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Screaming Bitches - A Tale Of Islamic Terror

Chapter 2 Sweating Stewardess

		Chapter 2 - Sweating Stewardess

	 Yehuda's brother had dumped Jelena on Yehuda's advice. His older sister
assured him that he could do much better than a lowly stewardess ('where's the
future in that?' Yehuda had enquired scornfully) and he had. Her brother, a
charming rogue, was now shacked up with a wealthy airhead fashion model. In
addition to getting the fucks of a lifetime, the brother was having an excellent
time spending the airhead's money. Poor jilted Jelena had freely confided all
this to her questioners in the original interview.  This gave her absolutely
nothing more to confess now that the questioning had grown much more serious.

	Deep in the bowels of an anonymous concrete bunker, Jelena's hood and
handcuffs had been removed. She stared, wide-eyed, at the matron. The matron
impatiently repeated herself.

	"I said, strip!"

	"But this is all a mistake! Someone must have planted that device on me,
whatever it was!"

	The matron exhaled heavily.
	"Do you want me to call the men in to assist?"

	Jelena licked her ruby lips nervously.

	"Uh, no!"

	She began to unbutton at a snail's pace.

	"If you are not naked in twenty seconds, I'll summon some muscular male
assistance! I'm sure that they would be happy to pound you shitless and rip a
traitor's clothes from her body."

	The heavyset matron smirked smugly as Jelena's slim fingers suddenly
flew. She stepped out of her high heels, unbuttoned her blouse, unzipped her
skirt, unhooked her bra and peeled off her panties and pantyhose. She stood,
delectably naked, her yummy stewardess body everything a man (and some women)
could wish for. Her carefully trimmed pubic triangle proclaimed her a natural
blond. The matron patted the metal restraining table. The metal was covered in
rubber, which Jelena thought curious.

	"Get up and lie on your back. Put your knees over the U-shaped metal
pipes on either side. I need your legs spread nice and wide so that everything's
available and on display for the strip search."

	Her heart hammering like a maniac trapped in her rib cage, lovely Jelena
climbed up on the table and hooked her knees over the two wide-spread U-shaped
pipes, also rubber coated. The matron strapped her legs in place. Jelena's slim
wrists were trapped in waist-level leather cuffs on either side of the table.

	The matron snapped on the latex gloves to begin a leisurely examination
of the goodies. She parted Jelena's pretty little toes and ran her fingers
between them. Jelena gasped as the matron thoughtfully scraped a fingernail over
the soles of Jelena's perfectly shaped feet. She ran her hands up Jelena's slim,
muscular legs, giving her calves a squeeze, kneading her parted thighs and tight
buns carefully.

	"Having a good time?"

	Although popular in adventure stories, smart mouthing her captor is a
poor idea for a helpless victim. Inspired by her insolence, the matron moved to
work on Jelena's pretty face. She pinched Jelena's nipples hard with her sharp
fingernails. When her victim obligingly parted her lips to squeal out a protest,
the matron popped a strong V-shaped spring into Jelena's mouth, held shut by a
quick-release clamp.  She released the clamp and the powerful spring snapped
open, forcing Jelena's jaws achingly wide, silencing any further wise-ass
remarks. The matron picked up a sharp dental pick. Taking her time, she
carefully scraped each tooth, jabbing the surrounding gums vigorously.

	"I just want to make sure that you don't have any poison hidden in a
hollow tooth. I wouldn't want you biting down and escaping before we've squeezed
you dry."

	Squirming and moaning, Jelena felt like someone had ripped out her heart
and stomped on it.

	As the matron scraped and jabbed with the sharp pick, performing a
painstakingly thorough oral inspection, Jelena emitted small squeals of
distress, her tits aquiver, her hips writhing sinuously. At last, when Jelena
was whimpering and sobbing nicely, teardrops glistening in her big blue eyes,
her cheeks wet, the matron put down the pick. She ran her fingers through
Jelena's golden locks, peered into her ear holes and up her nostrils with an
otoscope (a doctor's lighted probe), using a thin speculum on the end so that
she could dig deep and tilt the intrusive instrument painfully inside sensitive

	Jelena groaned as the matron sank her fingers into Jelena's big breasts
like an eagle's talons gripping its hapless prey. She squeezed hard and twisted
her victim's big boobs like she was trying to rip them from Jelena's panting
torso. The smirking matron explained to a squealing Jelena.

	"I have to check that no contraband has been surgically implanted."

	Then, with a grin, saving the best for last, she prepared to work
between Jelena's widespread legs. She sprinkled talc over her gloves.

	Jelena grunted as the matron's fuck finger wormed painfully into her
asshole. She began breathing hard as she felt the matron's fingers questing
inside her vaginal passage, wondering if these were the same unclean fingers
that had just been up her shit chute. Without further ado, the matron plunged
her fist in forearm deep.

	Jelena's naked body arched up. She screamed high and hard as she felt
the fist twisting brutally, deep inside her, sharp delving fingernails pinching
with fiendish cruelty.         

	At length, satisfied that Jelena didn't have an AK47 stuffed up her
cunt, the matron withdrew her intimately questing fingers. She clamped and
removed the spring propping open Jelena's aching jaws. Poor panting Jelena
worked her aching jaw muscles, trying to get her mouth to close properly and to
stop drooling. The matron opened the door and spoke briefly to Captain Menehem
Zukerman's men waiting outside.

	"She's ready."

	The matron smirked smugly as the hard-faced men trundled in the cart of
equipment, looking with interest at the nude, sweating stewardess spread
delectably, ready for business.

	"Now we get serious!"

Review This Story || Author: Llabmik
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