thank you mommy!...I can't wait!. I promise....I'll be the best little
whore you guys ever had! I will!...I'll fuck you all soooo good and I'll fuck or
suck anyone you tell me to!. I hope you find lots of guys that want to fuck me.
...But...I hope you'll do one thing though. I hope the men you whore me out to
know how to treat a piece of fuckmeat like me....tee...hee hee ....You know how
big of a slut I am. I don't just want fucked...I want to be fuckied into the
dirt...That's where a cunt like me should be...Right Mommy?....Oohhhh...I can't
wait until Saturday! I hope Mommy brings me to you early Saturday morning!....I
want cocks in me all day!...This is going to be so much fun!...I want to thank
you guys for raping me today. I had a lot of fun. You guys fucked me soooo good!
Mmmmm...I loved it! I never had any black cocks before, but I know I love them
now. You cocks are so big and meaty!...And your balls! They had so much cum in
them I thought I was going to drown! Te, hee, hee...I hope I was good little
fuck-slut for you guys. I hope you liked fucking me and having me suck your
pretty cocks....And when you guys pissed on me...I thought I would cum forever.
That was so great!. I can't wait until you guys need a little piss-whore
again....Uh...Did you guys like me?...Was I good little whore for you?...Was I
good cocksucker?...I hope so. I tried to be a good slut for you....Did you like
my ass?...Was it fun to fuck?...Was I good little cumbag for you?" Lucy asked in

"Yeah were a good little cunt. You just make sure you mind us when
your Momma brings you over Saturday...You understand slut?...Let's go!...Let's
get away from these crazy whores...Till Saturday bitch!" the leader said as they
turned and left.

Lucy hugged her mother when the men left.

"Thank you Mommy...That was so much fun!...Mommy can I ask you something?...I
want a cool slut name like you have. There was a name Mrs. Hammer called me that
really fucked my little cunt....Cumbag!...Can that be my new name now?...I love
it when I'm called a cunt, or a slut or whore, but I really like the sound of
Cumbag. That's all I want to be Mommy...Just a cum catcher....Don't you think
Cumbag would be a good name for me Mommy?" Lucy asked.

"Yes I do, my sweet little cunt...I think Cumbag would be a perfect name for
you...Cumbag!...I do like that, you little slut! So Cumbag it is!...Carl?...I'd
like you to meet my little slut-daughter....Cumbag!" her mother said with a

Carl stood looking down at the little girl and her mother.

"The name Cumbag suits you just fine, you little whore-cunt....Your mother and I
are going to turn you into the biggest slut this world has ever known,
Cumbag!...You just wait!" Carl hissed.

Lucy looked up and grabbed the front of Carl's jeans pulling his cock free.

"Cumbag doesn't want to wait...Do it now!" Cumbag said as she slurped his cock
into her mouth.

The End

But the depraved slut's stories are planned to go on. The planned stories of
Cumbag will be in two settings.

'Little Cumbag' will chronicle her adventures as a child while the regular
'Cumbag' stories will tell of her depravity as a young adult.

Review This Story || Author: Steve Dema
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