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Review This Story || Author: Paladin

Black Takeover

Part 2

                        BLACK TAKEOVER # 2
                            by Paladin

These people were animals she had surrendered her mouth to him 
and he was not satisfied. Rodney had learned that she would not 
do things like this for him. He was her husband She had rights. 
Now that tennis pro at the club. Well yes she did it for him but she 
did not swallow. Now she was here naked groveling at a niggars 
feet with his smelly cock in her mouth being berated for her 
performance. It just wasn't fare. She cried, no one ever resisted her
when she cried.. 

Donald reached down and grabbed her hair again and forced her up 
to her coffee table. Her knees struck the table and bent as she 
was forced to kneel on the table. 

Donald complained "You no good whore! Get your lying cock sucking 
mouth down on the table and keep the ass up facing me. Hurry up 
you useless pig. Your lips promised soo much and then you fall 
down on the job."

She assumed the required position and Donald's hand was between 
her legs. She closed up to protect herself but she was rewarded 
with two strokes of Donald's belt. 

"Open up bitch. Show me some of that fine hospitality you white 
folks show one another." Donald ordered.

She cried real tears now but, as her head was on the table that 
did no good, as if they ever would, with this animal.

"That ain't wide enough bitch. Reach back here and let me see the 
whole thing. Spread those cheeks. NOW!!" came the order.

This was humiliating but the touch of the belt on her back 
convinced her to do it. She now had no secretes as he pried 
around and with his pen light looked into her holes. His 
gynecologists skills were not good, but a pimp had to look for 
scabs with every new,  potential addition to his string.

"Now stay like that till I see if I want you. Whenever you ain't 
doing someone that is your position. You got that bitch." Donald 

She was mortified. She was to stay like this for this animal. No 
she would rebel she would .... He still had the belt and she was 
naked. She blushed but stayed right there openly presenting 
herself to anyone who came in to the drawing room.

"Yho Donald... I sees you got the bitch eating out your hand 
already." Montels voice said. Saundra stiffened but she feared 
of the consequences so she kept her displaying to the gathering 

"She done eat my dick ... but badly. I going to have reconsider
my price for this old pussy. Look here it's all stretched and 
limp." Donalds voice said with fingers stretching her vagina and 
ass hole for Montel's perusal.

Saundra would have died right there if she could. Two niggers 
examining and discussing her sex like a pig on the auction block. 
Donald dragged her up to her knees to displayed her tits. 

"Hands behind you... stretch those tits for me." Was the ordered. 
She meekly complied.

"You see this is one sorry bitch and she is slow to respond to my 
belt. I actually think she likes it. Did you find any wire hangers 
in your travels. This bitch needs some of that 'extra 
encouragement'?" Donald asked.

She cringed at the black hands on her precious mamorys. What did 
he mean about extra encouragement .... A coat hanger...??? 

She did not like the belt, How dare he even think she was that kind.

"Yea their is some in the maids closet, and judging from the 
dresses in there I bet she be a winner. You can have two for one 
when we done here." Montel said "I go get us some of those 
hangers so I can see the master at work."

Donald slapped her face and told her "Back to the present position, 
Bitch. Maybe Montel like some of that saggy pussy or dirty ass 

She complied. What choice did she have. She again had to hold 
herself open for the perusal of anyone that they brought in.

"Here you go." Montel said.

A silence was followed by "Now this is what I used on balky 
bitches that belong to me. You just slap it right up in here." 
Donald said.

Saundra's cunt exploded in a fire storm of hurt. She screamed 
and fell over off the table. She tried to get up to run away from 
these crazy niggers. She was pathetically trying to make 
progress with her legs stretched out to avoid rubbing her burning 
labias which seemed to be on fire. She held both hands in her crotch 
to protest herself and looked fearfully at Donald's raised hand with 
the twisted wire coat hanger.

Donald leisurely back handed the pimp whip onto her tits and 
now their fire replaced the other as her main concern. She fell to 
her knees and fainted.

"Man that gets results." Montel exclaimed.

"Well their ain't no other way with this type of stupid bitch." 
Donald answered. "Been one of my girls I'd of set her cunt hair 
on fire. That really gets their attention and with each fuck 
they's remember their sins. Now let's get this bitch back on the 

She slowly returned to consciousness, and saw she was still there, 
naked with the niggars. The aches in her tits and cunt told her 
that no more would she hang back. She was theirs. If they said 
it, she would do it. Donald had the bent over hanger in his hand 
and just waving it convinced her that she would do for him from 
now on.

"I ain't tries her cunt or ass Montel. As you is inexperienced I 
make allowances but why you not take the starch of that boner 
there." Donald said indicating Montel's crotch.

"I ain't had me no ass for a long time and I never had a white ass 
ever. I hope it don't lighted the color of my dick." Montel said 
as her positioned his organ at the entrance of her stretched ass hole. 
He forced it forward and got the head in.

Saundra cried, she hurt, the fire in her labia and tits were bad,
but that session with the whip convinced her that she was going to 
endure no matter what. She drew a deep breath, shifted up some to 
allow the long black dick easy passage into her neither hole. Montel 
reared back and plunged the to the balls in her. She rose up to 
it but the sight of Donald with his whip convinced her to go back to 
her present position.

"What you two studs be doing here?" Bula asked from the door. 
"That white bitch enticing you good boys to a act against 

Bula strode over there and piered down as her sons dick sank into 
the secrete hole. She reached over and pulled the ass cheeks 
further apart to ease his entrance.

"This is one dumb bitch. Donald I though that by now you would 
have had her better trained than this." Bula squatted down and 
slapped Saundra's face. 

"You stretch that nasty hole of your'n and make it good for my 
little boy. He got a lot to do today and he need his sex, even it 
it is from a honky bitch like you." Bula went on. "I always knew
you husband be needle dicked but now you be getting some 
good niggar dick. Hump! ... Hump... Make it good for my boy."

She was beyond hope. Now the whole troop were there to witness 
her debauchery. She would spend the rest of her days in a church 
or at home. She would never be able to hold her head up in public 

Montel spasumed and came with a gush. 

"That was OK but Ma I was doing ok by myself. You just slowed 
it down. Why I almost lost my woodie..."

"Now I can't find a thing to wear in her closet. I need's to go 
shopping in our town. After she tongue cleans your lovely dick,
as you can't go out with me with no shitty dick, you get the car 
and bring the bitch and her purse." Bula ordered leaving the room.

Donald grabbed an arm and dragged her to the door. She started to 
struggle. She could not go outside naked. She would not do it. 
Donald raised the whip and she decided that her former 
inhibitions were for naught. She went outside to the car. 

Montel opened the trunk and forced her in. "Now you be a good 
bitch, or I'll have Donald look in on you with his little persuader. "

She was then plunged into darkness. She heard sounds and the 
car start up and naked she could not offer any resistance. The 
threat of that hanger was too fresh in her mind. She settled down 
for the short ride.

The trunk was unlocked and creaked up about an inch. "Now you 
close those pretty eyes or I have to gouge then eyeballs out. You be 
better off not seeing the people here. They be of a low social status." 
Montels voice told her.

She closed her eyes and heard the trunk open. A blind fold was 
secured to insure her compliance to the order. Hands forced hers 
to her back and secured them there with cord. Then hands grabbed 
her arm and forced her forward. She shuffled forward and then 
stiffened when she heard.

"Man look at the white bitch that Montel's got. She all naked 
and shit" a young voice said.

"Yea where you get this pale piece of tail." another voice 
commented and a hand pinched her defenseless nipple.

Where had he taken her? She was horrified that she was she new 
not where and totally at their mercy. That seemed to be in short 
supply. She felt warm pavement under her naked feet and then a 
tile floor beneath her.

Bulls voice came out of the dark, "Rose this is the bitch I told 
you bout. She needs a make over. A full wax job and then I think 
corn rows, a platinum blond and 6 or so ear piercing and whatever
you think would bring her to better acceptance in our community 
as the novice whore she be."

"Girl this bitch needs the works, and I's just the girl that can 
give it to her." Rose answered.

Their was a shuffling of feet and Roses voice came with a pull 
on her arm. 

"You any good at pussy licking??" was whispered in her left ear.

She was forced to her knees and her head was pulled into a tangle 
of  kinky hair and fishy smell.

"Now you don't be playing dumb with me. I got you for a make 
over and I can do it the nice way or I can use my razer and make a 
Frankenstein monster. You dig it girl." Roses voice came out of 
the dark.

NO!!!!! NO! this was too much. She was no lezzy. What were they 
doing to her. She could not do this. Then she felt the sharp metal 
scraping on her forehead. This bitch would do it. She will cut my 
face. It was not fair, it was not right .... She knew what she had to 
do .... She stuck out her tongue and felt for the smelly folds that 
required her attention. She was doing this but under protest but 
she had to do it....

"You see! You do know what's required of a pussy licker. Why I hear 
that you'll society gals do this all day cause your men is such 
wimps. Montel tells me that he going to bring me a fat white fuck 
for a make over soon. Probably be someone related to you." Rose 
commented and forced Saundra's face deeper into her pussy.

"Now you don't be fooling around, find that clit and suck and 
lick it till I's cum. We got work to do and this could cause me 
hurry my process and that could be real painful for you, not to 
mentioning ... unbecomming."

Saundra did as ordered and was rewarded with a nice face full of 
sweet girley cum. To her this was disgusting but Rose did not let 
her wipe it off. She said, 'It was some of her secrete ointments.'

For the rest of the afternoon Rose followed a pattern. Wax the 
legs, get a little time on Saundra's face, Wax her cunt get the 
time on Saundra's face ....

For Saundra it seemed to go on forever. Roses insatiable demands 
and the treatments left her drained. Suddenly she tried to rise 
from the chair she was tied to as something stuck in her right 
tit. Then Roses voice came to her from the black as a stuffing 
feeling came to her mammary gland.

"Donald likes his whores to be big but flexible so we just 
injects the silicone in here directly." Roses voice told her.

Saundra's cries and objections forced Rose to gage her for the 
doing of the other tit, but Rose, competent work woman, that she 
was went on with out let up. Next she took a fly swatter and 
viciously beat the filled tits. This caused swelling that the 
silicone would use as a place to remain in the modified tit 
flesh. Roses treatment required a few visits but the size was only 
limited by the size the customers wanted. Donald like jis whores 
LARGE, REAL LARGE! and he paid Rose well.

(Big titties bring in the bucks!)

Rose dragged her out of the chair and tied her spread across a 
horizontal frame, in her dark back room. She removed the 
blindfold but quickly covered her eyes with gause and went about 
shaving her head sides. When she was done, Saundra was a mohawk, 
at least her hair was. Then she stripped the hair of it's color 
and bleached it to a platinum color. 

"Yes sir you going o make a nice pussy for someone of the pimps 
around here, if Donald's bottom lady lets you live long enough." 
Rose said as she walked out of the room.

She heard a discussion outside the room and then feet approached.

"Come on man we gots to be quick here. Rose says that we only gets 
5 minutes with the bitch for the money." came a voice out of the 
dark and a dick forced her dry hole to extend itself.

Their was nothing she could do. Rose had whored her out to these 
niggers. She'd fix them she would just lie there and let them 
find her like a piece of liver.

"She be dead meet man. This ain't worth nothing." came a voice. 

Then Roses voice said, "Now this is a new whore boys, you got's to 
start her off. Just use this fly swatter on then fine tits. Now 
don't you be going and use the handle. Just the swatter end and 
she give you a good ride. I is sure."

Saundra's left tit felt the effect of the swatter first. She tried to 
avoid this forever more by fucking these animals with all her real 
and imagined female wiles. She just had to feel the dick in 
either of her holes and she went into her act. Anything to avoid 
the swatter.

The number of male organs she accommodated seemed to blur to her. 
Her holes were sore but her tits hurt worse. Yes she was whoreing 
now. Just stick in a prod and she fucked it.

Review This Story || Author: Paladin
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