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Snuff Slut

Part 1

				Snuff Slut

				By Llabmik

	Mike had phoned the escort service, talked to a very elegant, sexy voice
and agreed to meet in a hotel room.

	Mike was disappointed. From the sound of the voice on the phone and the
sum of money mentioned, he had been expecting a very classy lady indeed. What
he'd got was a slut. Too much make-up, a halter top, big tits, a black leather
micro-miniskirt, nice legs, no underwear, a reform school face. A hard sexy
slut, but definitely not the upper-crust sort of girl Mike preferred to have
wrapping her  sleek young legs around him. The strumpet spoke - a harsh, nasal
accent, definitely not the voice over the phone.

	"You're Bill?"

	"That's me,' said Mike.

	"I'm Alexia."

	Alexia flipped a quarter high in the air, deftly caught it and delivered
her cutesy-poo line.

	"What do ya want, Bill - heads or tails?"

	Bill sighed. The slut definitely watched too many cheesy movies. He
spoke contemptuously.

	"I'm sorry, Alexia. There's been a mistake. You're not my type. I like
class, not sass. Here's twenty bucks for your time and trouble. Spend it on some
make-up lessons."

	She raked her nails across his face.

	"Take that home to your wife, shithead."

	She turned to flee, figuring him for a slow-moving sap. Mike hammered
her in the kidneys. She fell on her face and rolled onto her back. Mike
knee-dropped her - landing hard on her bare belly. Her breath whooshed out and
she peed on the floor. Mike straddled her and ripped her halter top open.

	He grabbed her big bare breasts, one in each hand, dug his fingers in
hard and yanked her to her feet.

	"Let's play purple nurple, slutfuck."

	Pinching her big cherry nipples brutally hard, he led her - gasping,
tugging futilely at his wrists,prancing prettily on tiptoe - into the bathroom.
She started to get her breath back. He backed her into the wall, jack-knifed his
knee into her diaphragm and let her go. She crumpled to the floor and puked on
the cold tiles.

	Mike put the plug in the bathroom and turned on the cold water tap. He
bent over, wrapped his fist in her hair and rubbed her slutty face in her vomit.
He bounced her reform school face off the tiled floor a few times to calm her
down. Blood trickled from her nostrils. A prostitute's clothes always come off
easily. He jerked off the stupid  micro-miniskirt. Christ, the fucking tart
might as well have WHORE tattooed on her forehead.

	He picked her up by the hair and crotch, using what he thought of as the
'six-pack' grip, two fingers up her cunt and a thumb up her asshole. He tossed
her into the bathtub and flipped her onto her back, bouncing the back of her
head off the metal tap. He pinched her nose shut with one hand and gripped her
throat with the other, keeping her gaping mouth under the tap so that she was
gulping down freezing cold water instead of air. Her stripped body splashed and
thrashed in the tub, black high heels kicking wildly in the air. He kept her
gasping mouth under the tap. She choked and coughed. Her struggles subsided as,
unable to get air, she became as weak as a newborn kitten. Mike let her go,
resigned to an evening of rough stuff rather than the suave elegant sex he had
originally sought. He sighed - looked like it was going to be another evening
spent playing Hammer the Whore. How come he never met any nice girls?

	Alexia (a stupid whore name for sure) coughed deep wracking coughs,
spewing up liquid and phlegm from her lungs, barely possessing the strength to
hold her head above the water in the tub. Mike gently helped her sit up in the
tub as she continued to whoop, hack and splutter. Gradually the coughing

	Time for round two.

	Grabbing the back of her head, Mike jammed her face underwater between
her knees. The water bubbled around her pretty pink ears, but she could only
struggle feebly. He pulled her up again. Her eyes were glazed. She gasped
raggedly and shivered. Her blue skin was goose-pimpled, her shrivelled nipples
rock-hard. The hot water in this dump was only luke-warm, but the cold was

	Since he couldn't boil the bitch, he have to tenderize the meat the old
fashioned way.

	He pulled a face cloth from the towel rack. His hand dipped into his
'garbage disposal' gym bag for the duct tape. He lifted the slut out of the tub,
slung her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and carried her to the bed. The
springs creaked violently in protest as he threw her semi-conscious body onto
the bed - a battered four poster. He spread-eagled her, taping her wrists and
ankles to the posts of the bed.

	Pulling the washcloth from his pocket, he jammed it between her gaping
lips and taped it in, wrapping a few lengths of duct tape around her head before
snipping it with scissor from his 'garbage disposal' kit. He waited a few
miniutes until the glaze disappeared from the bitch's eyes and they were frantic
with fear. He amused himself swabbing her nipples with alcohol.

	Grinning satanically, Mike pulled out a lighter and flicked it on.
Alexia screamed in horror, her eyes huge, as he lit her nipples. They burned
with a searing, barely visible, violet flame. He leaned over her naked jerking
body and delicately applied the flame to her dark brown pubic hair which
definitely did not match the slut's cheap blond dye job.

	Alexia's brown eyes bulged. Her bare body bucked frantically. She
screamed and squirmed. Her throat muscles were as taut as steel cables as she
shreiked futilely into the gag. Considerate of his neighbors in the thin-walled
no-tell motel, he took a small ball peen hammer from his garbage disposal kit
and cracked a few of her ribs. With every breath feeling like the stab of an
icepick into her chest, Alexia quieted down considerably.

	He applied the wind-resistant lighter to her jerking crotch once more.

	Her hips humped wildly. The smell of burning pubic hair and scorched
genitalia filled the room as the flame licked up her thick wiry bush. At last,
the final pubic hair was completely incinerated. Her painfully swollen labia and
inner thighs were toasted a bright, bright red.

	Mike unzipped himself and eased his rock-hard gristle into her hot hole,
painfully penetrating her throbbing orifice. Alexia arched her back in anguish,
her naked flesh writhing in convulsive spasms underneath him with each thrust
between her incandescent lips. Her swollen, scorched nipples brushed hotly
agains his bare chest.

	As he neared his climax, Mike pinched her nostrils shut hard so no air
could enter. Alexia bucked and twisted wildly, desperately trying to fill her
screaming lungs. Mike held on, enjoying the ride and ecstatically emptied
himself into her. He continued to hold her nostrils shut until she ceased
twitching and relaxed in death.

	He de-cunted, went to the washroom and cleaned himself off.

	He loved living on a seaside town. It made garbage disposal so simple.
He threw the chum into the water behind his boat. The sharks arrived promptly.
Taking his combat knife, he sliced open Alexia's guts and heaved her body
overboard. The sharks made short work of her.

	A dedicated conservationist, Mike knew that it was a bady polluted
planet. So much human garbage living trashy lives.

	He wondered if he was ever going to meet the girl of his dreams.

Review This Story || Author: Llabmik
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